After a long time affected by COVID-19, Vietnam has officially opened its borders to welcome visitors once again with simple and easy regulations to enter. Tourists entering Vietnam are not required to quarantine or have a covid-19 test during their time in the country. Plus, most hotels and boat cruises in Vietnam are currently offering special promotions to attract international tourists. So, what you’re waiting for not taking advantage of these superb deals this summer? Vietnam tours from USA can be one of the most extraordinary experiences in your life. Let’s make your trips more meaningful and perfect based on our travel tips in Vietnam

1. Vietnam Tours from USA for American travelers



Southeast Asia is a dream destination for American travelers and Vietnam is the one that can not be missed! Unlike Western countries, traveling to Vietnam brings you unique experiences of beauty and cultural diversity. Vietnam is a beautiful and safe country with tons of culture, captivating scenery, sensational food, and warm-hearted people. Vietnam is an incredible mix that you must see to believe it. To experience Vietnam tours from USA, you will spend 2-3 weeks exploring Vietnam from Nord to South to feel all about the country and people of Vietnam. Vietnam is special because of its history of outside influences and the experiences that travel here can create. If you’re planning a Vietnam tours from USA, there are a few things you need to know. This article will give you some useful tips when you want to have a Vietnam tour from the USA. 

2. Flight route for Vietnam tours from USA

Vietnam tours from USA is now much easier than before thanks to two Vietnamese air carriers launching new nonstop flights from the West Coast. Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways, both based in Hanoi, are planning to operate their own non-stop routes between the two countries. This will give travelers even more route options for travel between the two countries. The distance between Vietnam and the US is about 13, 814 km, and the flight will last about 14 hours to arrive.

Before starting your journeys, here are 10 useful tips for Vietnam tours from USA so that you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying our wonderful country!

3. 10 Essential tips for Vietnam tours from USA

3.1. Arrange your visa before arriving in Vietnam

Do you need a visa for Vietnam tours from USA?

Unlike Thailand and Cambodia, most visitors can’t simply arrive in Vietnam and get stamped into the country. All nationalities outside of Southeast Asia require some type of visa or preapproval letter before arriving in Vietnam. So do U.S citizens, you’ll need to apply for a visa beforehand. 


To obtain this, visitors just need to complete the following steps:


  • First, visit online website: Next, submit an application form to get the Approval letter. 
  • Get a Visa Stamp when arriving at Vietnam International Airports (Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh city/ Nha Trang)


Noticeably, before you apply for a Vietnam visa, your passport is required to have a minimum 6-month validity and left pages. Furthermore, Visa on arrival choice is just applicable for traveling by air to Vietnam.

3.2. Get Travel Insurance

Vietnam tours from USA – travel insurance is a must when visiting any country. While Vietnam is a safe country to visit, you must prepare for anything unforeseen. The point is that you never know what could happen, travel insurance will give you more peace of mind when in a foreign country where 80% of the people don’t speak your language. You certainly wouldn’t want petty theft, food poisoning, getting injured during an adventurous activity, losing valuables, or even missing a flight ruining your trip, would you?

3.3. Choose the right season to visit

This might not be the first tip but an essential one that you should consider carefully. With a total length of 1,650km, the weather in Vietnam changes when you travel from North to South. That’s why Vietnam is a year-round destination. In general, the best time to visit Vietnam is from November to March when days are generally pleasant, temperatures are moderate and rainfall is light. April, May, September, and October are also popular, though Vietnam can be at its most attractive during the monsoon due to the lush growth of the vegetation.


Depends on your preferences and packing purposes to decide on the most suitable time to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

3.4. Get a Vietnamese Sim Card

Getting a Vietnamese Sim Card is highly encouraged. The 4G service works great pretty much everywhere in Vietnam, including some remote areas such as Sapa, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, etc. Even though most hotels are likely to have free (and super fast) wifi, you’ll still need to access the Internet when going out. So, the easiest way to stay connected on your trip is to grab a SIM card right upon arrival. You can choose between Viettel, MobiFone, or Vinaphone which Viettel is highly appreciated

3.5. Know Exchange Rates (Carry enough cash with you)

In Vietnam, Vietnam Dong (VND) is the official currency of Vietnam money. Before entering a country, you should know about the exchange rates of the currency so that you can get a fair rate when you exchange something. Not everywhere in Vietnam accept foreign currency, so it’s better to carry local money with you when you on Vietnam tour from the USA. 



