Sung Sot Cave, also known as Surprising Cave or Amazing Cave, is located on Bo Hon Island in Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. Covering a total area of around 10,000 square meters, and the elevation is 25 meters above sea level. The Cave includes three main chambers and some connecting passageways. The highlight here is the sparkling stalactites and attractive rock formations.

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2.1. How to move to Sung Sot Cave?

There are two ways to help tourists visit Sung Sot Cave: canoe or boat.

  • Canoe: If you only want to visit Sung Sot Cave, choose canoe because this is the fastest option, the high-speed canoe docks at Tuan Chau and Hon Gai Pier. The price is about $50 USD/ hour for a 4-8 seat canoe.
  • Boat: If you want to go sightseeing on Halong Bay, take a 6-hour day boat. you will have the opportunities to enjoy activities such as exploring caves , swimming, boat sailing, and kayaking.
    Road: Tuan Chau International Port – Soi Sim Island – Titop Island – Sung Sot Cave – Bo Nau Cave – Luon Cave – Fairy Lake Cave – Trinh Nu Cave – Me Cung Cave. The price range is $21.22 USD to $31.40 USD/ pax.

2.2. How to buy tickets for sightseeing? 

To visit Sung Sot Cave, buy tickets at two major ports in Halong: Tuan Chau international passenger port and Halong international passenger port. In addition, you can also buy tickets at the entrance to the cave itself. However, buying tickets as part of a tour may be more convenient for some visitors.

Tuan Chau international passenger port: Tours that include visiting Sung Sot Cave typically start at around $22 USD/ pax.

Halong international passenger port: Tours that include visiting Sung Sot Cave typically start at around $31 USD/ pax. (include boat fee and order food)

For information on ticket prices:

  • Entrance ticket: about $1.70 USD/ pax
  • One day ticket: about $12.34 USD/ pax
  • Two days one night ticket: about $25.10 USD/ pax
  • Three days two nights ticket: about $33.60 USD/ pax
  • Children under 1m2 or under 7 years old: Free
  • Children from 7 to 16 years old: 20% off
  • Elderly 60 years old and above: 50% off

*Note: these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the time of year and other factors.

2.3. What is the famous legend in Sung Sot Cave?

According to ancient lore, Sung Sot Cave also has its own interesting legend. The cave is believed to be where Thanh Giong, an extremely famous hero in Vietnamese folklore. After defeating the enemy, Thanh Giong flew back to heaven, leaving his sword and horse behind to protect the villagers from evil forces.

Later, these two memorabilia were placed in front of the cave to commemorate the merits of Thanh Giong. This story is passed between locals and tourists time by time.

2.4. What to explore in Sung Sot Cave?

Traveling to Halong and setting foot on Bo Hon Island, you need to climb 50 high stone steps with the path hidden under the forest foliage. Next, you go down 10 more stone steps to reach the mouth of Sung Sot Cave, starting an exciting journey of discovery.

Sung Sot Cave is known for its unique stalactite and stalagmite formations that have been naturally sculpted over millions of years. The cave has two main chambers:

The first chamber is known for its high ceilings and impressive stalactites. When entering, you will feel surprised by the bright light from the lights at the cave.

The second chamber is the largest and most impressive, with a ceiling height of over 30 meters and various unique formations. Also, the capacity can be up to a thousand tourists simultaneously.

Moving on, you will reach the royal garden at the highest peak of the cave. This place opens up a charming landscape with a small lake, and many types of trees, flowers, and birds live there. At the same time, the view of beautiful Halong Bay also appears before your eyes.

2.5. What are the benefits of going on tour options? 

To enter Sung Sot Cave, you must pay an admission fee or any fee for transportation, such as a canoe or boat, and manage the trip yourself. However, if you choose a tour, the cost will be cheaper and also less time-consuming.

  • The tours typically include transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay, a boat ride around the bay, and a visit to the Sung Sot cave.
  • The duration of tours is at least one day long, and some can last for several days. In particular, visiting the Sung Sot cave typically takes about one hour, and tours may include other activities such as kayaking, swimming, or visiting other caves.
  • The price of the tours can vary depending on the operator, but it will be much cheaper if you go on your own.
  • The guide will also be included as part of the tour if you book a tour package to Halong Bay. The guide will lead you through the cave and provide information about its history and features.

2.6. The best time to visit Sung Sot Cave? 

The best time to visit Sung Sot Cave is during the dry season, from October to April. Indeed, the weather is generally sunny and dry, and the seas are calm, making it easier to access the cave by boat.

The temperature during this season is also more comfortable for you, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 25°C.

The peak tourist season in Halong Bay is from December to February, so you may experience larger crowds and higher prices during this time. It is recommended to visit outside of the peak season to avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

2.7. What should you pack when traveling?

  • Clothing: Sung Sot Cave is located in a humid climate, so pack lightweight and breathable.Besides, you can bring a light jacket or sweater as the temperature inside the cave can be cooler than outside.
  • Shoe: As there are steep inclines and uneven terrain inside the cave, it is important to wear comfortable shoes with good grip.
  • Personal items: Bring insect repellent because Halong Bay is a tropical area. The sunscreen, water bottle, hat, etc are also useful.
  • Camera: Sung Sot Cave is a stunning natural wonder, so be sure to capture the beauty of the cave with a camera or smartphone.
  • Money: Bring enough cash or credit card to pay for any fee to the cave and for any souvenirs you may wish to purchase.

So, Sung Sot Cave is a worthy place for you to experience and explore. It is easy for you to take impressive photos and learn about the culture and history of Halong Bay, Vietnam.

To wrap up, with its breathtaking scenery and unique geology, Sung Sot Cave will surprise you and offer a memorable and unforgettable experience for all tourists. Below is the information and tourist experiences; Metta Voyage hopes it can help you know more about the trip plan to visit Sung Sot Cave. If you want to explore more caves in Vietnam, you can refer to a tour here.

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