1. Overview

When traveling to Hoi An, in addition to the ancient old town and hundreds of years-old houses, Hoi An handicraft workshops are also a famous destination that you cannot miss when coming here. This place converges traditional craft villages with many products imbued with port city culture and brings you countless interesting experiences in Hoi An handicraft tours. This Hoi An handicraft workshop attracts many tourists. Because the products in this traditional craft village in Hoi An are extremely sophisticated, it carries many unique cultural values and has a nostalgic spatial beauty.

2. Where is Hoi An handicraft workshop?

  • Address: 9 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.
  • Open: 7:00 a.m – 18:00 p.m
  • Ticket price: 3.3 USD/person for Vietnamese tourists and 6.18 USD/person for international tourists.

Hoi An handicraft workshop is also known as Hoi An craft village. Hoi An handicraft workshop is located under Phi Yen ancient house, so visitors can visit Phi Yen ancient house on this handicraft tour. Thanks to its convenient location right in the center of the old town, moving to this Hoi An craft village is very convenient and easy.

3. Handicraft workshop in Hoi An – A place that preserves a long-standing traditional culture

Around the 15th and 16th centuries, Hoi An handicraft workshop began to appear and develop strongly, like a big wave in the world of handicraft production. At this time, Hoi An is a busy commercial port, so the trade of handicraft products is extremely vibrant. Over 500 to 600 years of history, Hoi An craft village has been preserved and passed down through many generations. Handicraft products have reached a level of skill, attracting many traders to buy and sell. Craft villages have contributed significantly to the prosperous development of Hoi An trading port centuries ago.

Currently, the handicraft workshop is the gathering place of 12 traditional craft villages in our country. Therefore, when visiting Hoi An, tourists definitely cannot miss this craft village. The main handicrafts in the workshop are currently continuing to develop: carpentry, pottery, lanterns, rattan bamboo weaving, mat weaving, cham non, embroidery, fabric weaving, lacquer, garments, Oil painting and wood carving. After several centuries of existence, these craft villages are continued to be inherited by future generations, passed down from generation to generation. Each product here is a perfect work of art made by the hands of skilled, careful, and meticulous artisans.

In addition to being displayed for sightseeing, products in Hoi An handicraft village are also exported abroad. Hoi An handicraft workshop is a stopover, attracting many tourists to visit. In addition to production, the Hoi An handicraft workshop also makes a great contribution to promoting the beautiful culture here.

4. Unique experiences at the Most Famous Handicraft Workshop In Hoi An

4.1. Witness firsthand the process of making handmade products

Besides enjoying the artistic space of the Hoi An handicraft workshop, visitors also have the opportunity to witness firsthand the process of making handmade products. When you come to observe the product-making process in person, you will feel more clearly the thoughtfulness, care, and meticulousness of Hoi An artisans. Each handmade product contains a lot of enthusiasm and sweat from the craftsman to create products of stunning beauty, delicately expressing cultural beauty.

4.2. Participate in some simple steps at a handicraft workshop

The experience that attracts the participation of many visitors is participating in some simple step at a handicraft workshop. Visitors will be guided by artisans in detail about the product creation process. Furthermore, during the introduction process, the artisans will also give you information about the origin and meaning of each product. Through this activity, you will understand more about the workers here. They had to go through a long process of hard training to reach such a level of fluency and sophistication.

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4.3. Visit Phi Yen ancient house in Hoi An

Hoi An handicraft workshop is located under the Phi Yen ancient house, so you will be able to combine a visit to the Phi Yen ancient house with this tour. Phi Yen’s ancient house has gone through more than 200 years of existence, full of storms and storms, along with the country’s history. This place used to be the largest shop in Hoi An. At the same time, it is a place to showcase 12 traditional handicrafts from ancient times. The ancient house is also known as the Art Center of Dang Trong. When you come to this ancient house in Hoi An, you will clearly feel the artistic space through sophisticated handicrafts that recreate the landscape and folk culture.

4.4. Admire and shop for exquisite handicrafts

Hoi An handicraft workshop sells a variety of unique items, such as oil paintings, wood carvings, and artistic lanterns. All exquisitely beautiful products are made by meticulous and skilled craftsmen. Visitors will enjoy admiring these works of art and can buy them as gifts. Because it is home to 12 traditional craft villages, there will certainly be countless choices for you, and the souvenirs here possess the very unique characteristics of the people of Hoi An.

4.5. Enjoy the cuisine in Hoi An handicraft tours

After visiting the handicraft workshop, don’t forget to visit Hoi An Market to enjoy local specialties. Hoi An ancient town is known as the culinary paradise of Hoi An-Quang Nam. This place has delicious dishes that visitors should definitely try, such as banh mi, Quang noodles, Hoi An chicken rice, cao Lau, Hoi An sweet soup, banh xeo, banh dap, banh beo, wet cake rolled with grilled meat, etc.

5. Explore handicraft workshops on tour

If you don’t have too much information about Hoi An handicraft workshops and want a complete tour, the best choice is to book a tour! During this tour, visitors will be introduced to the workshop in detail by the tour guide. Furthermore, you will also visit traditional craft villages in Hoi An and listen to explanations about the history of this place.

On Hoi An handicraft tours, you can explore other attractive places such as Hoi An ancient town, Hoi An Bridge Pagoda, Hoi An lantern street, Phung Hung Assembly Hall, Tan Ky ancient house, etc.These are all famous stopovers in Hoi An, attracting thousands of tourists every year. You can book a tour with Metta Voyage.

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6. Conclusion

Above is the information that Metta Voyage shares with you about the Hoi An handicraft tour: explore the most famous handicraft workshop in Hoi An and hope you will have a wonderful trip. If you are planning your upcoming trip, please contact us immediately.

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