1. Overview

Hoi An, in every tourist’s memory, is associated with ancient houses, faded walls, streets marked by time, quiet, ancient beauty over many years, and space quiet and strangely peaceful. In addition to those highlights, by coming to Hoi An, you can experience the lives of local fishermen during basket boat trips in the attractive and unique coconut forest.

Hoi An basket boat tour is a unique and interesting experience for domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Hoi An ancient town. You will experience the charm of Vietnam travel with a wonderful Hoi An basket boat trip. Nestled in the historic town of Hoi An, this unique adventure will take you on a peaceful journey through picturesque waterways lined with enchanting coconut palms.

2. History of basket boats

A basket boat, or coconut boat, is a special type of boat in Vietnam. It is a small, round bamboo boat, two meters in diameter, used by fishermen in Central and South Vietnam as a means of fishing on the beach. Other names for basket boats are Thuyen Thung and Thung Chai.

Basket boats first appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period to avoid paying high taxes on boat ownership to the French. The French believe that basket boats are not boats but baskets, so basket boat owners do not have to pay taxes. Today, basket boats are still used for fishing, but they are gradually becoming more popular among tourists as a means of exploring Hoi An.

3. Experience going on Hoi An basket boat tour for one day

3.1. What to prepare?

To experience a smooth and memorable Hoi An coconut basket boat tour, before the experience, you should prepare a hat, umbrella, and sunscreen to protect yourself against unfavorable weather conditions. You can bring water, snacks, and motion sickness medicine to enjoy the moments of sitting in a basket and admiring the lush green coconut trees. Wear comfortable, light clothing for ease of movement. Always wear a life jacket to ensure safety when boating.

3.2. The most attractive place for basket boat tours

The best place to experience Hoi An basket boat rides is Bay Mau Coconut Forest, located in Group 2, Can Nhan village, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. Opening hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on days of inclement weather. This location is not too far from the old town; you only need to drive about 3 kilometers to get there. It is called Bay Mau because in the past this coconut forest had only 7 acres (hectares); now the forest area has reached more than 200 hectares, but people here are too familiar with the name Bay Mau.

Bay Mau coconut forest has a history spanning more than 300 years, making it a famous tourist attraction in Hoi An, Vietnam. One of the attractive activities here is taking a traditional basket boat ride in Hoi An, where visitors can peacefully glide along the Thu Bon River, meandering through lush green coconut groves.

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3.3. How to get to Bay Mau coconut forest to experience basket boat ride

The road system is quite developed, and you will easily get to Bay Mau Coconut Forest by boat, car, taxi, motorbike, or bicycle in two ways: 

By River: You will board a boat at Bach Dang wharf (in Hoi An ancient town), and the boat will take you down the Thu Bon river to reach the coconut forest. 

By road: Starting from Hoi An city center, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street, cross Cua Dai bridge, and go another 500m to arrive.

3.4. The ideal time to go on a basket boat trip

You will be able to participate in sightseeing activities and outdoor experiences, choosing a time of year with great weather will help you have a more comfortable and perfect trip. The period from February to September every year is a reasonable time to go to a basket boat because Hoi An has dry, cool weather. Notably, in June and July, the sun is quite hot, but the river water is clear and blue, ideal for sightseeing by basket boat, so the number of tourists coming here is quite large at this time. In addition, you should come here early in the morning or after 3 p.m. to feel the freshest air.

4. What interesting experiences does the Hoi An basket boat tour have?

On the Hoi An basket boat tour, visitors can participate in many activities to immerse themselves in nature and explore the local lifestyle, providing the opportunity to participate in many different experiences and gain a deeper understanding of local life here.

4.1. Enjoy a scenic coconut boat tour of Hoi An

Riding a coconut forest basket boat in Hoi An is a truly romantic and tranquil experience, immersing yourself in the lush green scenery of coconut rows. As you gently float along the small current of the Thu Bon River, surrounded by vast coconut trees, your local guide will share historical stories about the Bay Mau Coconut Forest. This site was once a stronghold of brave soldiers during the resistance war and remains a symbol of patriotism.

4.2. Admire the Hoi An basket boat dance

One of the main attractions in Hoi A coconut village on a coconut boat trip is definitely an exciting experience watching local fishermen perform basket boat dancing. This activity is no different from thrilling games at an amusement park. Skillful boatmen demonstrate their expertise by spinning round basket boats in dizzying circles. Participation requires physical strength and balance and is not recommended for the faint of heart or those prone to motion sickness.

4.3. Watch local people cast fishing nets

Besides admiring the beautiful natural landscape, visitors taking the Hoi An coconut boat can participate in many different interesting activities in the Hoi An coconut forest. One of them is witnessing the impressive net casting of fishermen and even trying your hand at casting nets to catch fish.

You can also enjoy local delicacies prepared from fresh seafood at the villagers’ homes. Locals may even give you the opportunity to pull in specific fishing nets. You can also try your luck catching some crabs and snails along the riverbank.

4.4. Make crafts from coconut leaves

Those who are passionate about handicrafts and wish to explore Vietnamese culture should not miss the opportunity to participate in the art of making crafts from coconut leaves at Hoi An Coconut Village. With the help of a local guide, you can create beautiful origami shapes such as crickets, bows, and cars from coconut leaves. These creative works will be valuable souvenirs during this unique Hoi An basket boat tour.

4.5. Enjoy cuisine on Hoi An basket boat tour

During the basket boat tour of Hoi An, in addition to the above experiences, you cannot miss the dishes with rich flavors of Hoi An ancient town such as Cao Lau, banana flower salad, Hoi An pancakes, etc. In addition, if you want to bring gifts to your loved ones, toasted coconut cake is a great choice. If you want cheap and diverse food, go to the old town, and you want to enjoy delicious food with full amenities, riverside restaurants will be the right choice.

5. What will the Hoi An basket boat tour include?

Hoi An coconut boat ride is a remarkable experience that helps visitors discover the enchanting beauty of Hoi An Coconut Forest. From witnessing masterful boat dancing performances to participating in craft making and exploring the local lifestyle, this unique adventure offers an unforgettable glimpse into Hoi An’s rich cultural heritage. The Hoi An coconut boat tour is a must-try activity that will leave you with memorable memories and a deeper appreciation of the beauty and charm of this remarkable destination.

Usually, travel companies will assure customers that the Hoi An basket boat tour ticket price is all-inclusive, and guests will have to pay for any additional costs incurred. Services on the tour will include:

Shuttle bus: the car will pick you up and take you to your hotel or any location you request. 

Sightseeing ticket price: this will include entrance tickets and basket tickets to visit the coconut forest, and you will also be included in one lunch. The entrance ticket is 1.23 USD per person. The price for a Hoi An basket boat ride is around 6.15 USD to 8.20 USD per person.

Tour guide: each group will have a personal tour guide throughout the journey. They are always happy and enthusiastic, ready to introduce and answer interesting things to help you understand the place to visit. 

Insurance: when booking a tour, you will be provided with insurance services to ensure the rights of all tourists.

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6. Conclusion

You will truly have a wonderful experience when going on a 1-day Hoi An basket boat tour. Don’t hesitate any longer; contact Metta Voyage to schedule a great trip and immediately pocket the experiences in the article above!

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