Nha Trang and Da Nang are famous tourist cities of Vietnam. Traveling from Nha Trang to Da Nang is an itinerary that many tourists love and choose. Join Metta Voyage to learn detailed information about the two cities in the section below!

1. Overview about Nha Trang

1.1. Introduction about Nha Trang

Nha Trang has all the most perfect conditions to become a beach paradise, worthy of being ranked as the top irresistible beach tourism destination in Vietnam. Not only does it have long, clear blue beaches and dozens of large and small islands that still look pristine, Nha Trang is also an ideal destination for those who love culture and history as the land of the Champa dynasty. flourished in the past. What’s better than a trip to Nha Trang for those days when you crave the sea breeze and look forward to immersing yourself in the blue water.

1.2. The best time to move to Nha Trang

The climate in Nha Trang is relatively mild, with a dry season lasting from January to August, with no cold winters. Therefore, tourists can travel here all year round. From April to the end of June, it is sunny and hotter, but not too hot.

In September, it starts to rain sporadically, so it doesn’t affect tourists’ fun activities too much. From October to December, it rains more, possibly accompanied by cold air. This is no longer the peak season for domestic tourism in Nha Trang, so it is suitable for tourists who want a quiet vacation.

2. Overview about Da Nang

2.1. Introduction about Da Nang

Da Nang not only has a blue sea with long white sand beaches, but also has the majestic beauty of mountains and forests. Known as one of the most livable cities in Vietnam, Da Nang can satisfy the needs of any demanding guest with its rich natural scenery, modern pace of life, and diverse culinary culture. and the hottest entertainment experiences.

2.2. The best time to move to Da Nang

The spring seasonfrom January to April – is the ideal time to travel to Da Nang on your own. At this time, the weather is dry and cool, very suitable for exploring outdoor tourist destinations or taking “virtual life” photos.

From April to August, Da Nang transforms into summer so the climate is hot and dry. However, this is the peak tourist season in Da Nang when many tourists come to vacation with family, friends, and lovers.

The rainy season in Da Nang lasts from August to December and thunderstorms can occur. If you want to participate in outdoor activities, please avoid going outdoors during this time.

3. How to travel from Nha Trang to Da Nang

Nha Trang is about 500 kilometers north of Da Nang city center. To move easily between the two locations, you can refer to means such as: train, bus, plane departing from Cam Ranh Airport to Da Nang international airport.

Suggested detailed means of transportation from Nha Trang to Da Nang

  • Plane: The flight distance between these two cities will take about 1 hour. Currently, airlines such as Vietjet and VietnamAirline are deploying direct flights between the two cities. Ticket prices range from 99,000 VND to 840,000 VND. However, depending on holidays, ticket prices may increase. Every day there are a variety of flights for visitors to freely choose, suitable to their own schedules.

  • Passenger car: This is the means of transportation chosen by many people to get to Da Nang. There are currently high quality bus companies such as Hai Son, Quang Hanh, Lien Hung, Ha Linh, TM Camel, San Hien... for passengers to choose from. Bus prices from Nha Trang to Da Nang range from 230,000 – 400,000 VND/person/trip depending on the type of vehicle and service quality. However, choosing to travel by bus will take a long time, ranging from 11 to 14 hours depending on the traffic situation. Therefore, passengers should consider.
  • Train: In addition to traveling by bus, today many passengers also choose to travel by rail. There are currently many North-South trains from Nha Trang to Da Nang with a frequency of about 7 trips/day. Passengers can choose these two types of trains to travel to Da Nang such as SE and TN. Among them, SE ships (priority ships do not have to avoid any ships) and TN ships (basically market ships, must avoid other ships if encountered). Therefore, it is recommended that if you take the train, you should choose the SE train which will be more comfortable, with train time from 9 hours to 11 hours. Train ticket prices range from 480,000 VND – 780,000 VND depending on seat type and train cabin type. Departure times of some ships are suggested below:
  • SE2: Nha Trang station at 04:54 arriving at Da Nang station at 13:35
  • SE8: Nha Trang station 13:33 to Da Nang station 22:49
  • SE6: Nha Trang station 16:23 to Da Nang station 02:08
  • SE22: Nha Trang station 20:04 to Da Nang station 06:15

4. Suggested entertainment itinerary in Nha Trang

4.1. What to do in Nha Trang

4.1.1. Nha Trang beach

Possessing a coastline of more than 7 kilometers, Nha Trang beach is beautiful with a curved shape, clear water, and fine sand. The biggest advantage is that Nha Trang beach is located right in the city center, just a few steps to reach the beach. Choosing a beautiful beach in Nha Trang is not easy when there are up to 10 beautiful beaches waiting for you to explore.

