1. Overview

Vietnam is a country with a long coastline and many beautiful islands and bays, so boat travel is a fun experience for you to discover the best of Vietnam. Previously, this type of Vietnamese boat tour was often assumed to be only for the luxury upper class, with huge costs. Currently, these tours have developed into a more popular type of tourism, with thousands of visitors each year.

With an extremely reasonable cost, you will enjoy a wonderful journey through the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Enjoying and exploring famous destinations from a different perspective is impressive, luxurious, and especially proactive and private in the itinerary. This creates a very unique appeal that makes Vietnam boat tours more and more popular. become a tourism trend favored by many tourists.

Vietnam Boat tours are often offered by local tour companies. Prices of boat tours vary depending on the type of tour, length of the tour, type of yacht, travel time, and included services. Visitors can participate in cheap boat tours ranging from a few hundred thousand VND to high-end boat tours costing tens of millions of VND.

2. Discover the top 8 most interesting Vietnam boat tours

2.1. Ha Long Bay boat tour

This tour takes tourists to visit Ha Long Bay, one of the seven new natural wonders of the world. Visitors will admire the magnificent limestone caves and famous limestone islands.

Ha Long Bay is the first destination on the list of the most attractive boat tours in Vietnam because it is considered the most famous destination in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage to honor its wild and unique beauty when nature here has sculpted caves with magical shapes. Normally, the best time of the year to take a boat tour in Ha Long Bay is from April to October. You should spend 2 days, 1 night, or 3 days, 2 nights, to enjoy the cruise. This interesting.

Activities you will experience on the Vietnam boat tour in Ha Long Bay include exploring caves such as Sung Sot Cave with its magical beauty, the poetic Trong and Trinh Nu Caves, or Thien Canh Son Cave wild with thousands of years of stalactites and stalactites with all kinds of interesting shapes, etc. In addition, you can also enjoy the service of watching the sunset on the Ha Long cruise, listening to concerts, or watching the stars at night on the sea. The tour can also take you to visit the fishing village giving you more experiences and discoveries. You can see the detailed schedule and book the tour right at the link below:

2.2. Nha Trang Bay boat tour

Thanks to natural blessings, Nha Trang brings together all the elements of mountains, forests, lagoons, islands, and fields. With a diverse ecosystem, Nha Trang Bay becomes an ideal habitat for rare animals with high economic value, such as swiftlets, hawksbill turtles, red corals, yellow-lipped pearl oysters, golden snails, oval abalone, etc. Nha Trang Bay is considered the “pearl of the Far East” and was voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Nha Trang Bay is one of the most charming bays in Vietnam with a long coastline, beautiful beaches, clear blue water, white sand and golden sunshine.

When traveling by boat in Nha Trang, visitors will have popular options such as going on a day tour of 2 to 3 islands, watching the sunset, attending a dinner party, or a 2-day, 2-night tour to fully explore the beauty of the islands, located offshore and enchantingly beautiful, as well as participating in exciting experiential activities such as kayaking, diving to see coral, sunbathing on the deck, and visiting the fishing village, and enjoying the bay’s number one seafood. This boat tour will definitely awaken the senses and increase visitors’ emotions when experiencing the professional and quality service here. You can refer to and immediately book our Nha Trang boat tour here.

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2.3. Phu Quoc boat tour

Phu Quoc is a large archipelago located inside the Gulf of Thailand, in Kien Giang province. Phu Quoc is known as the pearl island and is always considered one of the most attractive tourist paradises in the country. And that trip will become even more perfect if you experience the extremely luxurious and classy Phu Quoc cruise tours. This will be a great choice for those who want to explore the Pearl Island paradise in a luxurious and new way. Going on a Phu Quoc cruise tour, you will be able to fully admire the enchanting beauty of Phu Quoc island and sea without being blocked by any high-rise buildings in front of you. Each cabin on the yacht has transparent glass windows, so you can rest and admire the scenery even while lying in bed.

Exciting experiences not to be missed when going on a Phu Quoc cruise tour include: an ideal opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a peaceful, fresh natural space with cool, clear blue sea water; diving to see coral with the support of specialized diving equipment and instructors; enjoying fresh seafood dishes; etc. This will definitely be the perfect trip to explore the wonderful nature on a Phu Quoc cruise. 

2.4. Saigon river boat tour

The Saigon River is one of the famous tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City. Every year, a large number of tourists visit this place. There are many interesting activities to experience when visiting the Saigon River, but most tourists choose to take a cruise on the river. If you are a nature lover and want to immerse yourself in nature right in the heart of the bustling city, a boat tour on the Saigon River is the perfect choice, seeing the beauty of the city from a different perspective other. Currently, there are many travel companies offering boat tours on the Saigon River with many different types and prices. Boat tours usually last from 2 to 3 hours, departing from docks in the city center.

Not only does it bring tourists unforgettable experiences of enjoying the scenery, but the boat tour on the Saigon River also has many other attractions that attract tourists. The first thing that attracts many tourists is to enjoy the feeling of the cold breeze carrying the steam of the river, creating comfort and coolness.

One of the important things that impresses every tourist about the tour is sitting on the train while experiencing a dinner with bold Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoying dinner while listening to melodious music truly makes people’s hearts flutter. During the trip, your tour guide will introduce you and provide information related to famous places on both sides of the river. This helps you better understand the sights and culture of Ho Chi Minh City.

2.5. Mekong River boat tour (Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho)

The Mekong River is certainly no longer a strange name to every Vietnamese and international person. The Mekong is known as one of the largest rivers in the world and has exceptional beauty. Choosing to take a Mekong River cruise tour, visitors will admire unique landscapes. The majestic Sam Mountains, the fruit-laden gardens, or the poetic scene of the river will appear before your eyes.

