1. Overview

Trang An scenic complex covers an area of more than 6172 hectares, including 3 adjacent areas: Hoa Lu ancient historical and cultural relics, Trang An – Tam Coc – Bich Dong scenic area and special primeval forest in Hoa Lu. Trang An, Ninh Binh is located in the North of Vietnam and is blessed with 4 distinct seasons. Each season of the year this land possesses its own unique beauty, providing an exciting discovery experience.

In 2014, Trang An was honored by UNESCO as a World Heritage Complex with colorful and majestic natural beauty. Every year Trang An scenic complex attracts millions of visitors, including domestic and international tourists. According to statistics, international visitors come here in a very large number.

Trang An tour from Hanoi is an exciting journey, exploring the culture and nature here. This place not only has charming scenery, but also many unique historical and cultural relics and fascinating experiences in the tour.

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2. How far is it from Hanoi to Trang An?

Trang An belongs to Ninh Binh province, the address of Trang An tourist area in Ninh Binh, Gia Vien, Nho Quan districts and Ninh Binh and Hoa Lu cities. The distance from Trang An to Hanoi is not too far, only about 93 km and it takes about 2 hours to move by car. Trang An tour from Hanoi is very suitable for day trips or sightseeing 2 days and 1 night. 

Trang An tourist area, Ninh Binh is likened to “Ha Long on land” with a complex of limestone mountains, stalactite caves and beautiful natural lagoons. It was honored to receive UNESCO recognition as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Trang An became the first and only outstanding mixed heritage of the whole Southeast Asian region.

Ticket price to visit Trang An tourist area

  • Kayak fares currently range from:

Single boat: USD 10.22 – USD 12.26.

Double Kayak: USD 14.31 – USD 16.35.

  • Traditional boat fares: 

Adult ticket: USD 10.22 per person.

Child ticket: USD 4.91 per person.

3. Trang An Tour reference itinerary from Hanoi 1 day

7:00 a.m – 7:30 a.m: Private car and guide will pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter to depart for Ninh Binh.

9:30 a.m – 10:00 a.m: The delegation is in Ninh Binh, visiting Bai Dinh Pagoda

11:30 p.m: Have a buffet lunch with Vietnamese dishes or Set Menu on request, enjoy famous Ninh Binh specialties such as mountain goat, scorched rice,…


12:30 p.m.: Get in a private car to continue to Trang An pier, take a Trang An boat to visit Trang An cave complex.

15:30 p.m: Back to Trang An pier, cycling to visit traditional craft villages around Trang An area.

16:30 p.m.: Continue to visit the Mua Cave. This place attracts visitors with many interesting stories. Climb 500 stone steps, here you can enjoy panoramic views of Tam Coc, panoramic views of the countryside and the beautiful Ngo Dong River.

17:30 p.m.: Get in a private car to return to Hanoi.

20:00 p.m: Arrive in Hanoi, drop off at a hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter. End of tour!

4. Discover The Top 6 Best Experiences On The Trang An Tour From Hanoi

4.1. Explore Bai Dinh Pagoda

First, on the Trang An tour journey from Hanoi, you will explore Bai Dinh Pagoda. You will be transported by tram into the inner area of the temple to visit and celebrate Buddha here. This is also a pagoda that has set many Guinness records of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. This is the largest pagoda in Vietnam with 500 La Han statues, the largest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam is 10m high, weighs 100 tons. 

Besides, Bai Dinh Pagoda also has a record for the most Bodhi trees in Vietnam with 100 trees extracted from Bodhi in India. Indeed, this is the first spiritual landmark in Ninh Binh.

4.2. Take a boat trip to explore Trang An

The bus takes you to Trang An pier, board the boat to visit Trang An eco-tourism area. The boat will take you to explore all the magnificent landscapes, the mystery of the deep caves, and see the charming scenery of the entire Trang An eco-tourism area.

