1. Overview of wild tour Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history, and also among the top countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. Vietnam possesses a rich system of flora and fauna. Therefore, experiencing a wild tour Vietnam is also the best and most attractive choice for tourists. A wild tour Vietnam is a type of tourism that explores wild nature and indigenous culture and is often organized by professional, experienced travel companies. With outdoor activities such as climbing, camping, trekking, boating, bathing in streams, learning about the indigenous culture of ethnic minorities living in the area, and admiring the pristine and majestic beauty of the area, nature, with vast forests, or explore the lives of wild animals in their natural environment.

Wild tour Vietnam are often organized in nature reserves, national parks, primeval forests, and famous wildlife locations. Tours typically include a small number of participants and have tour guides with knowledge of nature and the necessary skills. Wild tour in Vietnam usually last from one day to several days, depending on the type of wilderness and the sightseeing activities and experiences you want to participate in.

2. Discover the top 5 most interesting wild tour Vietnam

2.1. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Tour

If you have a plan to travel to Phu Quoc, do not miss the Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc tour, a top interesting wild tour Vietnam. This is one of the most exciting adventures for tourists who want to discover the wild nature of the beautiful Phu Quoc Island. With the Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc tour, you will have experiences of discovering the world of wildlife, finding out about the special ecosystem, and experiencing interesting activities in the natural environment.

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is the first and largest semi-wild animal care and conservation park in Vietnam, with more than 4.000 individuals of more than 200 species from around the world. One of the most impressive things about visiting Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Zoo is that you will experience watching the wild animals in a specialized vehicle by using the “confine people to release animals” method. Wild animals such as chimpanzees, bongo antelopes, Bengal tigers, leopards, etc. Not only that, but visitors can also feed them, pet them, take pictures together, etc. At Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, animal shows are held continuously at fixed time frames. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is really a place to spread the message of environmental protection.

    • Address: Bai Dai Area, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc City
    • Open: 9:00 AM – 16:00 PM
  • Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc tour price list for reference:

Ticket typeCustomers with height >= 1.4 mCustomers with height from 1 m - under 1.4 mCustomers over 60 years old
Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc26,61 USD20,06 USD20,06 USD
Discover Safari at night24,57 USD18,42 USD18,42 USD
Combo Vin Wonders and Vinpearl Safari55,27 USD40,94 USD40,94 USD

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2.2. Tram Chim Dong Thap Discovery Tour 2 days 1 night

Tram Chim Dong Thap Discovery Tour 2 days and 1 night will take you to the famous land with a lot of storks on the boundless rice granary of the West – Dong Thap. Firstly, you will discover a new beauty and an extremely charming appearance in this land. You will have the experience of traveling to observatory number 3 of Tram Chim National Park by small boat; local people call it “Tac Rang or Vo Lai”, which is one of the interesting vehicles.
Besides, you will explore the typical vegetation of the Dong Thap Muoi region, learn about the daily lives of local people in the flooding season, and row a dinghy through the cajuput forests to see birds in the breeding season: herons, Le Le, Mallard, white heron (Ardeola), purple swamphen, cormorant, etc. In addition, you can enjoy Dong Thap’s specialties: grilled chicken, field mice, rainbow water snake, water lily with braised fish sauce, Lotus leaf sticky rice, Linh fish cooked in sour Vietnamese fermented rice with wild vegetables, stir-fried sesbania with shrimp, braised tilapia with pepper, grilled snakehead fish roll with young lotus leaf, etc. Last but not least, you can visit Tram Chim Market to buy specialties to gift for your friends and family, etc.

The peaceful scenery, diverse flora and fauna ecosystem, typical cuisine of the river region, and countless experiences typical of the Southwest region are what you will discover during your visit to Tram Chim National Park. This place is home to thousands of rare animals and plants listed in the Vietnam Red Book. Tram Chim National Park not only has great significance in eco-tourism but is also considered an important Ramsar site (a wetland recognized by the Ramsar Convention of international significance) in Vietnam and internationally.

  • Address: Group 4, Tram Chim town, Tam Nong district, Dong Thap Province.
  • Open: 06:00 AM- 20:00 PM
  • Tel: (+84) 277 3827 436 – (+84) 277 8565 678
  • Website: https://tramchim.net.vn/

2.3. Nam cat tien tour 3 days 2 night

Cat Tien National Park is one of the national nature reserves with the largest resources and biodiversity in Vietnam. Nam Cat Tien National Forest is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve with hundreds of rare animal species and thousands of rich tropical plant species. Nam Cat Tien has a large area, stretching across the area of three large provinces, including Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Phuoc. In addition, the Bau Sau area is recognized as a Ramsar site of importance to the ecosystem in Nam Cat Tien.

On the Nam Cat Tien National Park Tour, you will have the opportunity to explore nature reserves with rich wildlife and learn more about their habitat. You will go into the forest at night, to learn about the lifestyle and activities of wild animals at night, the tour guide will take you through quiet forests and to vast grasslands by open-top vehicle, where many animals seek food to eat. On this tour, you can also visit the Rescue Center to learn about the work of the staff in Cat Tien National Forest; learn about the Museum of Nature, a place to store, display, and introduce the values and biodiversity of Cat Tien National Park; and meet the unique plants of Nam Cat Tien: the giant Tung tree with a lifespan of more than 500 years; the sycamore tree with a giant root system; or the rare Dong tapioca tree with a trunk larger than 2 meters.

