1. Overview

Dalat, known as the “Fog City” with its pleasant weather year-round, Dalat is a popular tourist destination renowned for its beautiful landscapes, cool climate, and colonial architecture. Whenever tourists seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, they usually travel to Dalat to experience the atmosphere here. Therefore, Metta Voyage gives you some Dalat Vietnam Hotels where comfort and natural beauty collide to make your vacation more memorable.

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2. Dalat Vietnam Hotels combine the comfort and natural beauty  

2.1. Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel 

The Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, situated in the heart of Dalat, is a captivating and luxurious retreat that combines the allure of Dalat’s colonial history with modern comforts. This Dalat Vietnam hotels was built in 1922 during the French colonial period and featured various facilities, including a fine dining restaurant, a bar, a spa, and a fitness center, ensuring a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

  • Address: 2 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 3825 444
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 5 stars hotel
  • Room: 43 rooms

Good value for money

Had a great time with my wife at the Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel. Central location, beautiful view with the five-star service. The staff was so professional and enthusiastic. The room was clean, spacious and so magnificent with a soft bed. The food in the dining room was superb.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.2. TTC Hotel – Ngoc Lan 

TTC Hotel – Ngoc Lan is a well-established and highly regarded hotel in Dalat Vietnam Hotels. Located in the city’s heart, this hotel offers a comfortable stay with many amenities and a beautiful setting. Tourists can enjoy views of Xuan Huong Lake and the surrounding hills from select rooms and hotel public areas.

  • Address: 42 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Ward 1, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 3838 838
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 4 stars hotel
  • Room: 73 rooms

Excellent location and service

I stayed in Ngoc Lan Hotel for 3 nights with my family, and the experience was excellent. The rooms are very spacious, well designed, and I love the balcony view of the city center and the Xuan Huong Lake. We had 2 breakfasts at the hotel restaurant, and all the dishes were yummy and very freshly made. The staff was friendly and very helpful with everything. In general, it’s worth the money, and I will choose this hotel again if I return to Da Lat.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.3. Du Parc Hotel Dalat 

Du Parc Hotel Dalat combines historic charm, central location, comfortable accommodation, personalized service, and a boutique experience. Whether exploring the city’s attractions or simply seeking a tranquil retreat, you can enjoy a unique and memorable stay at Du Parc Hotel Dalat when choosing Dalat Vietnam Hotels.

  • Address: 15A Tran Phu , Ward 3, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 3825 777
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 4 stars hotel
  • Room: 140 rooms

A special hotel

In the middle of Dalat, Du Parc Hotel still keeps its old French style, from the staff uniform to the curtains in the room. This hotel is extremely old, as it was built in 1932. But, amazingly, there has been an old elevator since colonial times, which is still charming and active. The hotel is covered by bustling life outside while it’s a peaceful space inside. I hope to come back here again.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.4. La Sapinette Hotel Dalat 

La Sapinette Hotel Dalat is one of well-regarded boutique Dalat Vietnam hotels nestled in the picturesque city of Dalat. It provides a tranquil setting that allows guests to unwind and connect with nature. Besides, this hotel offers tourists some facilities, such as 2 restaurants for Vietnamese and European cuisine, Gym, Spa and night chit-chat at the Bar On the Rock.


  • Address: 1 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Ward 9, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 3550 979
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 4 stars hotel
  • Room: 83 rooms

Lovely hotel! 

I stayed here with my tour group for 2 nights. It’s an older hotel with character. The room had everything you needed, and the bed was very comfortable. It could be far central, but there are some good restaurants nearby. Breakfast was quite good.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.5. Nature Boutique Hotel   

Nature Boutique Hotel Dalat is a charming and eco-friendly hotel in Dalat Vietnam Hotels. With its focus on sustainability, nature-inspired design, and personalized service, Nature Boutique Hotel offers tourists a tranquil and environmentally conscious stay. Additionally, the hotel may have good services, such as a spa or wellness center and restaurant, where you can enjoy your vacation.

  • Address: H16 H17, Nguyen Thi Nghia Street, Ward 2, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 098 952 88 91
  • Check in: From 2 PM to 12 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 42 rooms

High-quality service

I have been to many hotels, but this is the hotel that has good quality service, most importantly, professional and attentive staff. Great. I will visit this place many more times. Thank you!” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.6. Dreams Hotel

Dreams Hotel has a cozy space in the heart of Dalat. Although this Dalat Vietnam hotels front room faced a noisy road, it was undisturbed as the windows were double-glazed. It can be said that the room rates are very reasonable, and most places in and around Dalat are easily accessible. This place is highly appreciated by many visitors for the food and hospitality of the hostess.


