Transportation plays an essential role to get a more complete trip. The article below will help visitors have valuable experiences when using Hoi An car rental service!

1. Overview about Hoi An car rental

Hoi An car rental service, especially 4-seat car rental or 7-seat car rental, is often divided into 2 forms: self-drive car rental or car rental with a private driver. Self-driving car rental is known as a form of renting a car without hiring a driver to ensure privacy and not being tied to a driver, this helps renters have moments of freedom to travel with their family,  relatives, friends and partners. Meanwhile, the form of renting a private car with a driver is a form in which tourists will need to pay the cost of renting a car and the cost of hiring a driver.

If you want to find a car rental service to travel with your family and relatives during long holidays. Travelers want to be able to actively travel on business trips with colleagues. However, today there are too many car rental services, making tourists confused between many choices. Join Metta Voyage to learn details about car rental services and some suggestions for reputable car rental companies in the section below!

2. Why should you use Hoi An car rental service?

Da Nang – Hoi An is a quite large city, with many attractions, resorts, and places for entertainment, recreation, and dining. However, without transportation it will be very expensive. Renting a private car helps you be proactive in your destinations, without having to wait or depend on the car supplier.

When traveling by rental car, you can stop anywhere you want. Compared to using services such as taxi or grab, renting a private car will save more time and money. Even more special, you will experience and fully enjoy the trip when using the private driving service. Depending on the number of members, you have many choices about the number of seats, the type of car, etc. Besides, renting new car models also brings excitement about moving.

3. Advantages of Hoi An car rental service

  • Car rental will be extremely convenient when in Hoi An, you can choose or invite as many people as you like, you can comfortably load your belongings without worrying about having to maintain the car after renting.
  • Prestigious and high-quality car rental service is highly appreciated by many customers. You can completely continue your trip if an incident occurs.
  • Car rental service is a great thing for car rental companies to bring their customers the most perfect experience.

However, if you want to rent a car in Hoi An, you must abide by the conditions set forth by the renter, which may include making an advance payment, leaving behind property with a value equal to the automobile, and delivering a few personal documents. You will also be required to sign a contract that addresses any claims your car might have in the event of issues.

4. Experiencing renting a car in Hoi An?

4.1. Procedures for renting a car in Hoi An

  • For cars with a driver, you only need to contact the service provider in advance to discuss price, rental time, and sign a contract. Before departure, visitors will pay 30 – 50% of the car rental cost in advance. The remainder will be paid after the end of the trip.
  • For tourists who rent self-driving cars, the procedures will be more cumbersome, including a driver’s license, identity card, household registration book or equivalent documents, and 15 million in cash or assets equivalent to 15 million. In addition, visitors also need to sign a contract committing to their rights and responsibilities throughout the car rental process, ensuring not to damage the car owner’s property.

4.2. Experience in renting a car in Hoi An

Visitors must look at a few rental properties to select the one with the most affordable rental pricing in order to hire a car at the most advantageous price. Then, make arrangements with the service support organization for at least 3 days to ensure that you are renting the vehicle of your choice.

For rented cars with a driver, visitors do not need to worry too much because there are not many problems that arise. The vehicle is still controlled by the owner, so risks and incidents will be minimized.

However, for the experience of renting a cheap car in Da Nang to drive yourself, you will need to pay attention to many issues:

  • Prior to renting, you must first properly inspect the vehicle. Inform the service provider right away if there is an issue with the vehicle. To avoid needless disagreements when returning the vehicle, all parties must thoroughly confirm the condition of the vehicle. You should ask to switch vehicles right away, especially if the one you have is unsafe to drive.
  • Second, visitors should sign a very clear contract, especially with the terms stipulating the return of the vehicle. Tourists must also be conscious of returning the vehicle on time to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

5. Suggest some reputable car rental services in Hoi An

5.1. XANH SM Taxi – the first purely electric taxi company in Vietnam

XANH SM Taxi operates entirely on VinFast electric cars. Choosing to travel by SM Green taxi, customers not only experience a different quality of service but are also joining hands with the company in its efforts to reduce emissions from vehicles and protect the environment.

  • Phone number (Telecom office): 1900 2088

5.2. Taxi Mai Linh

We cannot forget Mai Linh when discussing the esteemed and well-known Hoi An cab company that is preferred by many locals and visitors. The most well-known taxi company in Vietnam, Mai Linh Taxi, operates in numerous provinces and towns around the nation. You may simply hail a Mai Linh taxi on any street in Hoi An because there are so many of them operating there.

Hoi An Mai Linh taxi is highly appreciated for its good service quality and reasonable fares. Mai Linh’s drivers are also professionally trained and familiar with the streets, so they can meet travel needs and introduce entertainment spots to tourists.

  • Phone number: 0235 392 9292

5.3. Metta Voyage

One of the extremely convenient Hoi An car rental services that tourists cannot miss when coming to Hoi An is Metta Voyage. Established in 2019, Metta Voyage has soon become a healthcare resort tour operator in Southeast Asia that is trusted and chosen by many customers. Metta Voyages specializes in providing services such as package tours for domestic and international customers, health care tours, domestic and international air tickets, hotels, car rental services… and many other services. other necessary. Contact Metta Voyage now to rent a private car and enjoy the best services!

  • Phone number: + 84 989 383 572

6. Experience some famous Hoi An attractions

6.1. Chua Cau

One of the popular tourist spots in Hoi An is the Covered Bridge, which attracts a lot of visitors. The canopy is composed of wood with beautiful elements infused with Japanese architecture because of its distinctive architecture. As a result, Japanese bridge is another name for Covered Bridge. This is regarded as a tourism icon for Hoi An.

  • Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Opening hours: all day

6.2. Hoi An Impression Park

Hoi An Impression Park is located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town called Con Hen. This place has long been considered a “miniature Hoi An”. Coming here, you can enjoy a series of Mini Shows on campus during opening hours, delicious dishes at Non La Restaurant or surrounding culinary areas.

The Hoi An Memory event, the biggest live performance event in the world that chronicles recollections of a flourishing port and the evolution of Hoi An from the past to the present, is the most crucial thing you absolutely must not miss when visiting. You will undoubtedly be drawn to the motion, sound, and light since they are so vibrant and brilliant.

  • Address: Con Hen, 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, turn left, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 22:00

6.3. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Hanoi is famous for Bat Trang pottery village, while Hoi An is famous for Thanh Ha pottery village. Coming here you will admire extremely sophisticated fine art ceramic products made by the hands of artisans. In addition, coming to Thanh Ha pottery village, you can also make your own products to bring home as gifts for relatives, friends or as souvenirs.

  • Address: Pham Phan, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Opening hours: all day

7. Conclusion

Above is the entire Hoi An car rental experience that Metta Voyage has compiled to help visitors have a complete experience when visiting this place. Hopefully the above useful information will help visitors save time and money when using Hoi An car rental service. In addition, visitors can also refer to the article Top 10 Best Hotels in Hoi An to choose the most suitable resort for their trip. Contact Metta Voyage to update more interesting and useful information!

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