1. Introduction to Fishing Village Mui Ne

Delightfully situated at the end of Mui Ne Bay, and about 23km from Phan Thiet City & 7km from town, the fishing village Mui Ne has become a major attraction. It boasts an idyllic coastal nature with calm waves and gentle breezes all year round. 



Looking on from a distance, tourists are attracted by rustic scenes of fishing boats stopping at various points and interspersed with eye-catching colorful baskets. Following the footpath to get a closer look, you can wander around the Mui Ne Market where you can grab fresh seafood or even try them on the spot. Street vendors often sell different kinds of seafood such as lobsters, crabs, fish, scallops, groupers, stingrays.and squids at bargain prices. 


  • Location: 321 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan
  • Opening hours: 5:00 AM – 21:00 PM every day

2. Best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

Early morning and late afternoon are good times to visit. 

2.1. In the early morning: Admire Sunrise and Join locals’ life

Once the sun comes out, you can come to the fishing harbor to admire the sunrise and see how fishermen start their daily work – putting the boats out for a new fishing net and taking turns to sail back to the shore. If fishermen return with a huge catch of fish, brilliant smiles brighten their faces as it guarantees their daily earnings. 

Well–built men quickly jump out of the boats to drag the net and pour all the marine creatures inside onto a canvas on the sand. Women then classify them into different types based on their species, and size and sell them to locals or tourists. Some are carefully chosen by nearby restaurants to be their fresh ingredients. 


Also, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to talk with local people and listen to their life stories along the coast. People are energetic, friendly and eager to exchange interesting things with others. 

2.2. In the late afternoon and at night: Immersed in a romantic setting

sunset at mui ne fishing village


At sunset, intense sunlight is replaced by sweet sunbeams and Mui Ne Fishing Village is covered in peace and tranquility. It seems like everything goes a bit slow. The sea surface is quieter because people come back home to recharge their batteries. During this time, you can stroll on the beach to watch the sunset or sit in the last glow of the sunset with your beloved ones. Romance is easily found in Mui Ne Fishing Village when the sun comes down. 



By nightfall, the whole village shimmers under the moonlight, making it more poetic. This is a great time for you to listen to the haunting sound and feel the salty taste of the sea. 


3. Other activities for tourists to fully explore Mui Ne Fishing Village

3.1. Kayaking & sailing SUP at Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village is a paradise for those who love extreme sports and want to challenge their limits. More and more tourists flocks to Mui Ne Fishing Village to experience sailing Kayaking and SUP. Even if you know nothing about this sport, tour providers at Mui Ne Fishing Village will carefully train you on the most minor things and prepare all necessary equipment. They would keep an eye on every move you make to ensure you are safe. 



Kayaking is quite easy. You only need a few skills to get started—a paddling technique, getting in and out of the vessel and launching the boat. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding, which requires great balancing. 


Exploring Mui Ne Fishing Village and surrounding areas by sailing Kayak or SUP is such an appealing option that everyone should try when coming to Mui Ne. 

3.2. Learn more about producing local products 

If you can budget more extra time in and around Mui Ne Fishing Village, go further to the village to explore the process of making fish sauce and dried seafood, which are two delicacies of Phan Thiet City. 

3.3. Enjoy specialties in Mui Ne Fishing Village

  • Dried squid (Muc kho) is among the most mouth-watering dishes in Mui Ne Fishing Village. Its chewy taste definitely whets your appetite. Many tourists choose to buy dried squid as souvenirs for relatives and friends. 


  • Deep-fried snakehead fish rolled with rice paper (Ca Loc Chien Xu Cuon Banh Trang) This dish is served with different types of fresh vegetables and herbs such as basil, cucumber and lettuce. You can wrap deep-fried snakehead fish with rice paper, and dip it into a distinctive fish sauce, then take a bite. 

  • Mui Ne Hot Pot Drop (Lau Tha): The hot pot is filled with fresh seafood and helpings such as garlic, ginger, bacon, and sliced fried eggs and vegetables. Eaters can choose whatever ingredients they like to mix in their own hot pot flavors in their bowls, then add sweat broth on top, wait for a minute and enjoy the meal. 


It wasn’t just the stunning scenery of Mui Ne Fishing Village that enchanted inbound and outbound tourists. The dynamic lifestyle of people attached to the sea and delectable dishes are also enticing.  Plan your trip to Mui Ne Fishing Village right now and contact Metta Voyage for more details if needed. 

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