Looking for an amazing detox retreat? A detox retreat in Cambodia will be the best choice for you to cleanse your body and soul. In your spare time, prepare yourself to marvel at picturesque landscapes and ancient temples. In the “Kingdom of Wonder,” remove toxins from your body and refresh your mind. You will not believe in the long-term, soothing effects of a detox retreat Cambodia! So, take your pick today, and get ready for a complete makeover.

1. Why do we need a detox retreat?

We have lost touch with our bodies, our soil, and how food in our system interacts. We are loading ourselves with toxins and stress rather than supporting our bodies in the natural detoxification process. The mind and the body end up being sluggish and prone to disease as a consequence. Resisting a toxic life is not easy, though.

Besides, society is full of businesses that urge you to do stuff that is actually against your health and well-being. No wonder we’re coming to the point of wanting detox retreats where we can get our mind and body right. A period of healing where we can align ourselves again.

Therefore, a detox retreat can create an enormous and positive change in your life experience. The detox will purify your whole body, promote loss of weight and improve overall health and well-being. The life-changing experience you are looking for can be a detox program.

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2. What does a typical detox retreat look like?

Typically, there will be a certain amount of fastings, such as fasting juice or cleaning juice. The juice detox uses juices and raw food to detoxify the body while still providing the energy needed. You might even be able to find a juice detox retreat wherever you go.

To ensure lightness in the system, you can also expect mostly vegetarian or vegan food. With many of these cleansings, raw food is also a popular dietary choice. A diet based on plants offers an abundance of nutrients while also supporting the natural detoxification process of the body.

Many healing retreats also offer massage and other healing methods to promote the overall health of the body and mind. A few wellness retreats will offer some kind of detox spa, including skin brushing and sauna treatments.

A daily yoga class and meditation will also be provided by many retreats to support a holistic healing program. Yoga detoxification sessions can certainly help stimulate the elimination process and further facilitate the process of detoxification.

detox retreat cambodia

After finishing a detox retreat, people often feel like a new person in a body that is now clean and strong. It’s almost like pressing the reset button. In most cases, detox withdrawal is so much more than just a decrease in weight loss due to weight loss. Instead, a focus on overall wellness can lead you back to your true, purest self with a host of treatments, meditation, and yoga.

3. Best places detox retreat Cambodia

3.1. Navutu Dreams

detox retreat cambodia

3.1.1. Location: Navutu Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Website: https://navuturesorts.com/

Navutu Dreams is the best detox retreat in Cambodia. This resort is just 20 minutes from Siem Reap International Airport and includes a free airport pick-up service by tuk-tuk. Offering a peaceful countryside location, the resort is just a 7-minute tuk-tuk drive from the Old Market and a 20-minute drive from the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Angkor Archaeological Park.

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat, a center dedicated to wellness and holistic well-being, provides the perfect environment to help you nourish your mind, body, and spirit right in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia’s Angkor. Outstanding health, detox & wellness programs, yoga retreats, and daily yoga classes are provided at this Siem Reap resort. Also, group retreats are well catered for.

3.1.2. Detox Programs

1.2.1. 5 day Heal Your Heart

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Price: US$432

Enjoy luxurious accommodation for five days, nourishing meals, yoga, guided meditation on mindfulness, detoxifying spa therapies, and holistic healing sessions. You’re going to have a blessing with local monks between your healing and a visit to the local community to get a real sense of where to go.

During your free time, there is also the opportunity to explore the ancient temples of Angkor and the surrounding temples. In the center of Siem Reap, Cambodia is the five-day healing of your heart, promising you healing, transformation, and rejuvenation experience.

To get additional benefits from your program, Navutu Dreams recommends adding holistic treatments are available on requests, such as Reiki, Pranayama, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Kansa Wand, Pranic Healing, or Yoga Nidra/Sound Bowls.

1.2.2. 4 Day Mind Detox Retreat

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights

Price: US$388

For people who want to de-stress, clear out their mind, and balance mind, body, and spirit, this 4 Day Mind Detox Retreat is designed. This wellness package is a transformational entire mind and body experience that combines yoga, meditation on mindfulness, rejuvenating massages, and holistic healing sessions. The Navutu Dreams team of international wellness experts will guide you through this personal wellness.& well-being retreat to help you fight stress, reset and recharge. The Mind Detox Retreat promises to provide you with a holistic experience where the techniques and methods can be incorporated into your everyday life.

Two groups and two personal yoga sessions are included in the Mind Detox yoga retreat package. 2 Spa treatments, an acupressure treatment, a private meditation treatment & a wellness consultation are also included in the 4-day long wellness program.

3.1.3. Accommodation & Meal

Navutu’s hotel in Siem Reap provides as many as 28 options for accommodation across the board. These spacious, bright & simplistic Mediterranean-style rooms are divided into three categories, namely the Explorer, Luxury Grand Tour & Family Grand Suite rooms.

