1. Overview

Hoi An Countryside Tour is a wonderful full-day tour to explore the real countryside of Hoi An and experience local daily activities as well as the hidden charms of this city. During this journey, you will temporarily forget Hoi An Ancient Town with its rows of houses built close together on both sides of the gentle Thu Bon River. Instead, a day exploring Hoi An’s countryside and deeply contemplating the daily lives of local people will help you have the most authentic and intimate experiences, and you will get to taste local dishes unique.

The interesting point of a one-day journey to explore Hoi An’s countryside is that, instead of traveling by motorbike or shuttle bus, you will be able to cycle by yourself along small roads surrounded by fields green interior will definitely make you feel more relaxed than ever. Book a 1-day Hoi An Countryside Tour with us, and it will give you a memorable memory when you come here.

2. Itinerary Explore a peaceful and memorable Hoi An countryside tour in 1 day

2.1 Morning on Hoi An countryside tour in 1 day: explore Hoi An’s Triem Tay Village

In the morning of your one-day itinerary to explore Hoi An’s countryside, you can wake up early and recharge with countless attractive local specialties such as banh mi Hoi An, Cao lau, Mi Quang, and Hoi An chicken rice, and enjoy a fragrant coffee before embarking on the journey.

Departing around 8 a.m., the climate in Hoi An is still quite cool and fresh, and the bike will definitely be very comfortable. During the cycling journey, you will walk around small roads, enjoying the peaceful scenery with green fields stretching on both sides and scattered houses of local people in the distance.

The first stop on a one-day journey to explore Hoi An’s countryside must be Hoi An’s Triem Tay Village. Triem Tay village is located in Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam, about 2 km from Hoi An Ancient Town. Triem Tay village has an area of about 45 hectares, with about 150 households. Triem Tay Village located along the Thu Bon River, this place is like a small, peaceful oasis with shady rows of green bamboo.

This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countrysides in Quang. The people of Triem Tay village mainly work in mat weaving and farming. Coming here, visitors can walk on winding village roads, surrounded by immense green bamboo villages. Coming to Triem Tay Hoi An, in addition to learning about the traditional craft of weaving mats, visitors can explore Pho Ba ancient house, Ngu Hanh Tien Nuong mausoleum, Than Hoang temple, cay thi more than 100 years old, the profession of making statues with cement, a community garden, etc.

Coming to Triem Tay village, you will learn the process of making a complete mat. Surely the image of the hands of skilled workers quickly weaving mats will leave you forever impressed. In addition, you can try the mat weaving experience with local people in the village. You can experience being a real farmer at the village community garden, such as cutting vegetables and picking fruits, and you will be instructed to cook dishes such as a lunch tray of vegetables and fruits picked from the garden, pancakes, banh beo, Quang noodles, pumpkin cake, etc. Or you can have lunch at restaurants in Triem Tay village such as Thuy Ta Song Que, Ben Xua, Me Xanh, etc.

Triem Tay village in Hoi An also attracts tourists because of its rustic nature and simple bamboo houses located on the banks of the river. In particular, in Triem Tay Hoi An, there is a system of tourist resorts and homestays nestled under green bamboo trees. Visitors can play, and relax in a peaceful space.

After visiting Triem Tay mat weaving village, you continue to walk a short distance, and you will reach the houses still red with the craft of making banh dap. It is a famous local specialty with a rustic and simple flavor. Here, you will learn how to make banh dap with instructions from skilled craftsmen.

2.2 In the afternoon of the Hoi An countryside tour one day, you will explore the Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Saying goodbye to the houses of skilled workers, you will continue along the country roads to Cam Thanh Village. Also known as Bay Mau Coconut Forest, the village is currently one of the few places in the heart of Hoi An that still has green fields with images of people working diligently.

Coming to Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Hoi An, you will enjoy the peaceful scenery of fields and houses with piles of straw that are very familiar. Coming to this idyllic village, you will have the opportunity to learn about the traditional rice production method that has existed for many generations. In addition, currently, this place is also the residence of the family with the oldest fish sauce-making tradition in the locality. You can visit and chat to learn about their family’s fish sauce-making tradition.

In addition, when you come here, you will definitely be impressed by the image of houses built close together, made entirely from nipa palm leaves. Inside the coconut forest campus, there are also artisans with skillful hands who complete exquisite items from nipa palm leaves and very special bamboo.

And of course, a one-day journey to explore Hoi An’s countryside cannot miss the unique basket boat rowing activity, or you can walk around the coconut forest on a simple wooden boat. If you go at the right time when people cast their nets, you will see firsthand the beauty of simple labor and join in fishing with the locals here.

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Besides the above attractive experiences, you will have unique culinary experiences here, such as grilled bottle fish, banana flower salad, grilled scallops with onion fat, grilled meat rolled with okra, and wet cake rolled with grilled meat Hoi An, grilled chicken, dishes made from water coconut, etc. And not only stopping with local dishes, the Cam Thanh coconut forest tourist area also serves traditional dishes with typical colors of Hoi An ancient town that tourists can try, such as Cao Lau, noodles Quang, Ba Bui Chicken Rice, White Rose Wontons, Quang Nam Banh Beo, Mixed Mussels, Cam Nam Banh Dap, Pho Hoi An, tau pho, che xi ma, etc.

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3. Conclusion

Above is the information about exploring Hoi An village in one day that Metta Voyage shares with you. If you want to have an interesting and memorable experience, don’t forget to save this article in your travel guide book as luggage for your upcoming trip.

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