I. An Overview of Trang An Tour –  Introducing this unique, natural landscape and its ancient historic sites

Trang An Tour offers an extraordinary experience for nature and history lovers. UNESCO has recognized Trang An as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014 due to its unique geological site combined with impressive spiritual and historical significance. The tour consists of a tranquil boat ride through scenic limestone cliffs, ancient pagodas, caves, and other archaeological sites, combining eco-tourism with cultural and spiritual discovery. Visiting this area provides a truly holistic approach to learning about the past, where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural landscape while being surrounded by historical remains that offer insight into the culture of Viet Nam. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure featuring nature, history, and education all in one package, then Trang An Tour should be top on your list!

II. Suggest the right time to travel to Trang An

Visiting Trang An in the springtime is an experience unlike any other. From January to March, the weather is dry, with cool temperatures and gorgeous blooms of flowers throughout the region. This season is ideal for sightseeing and exploring this incredible natural wonder.

Besides the stunning landscapes, visitors have a unique opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as the Trang An Festival. This three-day celebration honors two great gods, Quy Minh, and Cao Son, as well as the first kings of the Tran Dynasty who established Vu Lam Palace. The festival includes a variety of unique events including processions of palanquins, water dragons, and more that take place on the river.

III. Departure from Hanoi

Leaving Hanoi can be done in many different ways. There are buses, trains, and motorbikes to choose from. The bus fares range depending on the bus company and the distance traveled, but they usually range from 100.000 – 150.000 VND per journey. Trains are also a popular method of travel when departing Hanoi as they provide comfortable air-conditioned cabins and generous luggage storage at an affordable price of around 100.000 VND. Motorbikes can be rented for as little as 150.000 VND per day, making them perfect for those who want to take their time to explore the nearby areas of Hanoi at their leisure. From luxurious to budget options, each traveler will find something suitable for their desired departure from Hanoi.

Ways to come to Ninh Binh from Hanoi

VehiclesPriceTravel time
Bus100.000 – 150.000 VND2 hours
Train~ 100.000 VND2 hours
Motorbike150.000 VND1 hours 30 minutes

IV. Taking in the Views – Take advantage of the stunning views that come with exploring these mountains and valleys

  • Location: Trang An, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province
  • Opening hours: 07:00 AM to 16:00 PM
  • Ticket: 

– Boat: 250.000 per Adult, 120.000 VND per Child

– Private boat: 1.250.000 VND per Boat

– Private tour guide: 300.000 VND per Route

1. Boat route

Time out of each route: 2 – 3.5 hours

  • Route 1:

Route itinerary: Boat dock – Trình temple – Hang Tối (Dark cave) – Hang Sáng (Morning cave) – Nau Ruou cave (Cooking alcohol) – Trần temple – Ba Giọt cave – Seo cave – Sơn Dương cave – Khống temple – Báo Hiếu pagoda – Trần cave – Quy Hậu cave – Return to the marina

This is the path to choose if you want to view a lot of caverns and geological phenomena like stalactites. We took the first path, which was really tranquil.

  • Route 2:

Itinerary: Boat dock – Lam cave – Cao Son Saint Temple – Vang cave – Thanh Slide cave – Dia Linh mountain – Suoi Tien temple – Dai cave – Vu Lam palace – Go back boat wharf

This path appeals to us since it offers a decent mix of caverns and attractions. This route will also pass via the Kong Skull Island filming location. Nonetheless, this is generally the busiest route. This path is also ideal for those who are short on time.

  • Route 3:

Route itinerary: Boat dock – Trinh temple – Dot cave – May cave – Suoi Tien temple – Dia Linh mountain – Dai cave – Vu Lam palace – Back to the boat station.

If you want to view fewer caverns and more of Trang An’s beautiful countryside, take this route. This third path is ideal for individuals who wish to see a very long cave, the King Kong movie location, and several spiritual locations.

2. Kayak activity


  • Single Kayak: 250.000 VND per boat (2 hours)
  • Double Kayak: 350.000 VND per boat (2 hours)

Individual kayak rentals are also available, which is a new attraction. While you are not permitted to enter any caves and must avoid the official tour boats, you are free to explore the river and the stunning Karst countryside at your leisure.

V. Enjoying the Local Cuisine – Exploring the traditional Vietnamese dishes you can enjoy while exploring Trang An

Exploring the local cuisine while visiting Trang An is essential to experiencing the culture of this region. Exploring these following flavors helps bring understanding and appreciation for the wonderful landscape and people who call Trang An home.

1. Ninh Binh burnt rice

  • Price range: 50.000 VND ~ 70.000 VND

Burnt rice is a well-known treat that visitors to Trang An must try. Burnt rice is a meal that may fill a hungry tummy and is also a delightful snack to munch all day. This meal is accessible worldwide, yet it is truly unique to Ninh Binh. Visitors claim that Ninh Binh burned rice is more aromatic, crispy, and rich than anywhere else, making diners wistful.

2. Ninh Binh mountain goat meat

  • Price range: ~ 100.000 VND

When visiting Trang An, and Ninh Binh in general, it is hard not to taste goat meat. This is a specialty that tourists, regardless of where they go, must stop and appreciate. People feed on goat meat in this area. As a result, the meat has essential hardness and is not friable. Ninh Binh goat meat stimulates people to eat; the more you chew, the sweeter and more aromatic the flesh becomes.

3. Ninh Binh mountain snail

  • Price range: 30.000 VND ~ 60.000 VND

Ninh Binh mountain snail is a seasonal specialty. The dish is especially popular between April and August. Therefore, if you travel to Trang An around this time, don’t forget to stop by to taste mountain snails. Mountain snails taste better than ordinary snails. Snails are tougher, more crunchy, more fragrant, and have a sweeter taste.

VI. Experiencing Local Culture – Exploring the culture and customs in the area through festivals, markets, and other activities

There’s no better way to explore the culture and customs of a place than to experience them firsthand. Participating in local festivals, browsing through markets, and engaging in other activities such as visiting landmark sites can be enlightening experiences like nothing else. Festivals are opportunities to explore not just the vibrant history of a location, but also its unique cuisine, music, and art. Markets can reveal interesting stories of how local produce, crafts, and even traditional remedies are formed and presented. Exploring local heritage also comes with an understanding of how people use their language, social conventions, and rituals; giving us a glimpse into the everyday lives of locals. When we respectfully observe these activities or participate in them ourselves, we uncover a world that is typically unavailable for those who are only passing through. In experiencing the culture and customs of a place we can truly appreciate the beauty it has to offer and learn from it in enriching ways.

Trang An is a wonderful destination to visit with its unique cultural, spiritual, and historical attractions. With the right route plan, you can get an unforgettable experience of eco-tourism while savoring Ninh Binh’s specialties such as mountain goat meat, burnt rice, or even mountain snails. All these make Trang An tour worth your time and money! Regardless of how you choose to spend your time in Trang An, it’s sure to be a memorable journey that will stay with you forever. So if you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Trang An Tour. For more information on planning your trip and making the most out of your visit, contact us today!

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