Detox diet in Vietnam 101: A guidance to the healthiest Vietnamese dishes

Detox diet in Vietnam

Today, you are coming across the phrase ‘detox’ more and more frequently in Vietnam, especially when combined with ‘diet’. A detoxification diet, a short-term dietary intervention to eliminate toxins from the body, is getting very popular and trendy lately. This is due to the fact that in Vietnam, we are increasingly exposed to toxic and harmful substances and chemicals in our surrounding environment, including the food we take in.

Even though the potential health benefits of a detox diet have not been proven by scientists, simply eliminating processed food and substances and replacing them with healthy organic alternatives can already be beneficial for your body. However, this doesn’t mean a detox diet has to be boring; in fact, detox dishes in Vietnam are just as vibrant and tasty as any other dishes. Let’s look into what detox dishes in Vietnam that are both delicious and good for your health!

1. Best & Worst food for a detox diet


The best foods and ingredients for a detox diet in Vietnam are vegetables, fresh fruits, beans and nuts. They are very high in fiber and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help induce the detoxification process of the body and push out toxins through the bowels. Some of the go-to foods for a detox diet include lemon and green tea for boosting the performance of the liver, and ginger and garlic for their support of the immunity system against diseases. 


When doing a detox diet in Vietnam, It is best if you could avoid dairy, meat, alcohol and caffeine. While the bad influence of regular take-in of alcohol and caffeine is prominent,  many are not aware that meat also slows down digestion, as well as milk cheese and other dairy products. Processed and packaged foods are also on top of the ‘worst food for a detox diet list’ as they are very high in salt, sugar and fats, not to mention artificial And preservative ingredients.

Vietnam is among the top 10 healthiest cuisines in the world, according to a UK website – The Culture Trip. Our beautiful country is also well-known for its distinctive and tasty traditional dishes. Then what Vietnamese dishes can make it to your detox diet?

2. Pho

Can there be another dish that screams Vietnam more than pho? Four Generations full has been a representative of Vietnam fresh, vibrant and diverse cuisine. Not only is it tasty but it is also full of nutritions, a dish that will provide you with enough energy to last for a day. Pho Is a noodle-based soup, with bone broth infused with a diverse use of different herbs and spices. The meat in pho is usually lean beef or chicken breast, but you can choose to add in tofu as a vegan alternative.

As pho is high on protein and low on fat, it’s the most common breakfast dish as a source of energy to start off the day. Pho recipe also varies depending on what city you’re in, so remember to try out different bowls of pho in your detox diet as you travel through the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Pho in Vietnam

3. Bun bo Nam Bo

Bun bo Nam Bo, also known as dry vermicelli with stir-fried beef, is another common detox dish in Vietnam, especially during the hot summer months. When the weather outside is up to 38, 39 degrees Celcius, instead of sweating to a bowl of steamingly hot pho, Vietnamese would rather choose bun bo Nam Bo for its refreshing and flavourful taste.

A standard bowl of bun bo Nam Bo would usually consist of dry vermicelli, marinated stirred beef, pickles, lettuce, bean sprouts and fried onions, all mixed together with sweet and sour fish sauce. In just one dish, you can taste many different textures, soft, crunchy, fresh and hearty.

Bun bo Nam Bo makes a wonderful option for a detox diet for its high value in nutrients, fiber, and low in fat and carbs. It’s also a great escape from the burning heat of the summer days in Vietnam.

Bun Bo Nam Bo

4. Vietnamese Salad

Salad should be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a detox diet. But with a rich and diverse cuisine, Vietnamese would always add a twist to any dish, to make it more special and suitable for Vietnamese taste. A salad is no exception.

Some common ingredients for Vietnamese salad include bok choy, cabbages, watercress, carrots, cucumber, as well as various spice herbs including basil, mints, cilantro and chili. It’s similar to having a whole spring garden in your mouth. And then you can add in either some fresh shrimp, chicken breast or fried tofu, drizzling some Vietnamese signature sweet and sour dressing and sprinkling some chopped salted peanuts on top. You have the healthiest and most delicious salad for your detox diet in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Salad

5. Banh cuon 

Banh cuon in English is known as steamed rice rolls, which is a signature dish that is very popular in Northern Vietnam. Coming straight from the steamer, this is a light yet flavourful dish that is perfect for a detox diet in Vietnam.

The thin layer of crepe is made of the rice flour mix, a scoop of which is poured on the steamer and then carefully transferred to a tray with a fat bamboo chopstick. The process of making a dish of banh cuon requires the highest level of delicacy and expertise, so that when the thin rice layer of crepe wouldn’t break off when rolled in with ground pork and minced mushroom.

The dish is then garnished with grilled onions and fresh herbs and served with fish sauce and ham.

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