Vietnamese people use cash mainly and widely, make sure you always carry enough cash when going out. In case you run out of cash, there is not much trouble to find an ATM. But the point is that not all banks accept foreign cards, so you have to find the bigger branches like HSBC and Citi Bank that accepts Visa or Mastercard. Or else, you’re advised to withdraw AND exchange money right at the airport, where you’ll get the cheapest rates. If you must use a local ATM, try to withdraw large amounts immediately to avoid hefty bank fees. Withdrawal limits usually range from VND 2,000,000 to VND 3,000,000, with fees ranging from VND 22,000 to VND 99,000. One more piece of advice, keep your cash in the safe and don’t carry too much cash on the street

3.6. Know how to get around the cities

Vietnam is one of the best destinations for budget travelers and backpackers. Everything from trains to buses, Vietnam has a vast and efficient transport network that can connect you to all its corners at a meager cost. However, it’s still quite hard to get around Vietnam for first-time visitors. 



Sleeper buses and overnight trains might be some of the best long-distance travel options. These are especially ideal for travelers who want to cover large areas of land at cheap prices. However, you should know that traveling by train or bus is not for everyone while you’ll undoubtedly be saving money. Journeys are long, and it’s not exactly the most sanitary way of traveling. So, we recommend you go by plane. Vietjet is the country’s top low-cost carrier, and local flights are cheap and plentiful. 

3.7. Beware of scams

One of our most important Vietnam travel tips for Americans is to beware of scams. Traveling in an unfamiliar country, you don’t want to get caught up in any scams. So, our advice for you is to book your tours through a website or a local travel agent beforehand. Metta Voyage is a Tour Operator in Vietnam and we provide you with 100% customized trip that suits you. We are appreciated and have many reviews on Tripadvisor that help you to make the best choice for your holidays. Read on!


3.8. Learn some Vietnamese phrases

Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam, and English is spoken widely in more tourist places. But in general, the locals do not speak English much, if they do, it is incredibly basic. So it’s always good advice to learn some basic Vietnamese phrases. Plus, they will be very happy and friendly if you can speak their language. Save a few key phrases below to make your trip more enjoyable and perhaps even impress the locals: 


  • To say “hello”: “Xin chào” 
  • To say “thank you”: “Cảm ơn” 
  • To say “How much is it?”: “Cái này bao nhiêu tiền”
  • To say “Please help me”: “Làm ơn giúp tôi”
  • To say “Goodbye”: “Tạm biệt”
  • To order some “beer”: 

Use Google Translate to learn how to pronounce and pick up a Vietnamese phrase book to help you get around.

3.9. Be respectful of local culture

A very basic and civilized thing! “Culture shock” is a common phenomenon when traveling. However, each country has its customs and habits that every visitor must respect and has the correct behavior when visiting the attraction, especially religious sites. For example, when visiting temples and pagodas, make sure that you cover your knees and shoulders. Don’t show too much of your skin and be careful and respectful to any image of Buddha. 

3.10. Don’t forget to bring bug spray, sunscreen, and medical supports

Traveling is a great experience but getting sick along the way will ruin all the fun. It is necessary to carry some medical support such as medicine to protect your health when you have a long trip to Vietnam. One is because the medical facilities in Vietnam might not meet international standards. Moreover, some kinds of medicine you cannot find in Vietnam since it is not suitable for Vietnamese people.


Make sure to protect yourself from any bites by carrying a good mosquito repellent. Sunscreen is another essential item to bring when on Vietnam Tours From USA. While you won’t have too much trouble finding sunscreen at a local grocery store or even convenience store, it’s important to know that most sunscreen brands in Asia contain whitening agents that can change your skin color. Make sure to bring your favorite brand along for a worry-free trip.

4. Best recommend tour packages for Vietnam tours trom USA

Here are some ideas for Vietnam Tours From USA for your preference to discover our beautiful country with picturesque landscapes. These tours in 2 weeks will take you to fully explore the highlights of Vietnam as well as experience the culture, history, food, and custom and interact with the locals honestly to understand their daily life. Take a look at our packages tours below and choose the best suitable packages tour in Vietnam.


Discover Beauty Of Northern Vietnam – 8 Days


Authentic Vietnam from Mountain to the Sea 15 Days


Discover Central and South Vietnam Tour


Are you ready for Vietnam Tours From USA? We believe that Vietnam will be one of the best destinations to travel to in Asia. Save our tips for your upcoming trip to Vietnam! Metta Voyage is always to help you anytime!

5. Conclusion


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