The Mekong River boat tour is one of the most famous tours in Southeast Asia, allowing visitors to explore the Mekong River, the largest and most important river in Southeast Asia. 3 days, 2 nights, boat tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho: This boat tour will take visitors through the southwestern provinces of Vietnam, including Saigon, Cai Be, Can Tho, Long Xuyen, Vam Nao, and Tan Chau (An Giang). During the trip, visitors will visit traditional craft villages, experience life on the river, enjoy local specialties, and visit historical and cultural relics, fruit gardens, temples, caves, local markets, etc. The Mekong River boat tour provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the Southwest region. You can view detailed schedules and book tours: Mekong Cruise – Ho Chi Minh City To Tan Chau By Cruise.

2.6. Cat Ba Lan Ha Bay boat tour

Located about 50 km from Hai Phong city, with its wild beauty, majestic landscapes, and interesting island exploration activities, Lan Ha Bay promises to bring visitors memorable memories. Cat Ba National Forest is a primeval national forest with the extremely important task of protecting the marine ecosystem. It is currently still preserving and nurturing many rare animals, even those on the red list. As one of the famous tourist attractions of the North, Vietnamese and international tourists always choose to visit Cat Ba-Vinh Lan Ha as the most memorable journey of their trips.

Start the Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay tour on a modern and luxurious yacht, traveling through the breathtaking landscapes of Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay waters. Depending on the Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay boat tours you choose, the tour schedule will be different. You can choose a 1-day tour, a 2-day, 1-night tour, or a 3-day, 2-night tour. 

This tour will take visitors to explore the wonderful beauty of Lan Ha Bay, with majestic limestone islands, mysterious caves, pristine beaches, and peaceful fishing villages such as Luon Cave, Dark and Bright Cave, Lan Ha Bay Floating Market, Viet Hai Ancient Village, Cai Beo Fishing Village, Cua Van Fishing Village, and Cat Ba Monkey Island. Cat Ba Island, also known as Cat Dua Island, attracts tourists not only because of its beautiful natural beauty but also because of its rich flora and fauna.

In addition, on this tour, you will also experience extremely fun activities on the Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba tour: enjoying the Lan Ha Bay cruise, kayaking, scuba diving to see coral in Lan Ha Bay, fishing night squid, enjoy unique cuisine. Combining spacious space with classy bedrooms and modern amenities, the Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay cruise will bring visitors a memorable journey to explore the sea and islands of Hai Phong Port. You can see the detailed schedule and book our tour now: Lan Ha Bay Cruise Itinerary.

2.7. Private boat tour of Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho

Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho was recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2016. The British travel magazine Rough Guide also voted Cai Rang Floating Market as one of the 10 most impressive markets in the world gender. Cai Rang Can Tho floating market is located on a branch of the Hau River flowing through Cai Rang district. This location is convenient for trade and commerce with neighboring Mekong Delta provinces and the region.

Cai Rang Can Tho floating market was formed in the 20th century, focusing on trading agricultural products, fruits, and specialties of the Southwest region. Today, although the road transport network has developed, Cai Rang Floating Market still exists and maintains the characteristics of the river delta. The cultural space at Cai Rang floating market and the precious heritage of amateur music are still preserved and passed down through many generations. The attraction of this place for tourists is not only the exciting experiences of shopping and enjoying cuisine on boats, the freshness of the goods, but also the sincere simplicity of the Western people. Dollar.

A private boat tour at Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho departs from Ninh Kieu wharf and will take you to visit Cai Rang Floating Market, a unique cultural feature in the West, to see the buying and selling of special fruits and agricultural products on the river. Besides, you can also experience breakfast on the floating market, enjoy fresh pineapple, visit the traditional noodle oven, enjoy ” hu tieu pizza”, and you will also have the opportunity to make your own rice paper, pho, a traditional Vietnamese cuisine; visit the fruit garden; ride a bicycle on the country road; swim in a dinghy; and enjoy eating fruit in the garden.

2.8. Hue Hue River boat tour 1 day

Hue is one of the most famous tourist lands in Vietnam, attracting the most tourists because of its long-standing ancient culture, rich historical value, and many beautiful cultural and artistic features, such as Hue royal court music, many unique architectural works, and excellent cuisine. Hue not only has ancient relics but is also favored by nature, with countless beautiful scenes of the sea, rivers, mountains, passes, etc. It’s even more interesting if you explore Hue by boat.

The 1-day Perfume River cruise is considered one of the cheap Hue package tours that attracts domestic and foreign tourists to this ancient capital. The special thing here is that you will travel to visit famous places in Hue by dragon boat on the Perfume River. An extremely new experience: going down the Perfume River to visit Thien Mu Pagoda or Hue Perfume Village, Vong Canh Hill, Citadel, Hue Citadel, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh King Tomb, Garden House An Hien. Huong River Cruise is the place for you to admire the poetic scenery on the river, relax with the gentle rowing rhythm, and listen to the boatmen tell about the folk stories of beloved Hue people or history of the bridges across the river and enjoy Hue songs on this journey. In addition, enjoy famous Hue cuisine such as Bun Bo Hue, Banh Khoai, Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Banh Uot, etc. 

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3. Conclusion

Above are the top 8 most attractive Vietnam boat tours that Metta Voyage shares with you. On a Vietnam boat tour, you will not only experience the scenery of Vietnam’s natural wonders that have been voted internationally. Moreover, you can also enjoy classy services on the cruise with a rich and diverse schedule. Don’t forget to visit our blog  to see more travel experiences.

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