1. Overview

Hoi An is an ancient town in Quang Nam province, famous for its hundreds of years-old architectural works. Hoi An is also a land marked by many cultural blends. The city’s architecture reflects the influence of Japanese, Portuguese, French, and British Chinese traders. Hoi An still retains its rich and diverse intangible culture. Hoi An is considered a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle.

Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous city of Quang Nam province, an ancient town that has been kept almost intact with more than 1,000 architectural relics, from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, pagodas, shrines, and churches, ancient wells… to traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. Once experiencing Hoi An city tour, you will be captivated by its timeless, extremely rustic and simple beauty.

2. Why should you travel to Hoi An at least once in your life?

Because Hoi An will tell you historical stories through every old house and every layer of moss, from bridges to temples to even small boats docking.

Because Hoi An will let you enjoy delicious dishes that cannot be found anywhere else, such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, Tea Mot, etc.Hoi An lets you feel the beauty of this place not only with your eyes but also with your ears, nose, and eyes. touch when the wind touches it. 

You will be overwhelmed after your trip to Hoi An city because this journey of discovery takes you from one emotion to another, each time filled with more, and you will have the most unforgettable experience when coming here.

3. Some information about Hoi An city

Hoi An city has an area of about 61.71 km2, belonging to Quang Nam province. On January 21, 2008, Hoi An was established with 13 administrative units. Among them, there are 9 wards: Thanh Ha, Cam Chau, Cam An, Cua Dai, Minh An, Cam Nam, Tan An, Son Phong, Cam Pho, and 4 communes: Cam Thanh, Cam Kim, Cam Ha, and Island commune Tan Hiep – Cu Lao Cham. Hoi An city is divided into two areas: Hoi An ancient town and the rest.

Hoi An is located in the downstream area of the Thu Bon River confluence, 30 km southeast of Da Nang city and 50 km northeast of Tam Ky city. Hoi An is a city with both a sea and an island, so it possesses rich natural landscapes, bringing great potential for tourism and economic development. Cu Lao Cham is a very famous island cluster in Hoi An city, about 15 km from the mainland, with eight large and small islands: Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Ong, Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon Tai, Hon Lao, and Hon La. Cu Lao Cham Island is also an ideal tourist destination that visitors to Hoi An should not miss.

4. Famous destinations you should not miss on your Hoi An city tour

During the Nguyen Dynasty, Hoi An was once a busy international trading port and also a place of convergence and interference between Eastern and Western cultural beauty. That explains why this more than 400-year-old city has such colorful beauty and strange appeal.

To fully explore and enjoy every beauty of Hoi An city, visitors to Hoi An cannot miss attractive places such as Hoi An ancient town (with famous historical relics that you should not miss such as Chua Cau, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung ancient house, etc); Bay Mau coconut forest; Tra Que vegetable village; Hoi An silk village; Thanh Ha pottery village; Cua Dai beach; An Bang beach; My Son sanctuary; Cu Lao Cham, etc.

5. Should you travel to Hoi An city on your own or take a tour?

Hoi An is a tourist destination with many traditional cultural values, and if you are not a native, it will be difficult for you to fully understand that beauty. That is the reason that many tourists often book Hoi An city tours instead of traveling on their own. With a tour, you don’t need to worry about places to play, where to stay, or where to eat; all of these services are planned by the tour guide and the company for you.

There are many local travel companies organizing Hoi An city tours, of which Metta Voyage will be a great choice for you. You will find many diverse Hoi An tour packages here. From standard to luxury tours, Metta Voyage offers customized itineraries according to customers’ wishes. Not only stopping at local sightseeing, Metta Voyage also wants to create more profound benefits for customers by bringing the philosophy of “health care tourism”, etc. All are available to meet all visitors’ needs.

Whether you choose any tour package of 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or more, you will receive dedicated care and support from Metta Voyage’s professional guides. The tour schedule is designed with a variety of experiences but is not too rushed, helping visitors have their own space to explore. Some of our unique Hoi An tours you can see include:

Hoi An Fun Exploring

Farming & Fishing Life In Hoi An Ancient Town

Danang – Hoi An – Bana Hill Classical Tour

My Son Holy Land Halfday Tour

Full Day Cham Island Discovery From Hoian

Mindful Retreat In Island Smiles Hoi An

6. Suggested itinerary for Hoi An city tour 1 day

At 8:00 am, we will pick you up at your Hoi An hotel or homestay, and we will start our full-day tour of Hoi An. The first destination on the Hoi An city tour is My Son Sanctuary.

My Son Sanctuary is a historical site located in Duy Phu commune, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 4th century. The sanctuary is famous for its impressive cluster of ancient Hindu temples, demonstrating the brilliant architecture of the Champa civilization. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Apsara dance, the royal dance of the Champa Kingdom offered to the gods and kings.

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Continuing your tour of Hoi An city, you will enjoy a Hoi An basket boat ride at the Bay Mau coconut forest in Cam Thanh village. You will learn how to row a boat and how to use simple tools to catch fish and crabs with the locals. After that, you will have a fun lunch at a local fisherman’s house with many Hoi An specialties such as Vietnamese spring rolls, Hoi An pancakes, stewed tuna served with white rice, stir-fried water spinach with garlic, mango and shrimp salad, etc.

After a fun lunch and a short rest, we will explore Hoi An ancient town with all its outstanding attractions, such as the Chua Cau, the 200-year-old Tan Ky ancient house, the Fujian Assembly Hall, and Hoi An Central Market. The tour guide will give you a lot of information about Hoi An ancient town, the characteristics of Hoi An, as well as the best places to shop and enjoy the most delicious Hoi An street food.

Additionally, the tour guide will take you to the Hoi An handicraft space to learn how to make some beautiful lanterns, and you can also keep what you’ve made as souvenirs. Lanterns in Hoi An are made of wood and bamboo and covered with colorful silk.

As you know, in the evening, people light lanterns in Hoi An an ancient town, which is gorgeous and very romantic. There’s nothing more special than when you can take a small boat to admire the scenery, float some paper lotus lanterns on the Hoai River, and enjoy the beauty of Hoi An at night.

We finish the 1-day Hoi An city tour, and the driver and tour guide will take you back to the hotel or homestay in Hoi An. Wish you have a great trip!

7. Conclusion

Above is the most useful information about the Hoi An city tour you should know that Metta Voyage shares with you. Hopefully,  you will have the best experience in Hoi An. Besides the full-day Hoi An city tour, if you want to explore the natural beauty of Hoi An and other destinations in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asian countries, you can contact us immediately.

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