In addition, you will enter the colorful and diverse world of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities at Ta Lai tourist village. An experiential journey in the village gives you the opportunity to learn deeply about the unique culture here, from clothing and music to traditional handicrafts. You can participate in craft-making activities and enjoy delicious traditional dishes. You can see the detailed schedule of the Nam Cat Tien National Park Trekking and Adventure Tour. 

2.4.  Ba Be National Park Discovery and Botanical Garden Tour

The Phong Nha Cave and Botanical Garden Tour is a 1-day Quang Binh tour program to explore the majestic beauty of caves and the endemic ecosystem of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. In the 1-day Phong Nha Cave-Botanical Garden Tour program, visitors will visit two interesting and attractive destinations in the heart of the World Natural Heritage, which are Phong Nha Cave and Botanical Garden-Wind Waterfall. You can cruise on the Son River, admiring the beauty of Phong Nha Cave, “the number one wonder of the cave”. Quang Binh Wind Waterfall—Botanical Garden is one of the famous nature reserves loved by many people, located on 20 Quyet Thang Street, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. Botanical Garden with endemic, diverse, rare flora and fauna and pristine natural mountain and forest scenery.

Coming to the 1-day Quang Binh tour to visit Phong Nha Cave and Botanical Garden Wind Waterfall, visitors will have many experiences exploring nature and extremely interesting adventure games, such as: witnessing with your own eyes the specimens of many rare species of animals and plants at the specimen display house of Thac Gio botanical garden; and admiring the clear water flowing through each rock. From here, you can admire the magnificence of nature and the landscape of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. Experience check-in on the interpretive trail; Explore the Seedling Nursery. Conquering the deep inner forest with diverse natural ecosystems, you will admire many rare tree varieties, such as reeds, green ironwoods, hundred-year-old star trees, and hundreds of rare animals, etc.

The cost of traveling to Quang Binh is usually not too high, so visitors can freely visit and explore to get many ideal experiences on their journey. Besides Wind Waterfall Botanical Garden, Quang Binh is also famous for many other attractive places, such as Phong Nha Cave, Son Doong Cave, Thien Duong Cave, Da Nhay Beach, etc. You can read more about Discovering the Top 5 Most Attractive Phong Nha Cave Tours. 

2.5. Ba Be National Park Discovery Tour 3 Days

Ba Be National Park belongs to Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, stretching across the five communes of Quang Khe, Khang Ninh, Cao Tri, Cao Thuong, and Nam Mau. Ba Be Garden possesses a diverse ecosystem with more than 1,000 plant species and 80 rare animal species. On the 3-day-1-night Ba Be National Park tour, you will not only explore the vast primeval forest but also visit the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam.

On this tour, you will experience walking on mountain passes and admiring the craggy mountain peaks. You will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Ba Be while walking through the tropical forest in Ba Be National Park; or when sitting on a boat to visit Ba Be Lake, you will be amazed by the charming scenery here. The boat driver will take you on a tour along the lake shore to see the many-year-old ancient tree roots, and you will You will see groups of yellow monkeys descending to drink water and catch fish, or you will be moved to the Nang River at the end of Ba Be Lake. The boatman will go upstream to Puong Cave, which is one of the very large caves with many giant stalactites, inside the cave is the home of thousands of bats.

Besides, you can also cook and enjoy traditional dishes with the ethnic minority community. In addition, with this tour, you will also have the opportunity to meet the Tay, Hmong, and Dao ethnic people living in the high mountains behind the primeval forests. Our tour guide will take you to the villages of the Tay ethnic people, learn about the living habits of the local people, cross streams and gentle slopes, and you will see See the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains here. The trip is a wonderful combination of wild, poetic natural beauty along with cultural and traditional values brought by local people. 

3. Some notes when participating in a wild tour Vietnam

  • You need to consider your visit time, depending on the type of wildlife and activities you want to participate in. 
  • The price of wild tour Vietnam ranges from a few million to several tens of millions of VND, depending on the type of wilderness, tour time, and accompanying services. 
  • You should choose reputable travel companies to ensure service quality. 
  • You should choose clothing suitable for sightseeing activities, such as lightweight, comfortable clothes, sports shoes, hats, etc.
  • You need to prepare all necessary personal items, such as sunscreen, hats, drinking water, snacks, medicine, etc. 
  • Be careful with wild animals, especially insects. 
  • Wild tour Vietnam are an exciting and rewarding travel experience, helping visitors explore the country’s wild natural beauty. Besides, you can experience our other tours, such as:

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4. Conclusion

Above are the top 5 most attractive wild tour Vietnam that Metta Voyage shares with you and we hope you have the best trip. Don’t forget to visit our blog  to see many other interesting experiences.

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