Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the most majestic cycling tour destinations of Southeast Asia, with a rich culture newly opened up to the world. Myanmar cycling tours through the legendary, pagoda-filled plains of Bagan or pedal around the shores of Inle Lake and experience hearty food, friendly people, and breathtaking scenery. The old world charm and beauty of Myanmar is best experienced on a cycle tour.

Top 10 Spectacular Myanmar Cycling Tours

1. Bamboo bicycle tour of Yangon Dala culture

Dala feels like a planet away even though Downtown Yangon is just across the river. Get off the usual tourist path with this bike tour and explore Dala’s fishing and farming towns, rural markets, and rice paddies. Instead of haggling over the price of a motorbike taxi or rickshaw, hire a guide to accompany you on the ferry, show you around Dala, and provide you with insight into local culture.

  • Price from $32.61 per adult (price varies by group size)

2. Cycling Day Tour to U Bein Bridge at Sunset from Mandalay

U Bein Bridge is nearly 12 kilometers from Mandalay city. You can choose to come here by taxi, tuk tuk or motorbike taxi. But if you are a backpacker and explorer, bicycles are the most interesting means of transportation, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the scenery and beauty of Mandalay slowly.

Explore Mandalay by bike on a guided bike tour that follows back roads and ancient canals, and then concludes with a spectacular sunset over U Bein Bridge. Riding a bike in Mandalay is a great way to explore this less-frequented part of the countryside. You’ll pedal alongside a guide and a small group of up to 10 people, to ensure personalized service.

  • Price from $60.00 per adult

3. Morning Cycling Tour in Mandalay

On a morning bike tour from Mandalay, go out over backroads to see Myanmar’s untamed countryside and stunning scenery. On a half-day guided trip, visit markets and terraced farms and observe artisans weave bamboo into exquisite patterns. Then, stop by a traditional tea shop for sweet tea and a sample of Mandalay’s special food after taking a stroll around a bustling neighborhood and learning about local culture and farming. 

  • Price from $35.00 per adult

4. Inle Bike, Boat and Kayak Tour

Inle Lake in Myanmar is known as a fairyland with a rare beauty that can be found nowhere else. Currently, Inle Lake is one of the unique destinations that should not be missed in the journey to travel and explore the beautiful country of Myanmar. With a beautiful natural landscape, Inle Lake is likened to the blue sea of ​​the mountainous Shan state

On this well orchestrated Inle Lake excursion by bike, kayak, and longtail boat, learn about the major Myanmar tours. Ride a bicycle through a little village before stopping for refreshments and a look at local handicrafts in the charming town of Khaung Daing. You can traverse the lake in a kayak while using a longtail boat as a support after traveling via longtail boat past floating gardens and biking to a stilt house for a traditional Shan lunch.

  • Price from $80.00 per adult

5. Bagan Cycling Tour ( Villages & Temples Cycling Explorer)

Beside the temples, the famous archeological site of Bagan can be explored from a totally different side exploring the countryside and the local life by cycling. Bagan surroundings offer many opportunities a day to experience a more authentic side of Bagan out of the tourist beaten paths; paths despite being sandy at certain parts are generally flat and smooth offering no difficulties for a  bike ride. 

One option is a 5-hour cycling tour that also includes a 3-hour temple visit In the extremely dry area, the system allows farms to grow cereals, rice, fruits, and peanuts all year long. Visit to experience the countryside around Bagan along the water irrigation system to distribute waters from the Irrawaddy in the countryside. Views of rural traditional Burmese life from up close and personal encounters with interested neighbors. This day’s journey takes you far from the beaten path by traveling down curvy roads impassable to vehicles and buses.

  • Price from $129.24 per group (up to 2) 

6. Explore Hidden Yangon by Bike

Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is located in the center of Myanmar. Formerly the former capital of Myanmar and also the largest city of this country with a population of more than 5 million people. Yangon is the most developed region in Myanmar and the country’s main international gateway. Most of Myanmar’s industrial zones are located in the Yangon region.

On this bike journey through the region’s countryside and fishing villages, uncover Yangon’s hidden jewels. In addition to exploring the broad Yangon riverbank, tourists can ride through the lush rice fields. In addition, you can visit Buddhist temples, sample local cuisine, and participate in regional festivals at particular periods of the year.

  • Price from $30.77 per adult

7. Dala And Twantay Biking Adventure

The ideal method to get away from the metropolitan city life is to bike around Southern Yangon’s fringes (Dala to Twantay). This journey is better suited for enthusiastic riders who wish to see uninhabited villages, unusual pagodas, a gorgeous rural setting, hospitable locals, lovely lakes, green rice fields, a shaded route, a potters’ workshop, and a reused souvenir shop near to Yangon. Additionally, you can experience the breathtaking sunset while riding the ferry, which will totally impress you. 

  • Price from $102.57 per adult (price varies by group size)

8. Ride Around Bagan Temple

To Bagan – the land of more than 2,000 temples, you can rent a bicycle to go through the deserts by yourself and explore each spiritual tourist destination. From February to April, the temperature and humidity increase, so most people look for a place to avoid the heat, the peak is from noon to 3pm daily. Currently, visitors can rent electric bicycles or horses instead of regular bicycles to move to the temples. However, a cycling tour of discovery will help visitors experience more interesting things

  • Price from $35.90 per adult

9. Bagan by bicycle full day

Visitors can fully explore the beautiful city of Bagan by bicycle on this full day small group tour. You’ll cycle along the Ayeyarwaddy River and see beautiful temples, some dating back to the 10th century, and learn about the city’s history from your tour guide. This tour goes at a leisurely pace, is suitable for slower cyclists, and includes a delicious lunch.

  • Price from $64.11 per adult

10. Bike Brilliant Bagan

A local guide will take you on a half-day bicycle tour of Bagan and its surroundings. Visitors will take dirt roads to more remote temples that most of them miss and pedal. drive to famous monuments such as Shwesandaw Pagoda, Ananda Pagoda and Shwezigon Pagoda. Before returning to Bagan by van, visitors can pass through traditional villages and small farms to experience rural life and sample typical snacks at a tea house.

  • Price from $35.00 per adult

Above are the top 10 Best Myanmar Cycling Tours that visitors can refer to when coming to Myanmar. Cycling in Myanmar not only helps visitors enjoy the beauty slowly but also helps improve health. Hope the above useful information will bring visitors a great experience. Contact Metta Voyage for more interesting tourist information!

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