1. Overview 

Sapa is a familiar name for any visitor to Vietnam. A place is known for its beautiful architecture, diverse ethnic cuisine, and majestic landmarks. In particular, among them is Fansipan, the highest mountain in Vietnam, where the four seasons of heaven and earth converge, beautiful nature, a place suitable for both leisure and adventure travel. If this is your first time in Sapa Fansipan is an ideal destination for your reference.

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2. Explore Fansipan is a must-do in Sapa 

2.1. What is Fansipan known for?

Fansipan is a 3,143m high mountain, the highest in the Indochina peninsula, so it is known as the “Roof of Indochina“. Similarly, Fansipan is the highest peak in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, located on the border of Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, about 9 km from the center of Sa Pa town. There are many origins for this name. Some people think it comes from the Hmong language, meaning many Do Quyen flowers bloom on the mountain. On the other hand, some people think Fansipan comes from a variant of the name of a geographer, Phan Van Son, who demarcated the border in 1905. The highlight of Fansipan is that there are countless rare flora and fauna and cool ecosystems. Besides, this place has impressive architecture, such as pagodas and towers with many spiritual meanings.

2.2. The way to get to the top Fansipan

2.2.1. Cable car

Currently, there are many ways for you to buy tickets to Fansipan cable car: buy tickets directly at the ticket counter, buy tickets at hotels in Sapa, or buy tickets online through Sunworld’s ticket agents. In particular, buying tickets online is chosen by many people because of saving time and having many attractive price incentives.

Fansipan cable car station is located in Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area, only 3 km from Sapa town. With only 15 minutes, you can experience the entire 1410m with many spectacular views by cable car. In addition, you can completely visit the restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops located at the station on the top of Fansipan. 

– Adults: $31.14

– Children: $22.82

– Time: from 8:00 to 17:00/ everyday

After finishing the journey to the top of Fansipan by cable car, visitors will stop at Do Quyen station. Here, you will have to walk about 600 more steps to reach the landmark, or you can choose to take the train.

– Price train: $2.99

During your stay in the cabin, you will be amazed with special places such as:

– Muong Hoa valley: French-style design such as dome, rail, and rudder. Besides, there are dreamy and romantic purple flower gardens.

– Bao An Zen Monastery – Trinh Pagoda: the altitude of 1640m with ancient architecture and a large courtyard. You will admire the Bodhisattva Guanyin Statue, participate in the Buddha ceremony, and pray for peace.

– Bich Van Zen Monastery: designed and built in the Tran Dynasty’s architectural style, located at an altitude of 3,037m.

– Dai Hong Chung watchtower: 35m high building, including 5 floors, has a vertical layout with a bell tower with 8 roofs.

– The Stupa: 11 floors high, is located on the central axis of Kim Son Bao Thang Tu, bearing bold Vietnamese culture and history.

– The Great Buddha Statue: the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam, with a height of 21.5m, where meaningful Buddhist activities regularly take place, attracting many tourists, monks and nuns, and Buddhists. They come to listen to lectures on filial piety and learn about the origin of the Vu Lan festival.

2.2.2. Trekking

Setting foot on the “Roof of Indochina” is the dream of many people. Fansipan has long been the name any trekker wants to be when coming to Vietnam. Although it is the highest mountain in Vietnam, the journey to conquer it is relatively easy, you can go on your own, or hire a porter to lead the way. Alternatively, you can book a trekking tour to ensure safety.

The flora in Fansipan is rich and diverse. Specifically, there are 1,700 plants such as Phyllostachys nigra, Fagaceae, Magnoliaceae, Amomum aromaticum, etc.

Moreover, the fauna in Fansipan is equally interesting, including 347 birds and 40 amphibians. Such as Polypedates dugritei, Buceros bicornis, etc.

Among them, many trees and birds have been included in the Red Book of Vietnam.

– If you are trekking alone, you must obtain a pass from the Regional Management Board.

– If you hire a porter, you just need to contact the people at the foot of the mountain. Hire a porter to guide you through climbing Fansipan and carrying your luggage: 200,000VND/porter for each group of 3-4 pax

– If you go on a tour, you can book a tour from a travel company in Vietnam; the price ranges from 100$ to 177$/tour depending on tour 2D1N or tour 3D2N.

2.2.3. 3 routes can trek to the Fansipan peak in Sapa:

  • Route 1: Tram Ton – Fansipan

This route is the easiest and safest because it is almost a trail with little slope.

  • Route 2: Sin Chai – Tram Ton – Fansipan

This route is a more advanced road with many steep slopes. However, the scenery is extraordinary, with hills and golden bamboo.

  • Route 3: Cat Cat – Fansipan

This route is the most challenging, with steep terrain and many twists and turns. On the contrary, you will admire a beautiful Sapa with majestic, poetic, and chill mountains.

2.2.4. Prepare for Fansipan trekking: 

– Physical: you must ensure good fitness by practicing climbing stairs, jogging, and squatting before the journey.

– Equipment: fully equipped with a flashlight, trekking stick, gloves, hat, medicine, sunscreen, etc.