  • Address: 140 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Ward 1, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 02633825877
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 21 rooms

The ‘Original and Best’ Dreams Hotel 

“Mama knows best”, from the moment we arrived at the Dreams Hotel, Da Lat, we were greeted with warmth, friendliness, and respect from Mrs. Jung. Her English is excellent, and her expert knowledge of the city, the restaurants, tourist destinations, and advice on what prices to pay was invaluable. Ask about the rooftop patio and spa, which we were privileged to access. We got some great sunset photos from this viewpoint. We were given the last room available, which was excellent and very reasonable, with all the amenities we would expect.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.7. Peach Valley Hotel Dalat 

Da Lat Peach Valley is nestled on a small street in the city center, it can be said that this Dalat Vietnam Hotels is the intersection between ancient and modern. Rooms at the hotel are very spacious and airy, with many unique styles, which will be the ideal choice if you are a person who pursues minimalism or wants to “hide” somewhere.

  • Address: 28k Yersin, Ward 10, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 978 08 39 89
  • Check in: From 2 PM to 5 PM
  • Check out: From 11:30 to 12 AM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 22 rooms

I will be back!

Luxurious hotel. The room is spacious, airy, and always clean. The friendly, enthusiastic front desk staff is always ready to assist guests. When I come to Dalat, I will definitely come back to the Peach Valley Hotel. Thank you very much!” reviewed on Google platform.

2.8. ZEN Valley Dalat

ZEN Valley Dalat is indeed a Dalat Vietnam hotels that offers bungalow-style accommodations. It is common for hotels to have various types of rooms or accommodations, including standard rooms, suites, and bungalows. The hotel is likely designed to provide a relaxing and immersive retreat, emphasizing nature, wellness, and tranquility. Besides, the restaurant system, jacuzzi pool or Spa service, etc., are some services you can try to experience here.

  • Address: 38 Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 3577 277
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 28 rooms

Unforgettable holiday! 

The hotel staff has done their best to make us happy; everyone is friendly and helpful. Thank you!!! The whole accommodation is great: great food and great service, and this is a beautiful hotel. The scenery is beautiful, and the environment is very quiet. The climate is cool because the hotel is located at a high place and is also enjoyable.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.9. California Hotel

California Hotel’s exterior design is another Dalat Vietnam Hotels dominated by white tones, giving it a luxurious and elegant feel, while wooden interior equipment brings a warm feeling. A special feature of the hotel is serving an A La Carte breakfast or an Asian breakfast. Besides, the sauna is an ideal choice here.

  • Address: A28 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 8, Love Valley/Dream Hill, Dalat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 0263 2200 899
  • Check in: From 2 PM to 10 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 PM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 20 rooms

Da Lat Hidden Gem

The staff was amazing! I usually don’t get hotel breakfast as it’s usually not good, but the breakfast here was great. We’d eat it every morning and not feel like we wasted stomach space. I’d come back here again if I were ever in Da Lat. They also have scooter rentals here, so getting around is easy. Highly recommend getting a room with a personal sauna!” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

2.10. Bich Dao Boutique Hotel 

Bich Dao Boutique Hotel is a charming boutique Dalat Vietnam Hotels, and it could be nestled amidst lush greenery, near serene lakes, or offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. In addition, it offers guests a unique and personalized experience with its distinctive design, comfortable accommodations, and attentive service.

  • Address: 8 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 4, Da Lat, Vietnam
  • Tel: 091 682 27 53
  • Check in: From 2 PM
  • Check out: Until 12 AM
  • Category: 3 stars hotel
  • Room: 20 rooms

Lovely stay! 

This place is a great value small and friendly hotel. The rooms are very stylish, a good size and very clean. There is a fresh and quirky feel to the place. The staff is really helpful and friendly. The little cafe/ restaurant at the front is good too. It is a little out of the town center but is a nice area and easy to get taxis or walk.” reviewed on Tripadvisor platform.

So, Dalat Vietnam Hotels above are for the tourists who almost appreciate not only having good facilities but also can help them connect with nature; great choices when traveling to Vietnam.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, Dalat, Vietnam, offers many hotels catering to different preferences and budgets. From luxury resorts to charming boutique hotels, this picturesque city has something for everyone. So whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature, a centrally located hotel for convenience, or a unique cultural experience, Dalat Vietnam Hotels has it all.

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