With an almost one-way closed route, visitors do not get bored in about three hours by boat to explore Trang An. The wonderful blend of flowers, limestone mountains and gentle, gentle waters has turned the familiar scenery into a colorful masterpiece for you to experience

4.3. Enjoy the cultural space

Coming to Trang An, visitors definitely cannot ignore the spiritual sites containing great cultural values. These are temples located right in the center of the eco-tourism area such as Trinh temple, Tran Ninh Binh temple, Tu Tru temple, Cao Son temple, Suoi Tien temple, Vu Lam Palace, Phu Khong … Each temple is associated with its own story of great gods who have contributed to the nation. Therefore, when visiting these temples, you will admire the beauty of typical architecture through each period as well as enrich your knowledge of national history.

4.4. Cycling to visit traditional craft villages around Trang An area

Cycling is a great way to visit traditional craft villages because it allows you to move slowly and enjoy the view. You can also stop whenever you want to chat with the locals and learn more about the culture and history of the villages. 

Ninh Binh craft villages have long been famous for their exquisite handicrafts, imbued with national identity, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. Some traditional craft villages around Trang An area that you can explore such as: Van Lam embroidery village, Ninh Van stone carving village, Kim Son sedge handicraft village, Bo Bat pottery village.

4.5. Conquer the Dance Cave

Dance Cave is a very popular check-in place for domestic and foreign tourists because of its charming water paint beauty. The Dance Cave is known as the miniature Great Wall and you will have to pass about 500 stone steps to reach the top. Here, the space opens up immensely, immense with overlapping peaks or golden ripe rice fields.

Looking down from the Dance Cave is Tam Coc – a “terrestrial Ha Long” with towering limestone mountains that are over 250 years old. The very poetic scenery makes Dance Cave become a famous check-in paradise for all visitors.

4.6. Enjoy delicious specialties

Coming to Trang An Ninh Binh without you immediately trying the following specialties, it is a regret:

  • Ninh Binh scorched rice: The delicate flavor blend between crispy scorched rice and fragrant shrimp makes people eat it again and again.
  • Mountain goat meat: Goats are raised on rocky mountains so the meat is very firm. Goat meat can be used to prepare many different dishes such as goat spring rolls, grilled goat with lemon, steamed goat, etc.
  • Sticky rice with ant eggs: Brown ant eggs are cleaned and sauteed with dried onions, chicken fat and mixed well with hot sticky rice. The sweet aroma of the dish will make you unforgettable.
  • Eel vermicelli: Eel vermicelli is not a strange dish, but the typical preparation of this land will fascinate you.
  • Mountain snails: Mountain snails’ food is precious medicines found in caves, so snail meat is extremely nutritious.

5. Some notes when going to Trang An Tour from Hanoi

When participating in Trang An tour experience from Hanoi, you should note some of the following things to have a safe, economical and memorable trip:

The terrain of Trang An has many rivers and mountains, and needs to move a lot, so when traveling here, it is necessary to prepare compact and comfortable clothes. Do not forget to bring a pair of sneakers for climbing activities.

It is recommended to bring some quick first aid medical supplies, avoiding minor accidents that may occur along the way.

When coming to Trang An in spring, you should pay attention to bring extra umbrellas to use when drizzle occurs. You can read more about our guide to the best time to explore Ninh Binh.

Carry all your belongings and identification documents and keep them in a small zippered bag.

It is recommended to ask in advance about the tour cost as well as the services attached to the tour, services incurring fees, surcharges to prepare in advance. 

In Trang An tourist area, there will be many booths selling unique souvenirs. You can choose to buy it as a gift, but you need to ask the price in advance to avoid being bought too expensive, or the gift is not of the expected quality.

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6. Conclusion

Above are Top 6 Best Experiences On The Trang An Tour From Hanoi that Metta Voyage shares with you. The tour will help you not only discover the poetic beauty of Trang An land but also increase your knowledge about the culture and history of this special land. Don’t forget to visit our blog to discover more travel experiences.

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