1. Overview of Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province in the northeast region of Vietnam, where there are many beautiful and majestic landscapes and also a place to keep the typical cultural features of the ethnic minorities along with the humid cultures special. Hoang Su Phi is one of the most experienced destinations for the Ha Giang motorbike tour.

Hoang Su Phi is a district located in the west of Ha Giang province. Previously, this land belonged to the Binh Nguyen province of Tuyen Quang. Later, when the country was unified, this place belonged to Ha Giang. Currently, Hoang Su Phi district consists of 24 communes and 1 town. This is the home of 12 different ethnic groups, of which the majority are Nung, Mong, Tay, Dao, and La Chi.

Hoang Su Phi is located upstream of the Chay River, so the terrain is divided by many streams, and the terrain here has a steep slope. Hoang Su Phi becomes an attractive tourist destination with different and unique landscapes to visit on Ha Giang motorbike tour.

Hoang Su Phi has typical climatic conditions, beautiful natural landscapes, vast primeval forests, picturesque terraced fields, many national monuments and heritage sites, etc. Hoang Su Phi has all the advantages needed to promote tourism in the province as well as being an impressive destination for you to come here.

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2. Introduction about Ha Giang motorbike tour

2.1. Discovery Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

Ha Giang motorbike tour will help you discover and experience Ha Giang in a new and complete way. You will have the opportunity to conquer the northern mountainous roads, admire the majestic and poetic natural panorama, the winding passes, and the dangerous but also extremely attractive turns.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore local life and learn about the unique local culture. It can be an afternoon of passionate conversation, experiencing the daily work of a H’Mong family in Lung Tam village, or an evening enjoying a meal with indigenous people while sipping some corn wine. and enjoy the enchanting H’Mong flute melody.

2.2. When is the best time to go to Hoang Su Phi?

Each season here brings its own beauty, symbolizing the very unique beauty of Ha Giang.

2.2.1. Spring festivals take place here 

At this time, the weather in Hoang Su Phi is still cold, but the peach gardens, apricot gardens, and pear gardens are also blooming. You can also visit the tea hill here.

2.2.2. Summer

April to June is the fertile and lush natural season of Hoang Su Phi. Visitors can admire the beauty of Hoang Su Phi’s terraced fields during the wet season, which lasts from May to June every year.

2.2.3. Autumn

The weather here is cool, pleasant, and less rainy. Come here; you can admire the poetic beauty of the ripe golden terraced fields, participate in the skydiving festival, etc.

2.2.4. Winter

Hoang Su Phi’s weather is very cold in the winter. But this is the ideal hunting season for clouds and snow on high mountains like Chieu Lau Thi or Tay Con Linh when travelling on Ha Giang motorbike tour.

3. Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi – Ha Giang tour schedule 4 days:

3.1. Day 1: Hanoi city – Ha Giang city (high quality sleeper bus)

In the day 1 of Ha Giang motorbike tour, if you live in the south or central region, you can take a plane to Hanoi. After that, you get on a high-quality sleeper bus to depart for Ha Giang city. Ha Giang city is about 300 km from Hanoi, the travel time takes about 7 – 10 hours. The price of a sleeper bus ticket ranges from 8.5 USD – 13 USD/bed.

Arriving in Ha Giang, you will rent a motorbike to prepare for the journey to Hoang Su Phi. The price for renting motorbikes in shops ranges from 6.4 USD – 10.7 USD/unit/day depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

3.2. Day 2: Ha Giang city – Hoang Su Phi: Bac Quang, Coc Bai, Ban Phung.

In the day 2 of Ha Giang motorbike tour, after breakfast, get a motorbike to start moving before going to Hoang Su Phi. You will pass through Bac Quang district, 60 km from Ha Giang city, and explore Thac Thi.

Thac Thi 

Thac Thi is located in Bac Quang district and is formed by small streams in the Tay Con Linh mountain range. The waterfall has four floors, and the water pours all year round like a flexible peach silk strip crossing the primeval forest.

Continue moving to Coc Pai town, have lunch, and rest in Coc Pai town. Passing the winding pass, 6 km long from Coc Pai town, Xin Man district, to Suoi Thau village, you will encounter the Sin Thau steppe.

The Sin Thau steppe

The Sin Thau steppe is hundreds of hectares wide, at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level. From the Suoi Thau steppe, you can see the rice fields and green orchards, as well as the Chay River winding around three sides of the steppe.

This place is endowed by nature with wild, magnificent, and fresh beauty, like a small corner of Europe. Therefore, this steppe is considered the most beautiful steppe in Ha Giang motorbike tour.

Ban Phung commune, Hoang Su Phi district is the next destination; have dinner and rest here.

3.3. Day 3: Ban Phung – Nang Don – Ban Luoc – Ho Thau.

In the day 3 of Ha Giang motorbike tour, after breakfast, you will have time to watch the sunrise and walk in Ban Phung in the morning.

Ban Phung, Hoang Su Phi, a paradise of terraced fields.

Ban Phung belongs to Hoang Su Phi district, which is the residence of the La Chi ethnic group. To get to this place, you need to follow a nearly 30km-long pass across the mountain to reach the center of the commune. Not only are there large valleys, but there are also many terraced fields in Phung village lying on the steep mountainside.

Like many other ethnic minorities, the La Chi cultivate terraced fields, preserving the fine traditional culture through their daily activities. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, visitors also experience life with the local residents.

