1. Overview

Coming to Hoi An, Quang Nam, visitors will not only discover a World Cultural Heritage with peaceful and quiet old quarters but also have the opportunity to experience many unique and attractive tourist services in this place. You can enjoy the small town in a different way and from a different perspective, observing the rhythmic lives of local fishermen, or discover the beauty of simple traditional craft villages in Hoi An by experiencing the Hoi An Kayak Tour.

Just sit on a small boat and enjoy the city at sunset or sunrise. The river is like a large mirror reflecting the golden sky, carving the entire architecture of Hoi An into the water. That moment will make you never forget. Hoi An Kayaking Tour is a new and interesting activity worth experiencing when coming here.

2. When is the best time to experience Hoi An Kayak tour?

Hoi An is a city with two seasons: rainy and dry, with average warm weather of 29°C. According to experienced travelers, from February to July is the most suitable time to come and experience wonderful kayaking activities in Hoi An. At this time, Hoi An has the most brilliant and enchanting beauty because of the pleasant weather and almost no rain. You can see more of our Best Time to Visit Hoi An guide here.

3. What is Kayak? What is a kayak tour?

Kayak is the name of a small, thin boat that is usually shaped like a shuttlecock with a pointed nose and can only seat 1-2 people. Kayaks have many different uses, such as fishing, surfing, participating in competitions, entertainment, traveling, etc. Unlike competition kayaks, tourist kayaks are designed to suit the needs of fun, relaxation, sightseeing, etc.

Kayak tour is a type of sightseeing and exploring tour by kayak. This is an interesting and exciting activity, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the feeling of freedom and relaxation when rowing on the water. Kayak tours are suitable for all audiences, from adults to children. This is an activity that is both entertaining and educational, helping visitors understand more about nature and local culture.

4. Explore the top 5 most wonderful Hoi An kayak tours

4.1. Sunrise kayaking tour at Cua Dai beach

During the Sunrise kayaking tour at Cua Dai Beach, you will kayak straight towards the Cua Dai Bridge area to catch the first sunrise of the day, catching the first rays of sunlight just rising on the river. You will admire the peaceful natural scenery of Hoi An, which will make your soul feel calmer. You will then visit the fish market, where you can better understand the lives of local people and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Finally, you will paddle through a nipa palm forest to get a look at the unique ecosystem in Hoi An.

4.2. Kayaking at Hon Thien Mural Village, Hoi An

Hon Thien mural village is a favorite destination of many tourists with its vivid, vibrant 3D paintings, which carry many meaningful messages. Coming to the Kayaking Tour at Hon Thien Mural Village, in addition to kayaking here, visitors will have interesting experiences at the mural village, such as sightseeing, taking photos, climbing mountains to watch the sunset, etc. Visitors will be able to enjoy the scenery of Nai Lagoon by kayak, watch white storks and wide wind power fields, and discover the culture of coastal fishermen, which will make visitors feel Immerse yourself in the natural space and enjoy extremely attractive fresh seafood dishes here.

4.3. Kayaking tour in Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An

Cu Lao Cham Island has many tourist beaches, but Bai Huong tourist area is one of the great spots to kayak, welcome the sunrise, watch the sunset at sea, and experience river culture with fishermen local.

On the Cu Lao Cham kayaking tour at Bai Huong, you will explore the tour in the early morning or watch the sunset in the afternoon. As the sun gradually sets, you will experience different colors and shades, enjoy the beauty of the sea and islands, and experience the simple life of fishermen in the sea.

At the end of the kayaking journey, you will have lunch or dinner at local restaurants. The people here are very friendly, assisting you with shopping, cooking, and guiding you to the most beautiful spots on the island.

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4.4. Kayaking tour from Coco Palm mangrove forest to Duy Vinh craft village

Kayaking tour from Coco Palm Mangrove Forest to Duy Vinh Craft Village: You will Kayak through Cam Thanh Mangrove Forest on a half-day tour from Hoi An, exploring the countryside of Vietnam. Paddle at a leisurely pace on the calm waters of the Thu Bon River, stopping at Duy Vinh village to visit local artisans, learn about the traditional craft of mat weaving, and see the interesting pagoda of local fishermen. 

Your guide shares information about the area’s ecology and cultural heritage, helping visitors better understand daily life in the countryside. The kayaking tour from Coco Palm Mangrove Forest to Duy Vinh Craft Village is suitable for people with moderate health, no experience needed, etc.

4.5. Hoi An Cycling and Kayak Tour

Combining a bicycle and kayak tour allows visitors to not only explore Hoi An’s countryside but also meet the extremely hospitable local people. After cycling through Hoi An ancient town, you will reach the countryside. Here, you’ll meet the residents of this historic countryside, sample local delicacies, participate in craft workshops, and explore rice fields. When kayaking along the Thu Bon River Delta, you will see riverside communities and fishing villages that are inaccessible by other means

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5. Tips for the best kayaking experience in Hoi An

Before tourists get on the boat, the tour guide will briefly introduce some basic kayaking techniques, so you should follow the tour guide’s instructions. In addition, lifeguards and standard life jackets are available to ensure tourists’ safety. 

Choose comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for warm weather conditions. 

Protect yourself from the sun’s rays with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Stay hydrated by bringing enough water for your tour. 

If you are not a confident swimmer, consider bringing a life jacket for added peace of mind. 

Use caution when navigating the canals, maintaining a safe distance from other boats.

6. Conclusion

Above are the top 5 most wonderful Hoi An kayaking tours that Metta Voyage shares. We hope you will have a complete and enjoyable trip. Don’t forget to visit our blog to see more interesting articles about travel experiences.

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