– Food: dry or light food, and energy bars

– Clothing: choose warm, long-sleeved, heat-retaining, and waterproof clothes
Shoes: with grip sole, waterproof

– Rucksack: choose one good support belt

– Cash: to pay for bathing in the shack, renting a porter, or buying water

2.3. Touching the Fansipan landmark – 3143m

The flagpole on the top of Fansipan is 25m high, exquisitely carved with typical images of Vietnamese culture, such as gongs in the Central Highlands and houses on stilts in the Northwest.

On the top of Fansipan, every first Monday of the week, the flag-raising ceremony is performed according to a solemn ceremony by the security soldiers of the Fansipan Legend tourist area.

Touching the milestone marking the height of 3,143m seems to be a pride for anyone. You can take selfie photos to keep as a memory – a meaningful trip in Sapa, Vietnam.

2.4. The best time to visit Fansipan 

From February to April: Do Quyen flower season blooms, full of colors such as red, purple, pink spread throughout Hoang Lien Son range

From September to November: Ripe rice season in Sapa, the striking green and yellow terraced fields bring a sense of peace

From December to January: the weather turns cold and can have beautiful snowfall. However, trekking this season is not recommended because it is freezing and slippery.

3. Nearby Sapa Fansipan mountain 

3.1. Attractions

Sapa stoned church: This stone church has a bell tower, Roman Gothic architecture, and a place that always has an interesting festival every Saturday.

  • Located in the center of Sapa center
  • Price: free

Ham Rong mountain: Ham Rong mountain is also an ideal mountain for trekking in Sapa; only 1,800m high, and you just need a few hours to complete it.

  • Located about 3 km from Sapa center
  • Price: 3.00$ for adults and 1.28$ for children

Muong Hoa valley: Muong Hoa Valley has a romantic and gentle setting like a miniature Paris. You can see the countless wild sunflowers and the surrounding terraced fields.

  • Located 4 km from Sapa center and stretching about 15 km to Ban Ho Village
  • Price: 3.43$ /person

Sapa night market: Sapa night market is usually held on weekends from 4 pm to 10 pm. Not only a place for shopping but also a place for visitors to experience the culture and cuisine of Sapa.

  • Located at N1 street, group 3B, near Sapa bus station
  • Price: depend on your items

3.2. Hotels

BB Sapa Resort & Spa *****

BB Sapa Resort & Spa is only 55m from Fansipan cable car station, so the resort is surrounded by majestic mountains. This place is designed in a classic style, sure to bring you a cozy feeling.

  • Address: Hoang Dieu Street, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Tel: 0214 3871 522
  • Check in: 14:00
  • Check out: 12:00
  • Price: From 85.65$ to 171.31$/room/night
  • Room: 77 rooms

Silk Path Grand Resort *****

Silk Path Grand Resort is a luxury resort located separately on a hill. With modern facilities and located in the Hoang Lien Son range, this place will give you the feeling of being in a beautiful Europe.

  • Address: Doi Quan 6, Group 5, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Tel: 0214 3788 555
  • Check in: 14:00
  • Check out: 12:00
  • Price: From 72.80$ to 1113.48$/ room/ night
  • Room: 148 rooms

Amazing Sapa Hotel ****

Amazing Sapa Hotel is fully designed with international standard equipment and needs. From the balcony, you can see Sapa valley and a panoramic view of Fansipan mountain.

  • Address: Dong Loi Street, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Tel: 0214 3865 888
  • Check in: 14:00
  • Check out: 12:00
  • Price: From 38.54$ to 128.48$/room/night
  • Room: 82 rooms

3.2. Restaurants

Viet Emotion: Viet Emotion is a highly appreciated restaurant from domestic to international customers because the taste of food and coffee is excellent.

  • Address: 17 Xuan Vien, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Open time: 7:30 am – 11 pm
  • Price: From 4.28$ to 23.55$

The Lizzard: This on-site restaurant serves Vietnamese and Western dishes, most notably pizza and honey chicken.

  • Address: 12 Cau May Alley, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Open time: 6:30 am – 10 pm
  • Price: From 1.28$ to 8.57$

Thang Co A Quynh: This is a restaurant with the best food in Sapa, specifically the specialties of the Hmong people, such as Horse Meat Stew, Sturgeon Hotpot.

  • Address: 15 Thach Son, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Open time: 9 am – 10 pm
  • Price: From 4.28$ to 14.99$

3.3. Spa

Eden spa: is loved by tourists for its foot massage service at a reasonable price. Infrastructure and services are also highly appreciated.

  • Address: 8 Thac Bac, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Open time: 9:30 am – 11 pm
  • Price: From 11.99$

Dao’s center: is a famous place for the Red Dao herbal bath, an herb that helps to restore health and spirit for tourists to relax in Sapa.

  • Address: 26 Dong Loi Street, Sapa, Lao Cai
  • Open time: 8am – 11:30pm
  • Price: From $4.28

Fansipan in Sapa is always a place with many things to explore for tourists, from landscape, architecture, and cuisine to Vietnamese culture. In particular, Fansipan is suitable for everyone from adults to children, and anyone can touch the Roof of Indochina.

Discover Fansipan is a must-do in Sapa for first-timers to Vietnam. Metta Voyage hopes the above information can help you better understand this ideal place, choose the right time and carefully prepare for a long trip or vacation for you and your family.

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