1. Overview of Da Nang Golden Bridge Tour

Da Nang is not only known as the most livable city in Vietnam but also as the city of bridges. Previously, we often knew Da Nang tourism with the symbol of the Dragon Bridge spanning the Han River with a fire sprinkler and a water sprinkler, or the only swing bridge in Vietnam. But now, every time tourists remember the land of Da Thanh, they also remember a new bridge, the Golden Bridge, a new symbol of Da Nang tourism..

Golden Bridge Da Nang is a project located in the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist complex in Da Nang. This bridge is located halfway up the mountain and at an altitude of more than 1400m above sea level. The Golden Bridge causes a “shock” not only because of its unique location but also because of its extremely impressive design. An even more wonderful experience is when you can immerse yourself in the enchanting sunset moments of the Da Nang Golden Bridge Tour.

2. Information about Golden Bridge Da Nang

The Golden Bridge was officially put into operation in mid-2018, located at an altitude of more than 1,400m above sea level. This is considered a project of the largest scale in the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area. Initially, the design of the bridge was to connect Thien Thai Garden with the cable car station. This is also considered one of the most modern, creative, and unique designs. Amidst the vast mountains and forests, a pair of giant stone hands are cradling a long, shiny silk strip. Standing here, you can freely look at the mountains and enjoy the fresh air. Ba Na Hills has always been considered a fairyland; the golden bridge is a highlight that makes the scenery here more spectacular.

    • Address: Located on the top of Ba Na mountain, in the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist area, Da Nang city.
    • Open:  8:00 a.m – 18:30 p.m (Cable car operating hours: 8:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m)
  • Reference ticket price:
Ticket typeAdultChildren
(1 meter -1.4 meters )
(Under 1 meter)
Out-of-Province Tourists37.03 USD30.86 USDFree
Danang Tourists24.58 USD20.65 USDFree
Combo tickets51.43 USD39.09 USD
  • Note: This is the price of the GATE TICKET to Sun World Ba Na Hills (including: round-trip cable car, visiting and experiencing architectural works such as Golden Bridge,, Moon Castle, etc.). Note: No, includes tickets to Wax Museum, Debay Wine Cellar and prize games (carnival, stuffed animal picking, etc), 10D movies and other services.

3. How to get to Golden Bridge, Danang

To get to Da Nang Golden Bridge, it can take about 1 hour to travel from Da Nang city center to the Ba Na Hills tourist area by motorbike, taxi, private car, or bus. Danang Golden Bridge is located in a prime location inside Ba Na Hills and can only be reached by cable car. Ba Na Hills Cable Car holds the Guinness World Record for the longest cable car system in the world, taking you straight to the Golden Bridge.

However, if you want a planned itinerary, a guided tour may be the best option for you. There are many travel companies offering tours, so you have many options. Most tours will offer similar itineraries with stops at popular areas, entrance tickets, pick-up, drop-off, etc. at a reasonable price with no extras, ensuring you have a most enjoyable trip.

4. Reference schedule: Explore the Danang Golden Bridge tour to watch the beautiful sunset.

The Golden Bridge Sunset Tour will take you on an unforgettable journey where you will admire the breathtaking sunset at the iconic Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang. In addition, you can also explore other attractions around the Golden Bridge and create memorable memories for the trip.

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4.1. Watching the Sunset on the Golden Bridge, Da Nang

Around 3:00 pm, the tour guide and car will pick you up at your hotel or homestay in Da Nang. After that, you will start the Da Nang Golden Bridge Tour to watch the beautiful sunset. 

After more than an hour of travel, we will arrive at the Ba Na Hills gate. The tour guide will take the ticket, and you will take the cable car straight to the Golden Bridge. Ba Na Cable Car is the only cable car line to date that owns four Guinness World Records. You will have 30 minutes inside the Bana Hills cable car to see the beautiful jungle and waterfall views below the cable car cabin, and you will enjoy the amazing sunset on the horizon.

Then you will reach the golden bridge. This amazing bridge has a length of 150 meters, a width of 5 meters, and a height of 1441 meters above sea level. Looking at the panoramic view, the bridge curves softly like a golden silk strip across the mountain. It has impressed tourists worldwide with its special design and unique shape. Standing on the only bridge that does not cross a river in this city, visitors can take in the majestic mountain scenery and primeval forests. There are also panoramic views of the beautiful Da Nang city, along with mesmerizing sunset moments.

4.2. Explore other attractions around the Golden Bridge

After admiring the enchanting sunset on the Golden Bridge, continuing on the tour, you will discover other famous attractions around the Golden Bridge, such as the French Village, Sun God Waterfall, Moon Castle, etc.

Stroll around the French Village, a charming replica of an old French town. Coming here, you can take beautiful photos and admire European architecture with famous landmarks such as Chateau de Chenonceau castle, Saint Dennis Street, etc faithfully recreated.

Sun God Waterfall is one of the new and most attractive coordinates in Ba Na Hills. This is considered the new symbol of the tourist area. Make a strong impression with the splendor, majesty, and sophistication of the 43 statues of Greek mythology. The project is considered a convergence of historical, cultural, architectural, and artistic quintessences.

Moon Castle is considered a unique artistic masterpiece on Chua Mountain. The splendid and mysterious beauty will certainly be the first impression when visitors arrive here. Besides, this place also has the function of a unique indoor entertainment area such as Dragon Cave, Powerful Wolf, Elite Owl, and Moonlight Square. In addition, there is also a 4D cinema with the world’s leading advanced technology.

At around 7:30 pm, you will take the cable car to return to the car and take you to the original pick-up point, and at around 9:30 pm, you will arrive at your accommodation. The Da Nang Golden Bridge sunset tour ends!

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5. Conclusion

Above is information about exploring the golden bridge tour in Danang to watch the beautiful sunset that Metta Voyage suggests for you. What are you waiting for? Contact us and register now to experience many of our exciting tours!

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