4.1.2. Dam Market

Saigon has Ben Thanh market, Nha Trang has Dam market. This hundred-year-old market is home to a variety of delicious dishes, local specialties, and is an ideal address for those who want to buy souvenirs when traveling to Nha Trang.

  • Address: Ben Cho, Van Thanh Ward
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 18:00

4.1.3. Mountain Church

As the Cathedral of Nha Trang, the name Mountain Church or Nha Trang Stone Church is more familiar to local residents. The church was built of stone, following Gothic architecture, looking like an ancient fortress when viewed from afar.

  • Address: 19 Nguyen Trai, Phuoc Tien Ward
  • Opening hours: 5:30 – 17:00 daily

4.2. What to eat in Nha Trang

In addition to seafood, the city also has many specialties and attractive dishes such as squid pancakes, grilled spring rolls, fish ball vermicelli, banh can, banh wet… Below are addresses and places to eat in Nha Trang. 

  • Lac Canh grilled beef – 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem
  • Thanh Da Goat Restaurant – 66 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
  • Ba Le bread – number 2, 2/4 street
  • Auntie Loan’s Banh Dap – 16A Hong Linh
  • Hiep grilled spring rolls – 96 Luong Dinh Cua

5. Suggested entertainment itinerary in Da Nang

5.1. What to do in Da Nang

5.1.1. My Khe Beach

Mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, My Khe beach with its clear blue water, clean beach, and fine white sand will make you fall in love. Coming here, you will not only swim but also have the opportunity to participate in interesting activities such as windsurfing, canoeing or jet skiing,… In particular, visitors should not miss the opportunity to watch the sunrise and Beautiful sunset in this coastal city.

  • Location: Located right in the center of Da Nang city, you need to go across the Han River bridge, then go straight on Pham Van Dong street about 1.5 kilometers to reach My Khe beach.

5.1.2. Dragon Bridge Da Nang

As a symbol of the city and a metaphor for reaching out to the ocean, Dragon Bridge is most beautiful in the evening, when 1,500 LED lights are lit with extremely shimmering color effects. Traveling to Da Nang, try once to see the extremely unique fire and water spray performance every Saturday and Sunday night.

  • Location: Starting from Vo Nguyen Giap street, you turn left to Vo Van Kiet and then go straight to see Dragon Bridge. Or if starting from Tran Phu Street, you just need to turn left to reach the foot of the bridge.

5.1.3. Marble

Ngu Hanh Son is a complex of 5 limestone mountains, including: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son, Tho Son. This attraction impresses not only with its majestic, mossy landscape but also with its cultural architecture, imbued with historical significance. You can choose one of two ways: take the elevator or climb the stairs to the top of the mountain and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

  • Location: Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.

5.2. What to eat in Da Nang

5.2.1. Mi Quang

Some suggestions address of Mi Quang

  • Mi Xu Quang: No. 02 Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Ba Quang Noodles Buy: No. 19 – 21 Tran Binh Trong, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
  • Mrs. Lu’s Quang Noodles: No. 126 Ham Nghi, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

5.2.2. Pork rolls

Some suggestions address of Pork rolls

  • Mau pork rolls: No. 35 Do Thuc Tinh, Cam Le, Da Nang.
  • Pork rolls Huong Dai Loc: No. 56 Dang Dung, Lien Chieu, Da Nang.
  • Hoang Tin pork rolls: No. 12 Le Hong Phong, Phuoc Ninh, Da Nang.

5.2.3. Nam O fish salad

Some suggestion address of Nam O fish salad

  • Thanh Huong Restaurant: No. 1026 Nguyen Luong Bang, Lien Chieu.
  • Restaurants are located on Nguyen Tat Thanh coastal road or at the foot of Nam O bridge.

6. Conclusion

Above are all the entertainment experiences from Nha Trang to Da Nang compiled by Metta Voyage. Hopefully the above article will bring a lot of useful information to visitors. Contact Metta Voyage now to update more interesting travel news!

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