In Laos, they are not yet open to foreign countries but they started to promoting about flights inside Laos and some railway lines of Lao Airline.

1. Who can allow into Laos for foreigners?

  • Holders of diplomatic and official passports
  • Experts and technicians
  • Other foreign labour is important in large projects
  • Foreigners authorized by National Task Force Committee for Prevention, Controls, and Response when absolutely necessary and urgent

2. Must To Step

2.1. Pre-arrival: 

  • Visa
  • Certificate of negative COVID 19 test updated within 72 hours
  • Confirmation of reservation at a designated quarantine facility/hotel

2.2. Arrival:

  • According to “Laos Green Zone Plan”, all tourists need to be fully vaccinated
  • Download the contact tracing app “LaoStaySafe”
  • PCR test upon arrival. Go to a “LaoSafe” certified hotel while waiting for the results. If negative, you can freely explore “green zones”.

2.3. During Stay:

  • Wear masks in public places including outdoor areas

3. Notes:

  • Destinations will likely open in April and July as vaccination rates increase inside Laos
  • Laos completed the construction of the railway, so when tourism opens and tourists return, this will be an advantage and an upgrade in Laos.

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