Navutu’s Niam Niam Restaurant is where guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility and serenity of Cambodia‘s tropical gardens and pools while enjoying its local delicacies and popular international favorites at the same time. The resort’s cuisine uses nothing but locally sourced ingredients that ensure quality and freshness. If visitors have a specific preference in terms of what they do/don’t eat, they can let the chefs know the same thing.

3.2. Vagabond Temple in Sihanoukville

detox retreat cambodia

3.2.1. Location:  Road 33, Pepper Street 3, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Website: http://www.vagabondtemple.com/

Vagabond Temple is situated in a quiet and lush area surrounded by flowers and exotic fruit trees. Set near the beautiful mountains of Kep’s National Park and overlooking the sea. The yoga retreat center is perfectly positioned to help you rediscover how perfect you are! Not only does the venue have stunning views of the mountains in the famous Bokor National Park, but it also has the most amazing atmosphere that will give you time to relax, read or create.

Vagabond Temple’s gardens are home to a variety of beautiful wildlife and, of course, home to their chickens and sheep in the centers! Spending time in this wonderful and tranquil space with the animals will teach you to slow down and move with the rhythm of nature consciously.

3.2.2. Program: 8 Days Detox Cleanse Program and Yoga

Vagabond Temple’s detox retreat in Cambodia is not just a dietary adjustment. It is a holistic experience of learning, integrating various nutrition schools and the physical body’s yogi understanding. To optimize your health in the future, you’ll learn nutrition and fasting techniques. Personalized health coaching will guide you to a deeper understanding of your body and your food relationship, and teach you how to use methods that best suit your needs to detox at home.

You are not going to starve yourself when you detox-you are allowing the body to rest. The energy that normally goes into digestion can be redirected to other areas when you fast. Fasting speeds up the removal of toxins from the body and can help improve the digestive system, alleviate pain and aches, and improve the overall health of the internal organs.

Detoxication alone can be very difficult. The process can generate negative emotions as well as physical symptoms, and without a supportive environment, it is easy to give in to our cravings. You’re going to detox in a spiritual community of like-minded people at Vagabond Temple, with a dedicated mentor to guide you. The daily retreat program for yoga and meditation is both relaxing and energizing, allowing for a seamless process of detoxification without any stress or disruption. The location is also ideal – green, quiet, and free of air pollution.

3.2.3. Accommodation & Meal

The traditional Khmer straw and wooden bungalows are all accommodation facilities nestled within the spacious gardens of Vagabond Temple and range from shared to private and basic to premium.

The detox program includes three delicious healthy vegan yogic meals cooked with fresh, local ingredients and charged with Reiki energy per day (traditional Cambodian as well as international). At no extra cost, drinking water, herbal tea, and bananas are available throughout the day.

Also, no detoxification products are used by Vagabond Temples, as they follow the method of natural hygiene, which recognizes the healing process as completely natural and free from any artificial disturbance. Therefore, you will consume only coconut water, juice, raw food, and water according to your needs while undergoing their detoxification program.

3.3. Yoga Barn – Kampot

detox retreat cambodia

3.1. Location: Andong Khmer, International Village, Krong Kampot, Cambodia

Website: https://www.yogabarnkampot.com/

Kampot is a lovely little town on the south coast of Cambodia. Kampot’s main attraction is its relaxing riverside setting, where there are some amazing bars and restaurants scattered along the promenade and Yoga Barn just 10 minutes away. It will be amazing place for you to spend a detox retreat in Cambodia.

3.3.2. Program: 3 Day “How are you really?” Yoga Retreat

Regardless of experience, age or gender, Yoga Barn rural retreats have been specifically designed for everyone! Let Yoga Barn guide you to assist with your physical self through different styles of Yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa, Fly-High, and Yin.

All retreats are based on a 23-hr period starting at noon from check-in and ending at 11 am on the day of departure upon check-out. On whatever date you like, you can choose to stay as long as you like because Yoga Barn rolling retreats run throughout the year.

Yoga Barn will also help you to find other brain techniques such as meditation, awareness, and even adult coloring. The Chakras & Ayurveda exploration will help you to deepen your understanding of what makes you who you are! From the moment you rise, you will be able to welcome the natural rhythms of nature until the moment that it lullabies you to sleep. In the picturesque Cambodian countryside, the peaceful atmosphere reminds you to find and follow your gentle flow and to relax and unwind.

3.3.3. Accommodation & Meal

You will have your private room or shared accommodation in the very large Yoga Barn dorm at the Yoga Barn Retreat Centre in Kampot, Cambodia, during your stay. In its peaceful gardens, it has a large and spacious yoga shala set. The center also has a restaurant of its own for you to enjoy. You will make full use of the fantastic new yoga studio as guests of the retreat, including equipment such as mats, cushions, and straps. As you would expect, the onsite amenities are of a very high standard.

The meal of this retreat includes daily delicious vegetarian ‘Cambodian buffet style’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the food, how are you? Yoga retreats served in the restaurant are fresh produce from local farm shops and markets. The restaurant not only provides good healthy food but also beautiful sunsets over Bokor National Park.

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