‘Detox’ has continued to grow and grow remarkably within these recent years. People come to detox for various reasons, as well as practicing detox in numerous ways. Some follow this health trend by fasting, some drink detox juice and water, some even take up yoga and meditation. While it is perfectly fine to detox by yourself at home, a complete detox retreat to a new and exotic place can be of great help. Luckily, Vietnam is the perfect destination for a detox vacation. Let’s explore why you should choose Vietnam detox retreats.

1. Scenery

There are reasons why Vietnam made it to Top 10 Asia-Pacific tourist destinations and is ranked fourth in Southeast Asia, just behind Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in 2019; among which is a diverse range of beautiful sceneries. Vietnam’s geological riches very impressively as you travel down the North to the South, from mountain tops to magnificent beaches and islands. Anywhere can be the haven to your detox retreat.

A detox vacation in Vietnam is the ideal opportunity for you to experiment with different styles of retreat, as each offers a distinctive experience of healing and relaxation. Visit Sapa if you would like to try out a mountain retreat house with a view over Hoang Lien Son mountain range and rice paddle field-stretching up the hillside, to dive in an outdoor hot tub in the chilly weather at the height of over 2000 meter. Or if you’re interested in a beachside wellness resort, come to Da Nang and Hoian, where you can immerse yourself in the peaceful sound of the early wave as you stretch out for a yoga session on the beach at dawn.

Thanks to its diverse geological nature, Vietnam is confident to cater to any needs and preferences for a complete detox experience of yours.

2. Wellness accommodation

With the growing trend of detox retreat and vacation comes the increasing number of wellness retreat centers and resorts. These accommodations vary differently not only on location but also on price and quality. No matter if you’re on a budget vacation or are willing to spend a large amount of money in exchange for a five-star experience, Vietnam got you covered.

For a luxurious detox experience in Vietnam, visit Amanoi Vinh Hy Bay, located just between Phan Rang and Nha Trang, where you can let yourself immerse in an exquisite 5-star quality restorative process for mind, body and spirit. Feel free to get on with your journey to explore the three pillars of health: Detox and Rejuvenation, Health and Weight Management, and Mindfulness and Stress Relief, as well as healing Spa treatments for full-body detoxification. Located by a lotus blossom lake and stretching along the shoreline of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi is just one among numerous wellness locations for those seeking tranquility and a healthier lifestyle through a detox retreat in Vietnam.

If your budget is limited, no need to worry because Vietnam offers a wide range of affordable options for a detox retreat. Have you ever tried a meditation retreat in a Buddhist temple? This is one of the more economical for travelers on a budget but hope to find peace in a detox retreat in Vietnam. You will be provided with accommodation at the Buddhist temple, among other travelers and monks, participating in meditation sessions during the day as well as taking on some daily tasks such as cleaning or cooking. Buddhist temples in Vietnam are usually located quite distant from the noisy and crowded main road, so be sure that you will have the utmost relaxing and healing detox retreat there.

3. Cuisine

What’s better than good food to cheer yourself up after a stressful and hard time? Vietnam is among the top 10 best cuisines in the world, according to a UK website that focuses on travel. Our beautiful country is most popular for its trademark street foods, but Vietnam does offer a wide selection of healthy and detoxifying traditional dishes. From Hanoi Pho to Bun Bo Nam Bo in Saigon, spring rolls to banh mi, Vietnam is a heaven on Earth for food lovers and health-enthusiasts.

As a Buddhist culture, Vietnam also has a long-standing development of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Today, travelers on a detox vacation in Vietnam can easily search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants, also known in Vietnamese as ‘nha hang chay’, in almost every city throughout the country. Many Vietnamese restaurants also cater to this detox request of diners by offering vegan and vegetarian options on their menu.

4. History and culture

There are many activities that you can do on a detox retreat in Vietnam, one of which is exploring one of the oldest and richest cultures in Southeast Asia. Our nation is home to diverse traditions and cultures that have been lasting for thousands of years. Passing centuries have had their imprint on different aspects of Vietnam, from ancient architecture to brilliant works of fine art and performance.

As mentioned, Vietnam is also under the long-standing influence of Buddhism, the underlying practices of which is to release the body and mind from the stress and sorrow. Take some time from your detox trip to learn a bit more about Buddhist healing practices and meditation, it will surely benefit your health and lifestyle.

5. Friendly locals

Last but not least, how can we not mention Vietnam’s most precious treasure: our people. The hospitality and friendliness of Vietnamese locals is one of the best impressions and memories of foreign travelers when visiting this beautiful country. No matter where you’re going on your detox journey in Vietnam, rest assured that you will be warmly welcomed and taken care of by our lovely Vietnamese. They will happily guide you through unfamiliar routes, recommending their best local dishes and restaurants, and are even willing to invite you to their house to stay the night.

It is no doubt that they will help make your detox experience in Vietnam the best you could ever imagine.

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