Along with Ban Phung, Nang Don and Ban Luoc is also the destination in Ha Giang motorbike tour to see the immense terraced fields of the magnificent Ha Giang mountains. The natural picture here appears charming and fresh, with winding roads taking visitors through immense rice fields, idyllic villages, and wild and poetic places.

Hoang Su Phi fair market

If you are lucky, you will come to Hoang Su Phi at the right time of the fair. This is always one of the multicolored pictures of the culture of the highland people. Located at the foot of the majestic Tay Con Linh peak, Hoang Su Phi market is held every Sunday.

In the afternoon, you continue to move to Ho Thau commune, watching equally beautiful terraced rice fields. After that, you go to Chieu Lau Thi to rest for the night and prepare for the next day’s sunrise on the top of Chieu Lau Thi.

3.4. Day 4: Ho Thau – Nam Hong  – Ha Giang City.

In the day 4 of Ha Giang motorbike tour, wake up early and travel by motorbike for about 1 km to reach the foot of Chieu Lau Thi mountain to climb; the climbing time is about 30 minutes.

Chieu Lau Thi mountain peak

Chieu Lau Thi peak, at 2,402m above sea level, belongs to the Tay Con Linh range located on the Northwest arc and is Ha Giang’s second highest mountain after Tay Con Linh peak. Chieu Lau Thi (also known as Kieu Dou Ti) in the local language means nine floors.

Currently, this area still retains a very diverse ecosystem, typically a carpet of primeval forest with thousands of ancient trees of all kinds in Chien Thang village and extremely rare herbs under the forest canopy. In particular, this place is also the cradle of the famous ancient San Tuyet tea variety of Hoang Su Phi district.

On days when the sky is clear, the clouds clear, the dawn rises, and the sun shines like pouring honey, dyeing each mountain yellow, this “Nine Stairs” mountain has a rare and wonderful beauty with a mountain scenery the same message, the sea of clouds floating.

Each season in Chieu Lau Thi has a different beauty, and the best time to hunt clouds here is from September to February. When you reach the highest peak of Chieu Lau Thi at this time, you can clearly see each cloud floating white.

Then return to Homestay to have breakfast and clean up. Move back to Ho Thau commune, then depart to Thong Nguyen commune, where there are beautiful terraced fields in Nam Hong. Lunch and lunch break at Thong Nguyen.

Nam Hong Village

Nam Hong village Located about 40 km from the center of Hoang Su Phi district, in Thong Nguyen commune, are 37 households of the Red Dao ethnic group. There are terraced fields stretching on the hillsides that have been recognized as a national scenic spot, besides Phin Ho’s ancient Shan Tuyet tea area and the unique cultural features of the Dao people.

Then return to Ha Giang City and end the trip.

4. Food experience Hoang Su Phi when travelling on Ha Giang motorbike tour

4.1. Com lam

Com lam is a local specialty, familiar in the northern mountainous cuisine. This is also a delicious dish, attracting tourists when they come to Hoang Su Phi. Com Lam made from fragrant sticky rice grains harvested from Hoang Su Phi terraced fields.

4.2. Hoang Su Phi sticky rice

Glutinous rice is selected as moderately ripe, picked early in the morning, and made in the autumn when the weather is cold. After pounding, the glutinous rice seeds are sieved and peeled to be eaten, wrapped in banana leaves to keep the taste delicious for longer. La Chi people often use this dish to welcome guests or on special family occasions.

4.3. Terraced carp

In Hoang Su Phi, people often release carp raised in the terraced fields, and the rice season is also the time when people harvest carp. If traveling to Hoang Su Phi and staying in homestays, visitors will experience catching fish by themselves, processing simple dishes, pounding, and enjoying.

4.4. Nang Don rice wine

Rice wine is cooked from rice and yeast leaves, giving it a particularly delicious taste. Rice wine is cooked according to the traditional recipe and process of the people here, and after drinking it, you will not have a headache like the usual wines below.

4.5. Kitchen buffalo

Kitchen buffalo meat is a specialty of most of the northern Highland provinces; from the Northwest to the Northeast, people often process this dish. Buffalo meat is sliced into pieces, marinated with spices, and then smoked with the smoke of charcoal burning from trees growing on rocky mountains.

4.6. Shan Tuyet Phin Ho tea

In Ha Giang motorbike tour, shan Tuyet tea trees in Phin Ho live at an altitude of thousands of meters on the Phin Ho mountain range with a cool year-round climate. This is a very rare type of tea, and the cultivation and processing process do not use chemicals. The taste of tea here is delicious and pure, especially given by nature because of the climate and soil at an altitude of over 1300m.

4.7. Hoang Su Phi red plum

Chien Pho plum (Hoang Su Phi—Ha Giang) has long been famous for its distinctive color and delicious taste. This plum species usually ripens in early June and fully ripens in the middle of June and early July. When ripe, the fruit changes from green to dark red, so it is also called a blood plum.

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5. A few small notes for you when traveling on Ha Giang motorbike tour

  1. Bring identification, cash, and ATM cards.
  2. Toiletries, insect repellents, bandages, sterile medical gauze, medical cotton, pain relievers, smartphones, cameras, power banks, etc.
  3. The weather on Hoang Su Phi is quite cold, especially at night. Therefore, you need to bring enough warm clothes and necessary items.
  4. Bring some snacks and drinks.
  5. Respect local people; ask permission before entering or ask permission if you want to take pictures with them.
  6. Children should not be given money or patted on the head.
  7. Do not make noise, talk, or laugh excessively in public.

6. Conclusion

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