1. Phu Quoc Night Market overview

1.1. Phu Quoc Night Market Location

Address: 6 Bach Dang Street – Duong Dong Town – Phu Quoc

Actually, Phu Quoc Island has 2 major night markets, Dinh Cau night market (the ancient one) & Bach Dang night market (the new one), both of which are located on Vo Thi Sau street in Duong Dong Town. However, Dinh Cau Night Market was formally closed in October 2016, and it amalgamated with Bach Dang Night Market to create the new Phu Quoc Night Market. With the merging, the market has become more spacious and clean, with much more room, larger stalls, and a wider choice of merchandise. The new market also can accommodate more guests at the same time as before.

The Phu Quoc night market features around 100 vendors organized into two zones:

Zone 1 is at the beginning of the night market including polite food shops and local carts selling seafood and dried specialties as gifts such as sim wine, fish sauce, dried seafood, etc.

Zone 2 is located at the end of the night market. There are souvenir shops selling Phu Quoc pearls, handicrafts, and other items at moderate costs.

1.2. How to get there

Visitors can easily get to Phu Quoc Night Market by taxi or motorbike because it is located in the middle of Duong Dong Town. If you live near the market, you could walk there, but if you live further away, it will be more convenient to use a taxi rather than a motorbike. If you stay at a luxury resort like Novotel Phu Quoc Resort or Vinpearl Resort, they will frequently offer you a shuttle ride to the night market.

1.3. Opening hour

The Phu Quoc Night Market is open in the evening and stays open until late at night. The stalls open at 3 – 4 pm, however, the market is really only lively with its nightlife scene around 8 pm. Opening hours may vary based on the weather and the number of customers, and it may be crowded until 2-3 a.m. the next day. Between 7 to 10 pm, the Phu Quoc Night Market is generally the busiest. Therefore, to avoid overcrowding, you can come to the market early to be able to visit all the stalls.


2. Things to do at Phu Quoc Night Market 

2.1. Try Phu Quoc delicacies

The Phu Quoc Night Market is one of the must-see destinations for foodies visiting the island. Enjoying local food is one of the most exciting experiences at the Phu Quoc night market. Here is a list of the most popular local dishes you should try.



2.1.1. Seafood

The night market in Phu Quoc is a seafood lover’s heaven. The ideal way to enjoy them is to have them grilled right on the spot, creating a pleasant aroma throughout to entice your stomach. Grilled oysters with cheese, grilled scallops with onion fat, grilled milk oysters with butter, grilled octopus with satay… all incredibly excellent and appealing with prices ranging from 15,000 VND to 20,000 VND per cup (1 Dollar).

The seafood here is caught and sold by local people so they are very original, fresh, and quality. Despite the fact that the market is only open for a few hours at night, the night market is really constantly bustling and attracts many visitors who come for dinner. There are numerous types of fish and dishes to sample, so bring plenty of cash. Enjoying fresh, hot seafood at the night market will be a memorable experience for you.


2.1.2. 30-Flavored Peanuts

30-Flavored Peanut is possibly a meal that can only be found in Phu Quoc. This is the brainchild of a French entrepreneur that attracts travelers to the Phu Quoc Night Market. The fact that this peanut snack comes in up to 30 flavors makes it stand out. You may watch the manufacturing process at the stalls and trial before you buy. Peanuts are sold in boxes and range in price from 30,000 VND to 120,000 VND depending on size.


2.1.3. Phu Quoc coconut ice cream

After walking around and sampling several seafood delicacies, don’t forget to finish with a scoop of coconut cream. It is one of Phu Quoc’s most popular sweets. You will undoubtedly enjoy the rich and greasy flavor of the ice cream. Coconut ice cream is served in a half-cut coconut shell and comes in a variety of flavors, the most notable of which is the fatty and sweet coconut flavor. Eating ice cream in the coconut shell would help you to feel new and different.

2.2. Buy Phu Quoc souvenirs

If you’re looking for buying souvenirs back home, you should walk to the end of the night market. There are numerous souvenir shops and small kiosks selling T-shirts, cosmetics, sandals, handicraft items, jewelry, and, of course, Phu Quoc pearls. You can also buy traditional Phu Quoc products as gifts, such as pepper, fish sauce, Sim wine, and dried seafood.

Tourists frequently purchase pearls as gifts on the island. There are numerous shops and kiosks in the market selling pearls in various styles. Pearl prices vary widely and determining the quality is challenging. So you should be careful and consider carefully before buying pearls here.

2.4. Explore local culture

When you go to the Phu Quoc night market, you may not only eat and shop, but you will also enjoy the fresh air and a magnificent view of the sea. The other thing which will amaze you is not only the friendliness and hospitality of the islanders but also the genuine natural sentiments of the island. Exploring the night market is where you are discovering the unique features of Phu Quoc with traditional dishes and handmade items that cannot be found anywhere else.

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3. Tips for you when visiting Phu Quoc Night Market

If you are planning to visit Phu Quoc night market, here are some useful tips for you

  • If you visit with a group, buy a little portion of each meal and then share it to enjoy more excellent foods.
  • If you want to try a variety of dishes, buy and eat a small portion of each; otherwise, you will become quite full very quickly.
  • If your stomach is not good, seek shops that are clean and neat to ensure food hygiene.
  • When purchasing souvenirs, keep in mind that there are low-quality products, phony goods, and imitation goods.

The Phu Quoc night market is only one of the many attractions of Phu Quoc. Check out this list of the top attractions in Phu Quoc Island that should not be missed if you want to have an unforgettable trip to Vietnam.

4. Featured hotels near Phu Quoc Night Market

Owning a prime location right in the center of Duong Dong town, there will be many hotels near Phu Quoc night market for you to choose from. Here are some suggestions for you.

Saigon Phu Quoc Resort & Spa

Seashells Phu Quoc hotel & spa

  • Address: 01 Vo Thi Sau, Duong Dong ward, Phu Quoc city
  • Phone: (+84) 297 3923 999
  • Website: https://seashellshotel.vn/
  • Price: from 1,830,000 VND

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc


5. Conclusion

The Phu Quoc night market is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the island. With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food options, and unique souvenirs to take home with you, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. If you want to know more interesting tourist destinations in Vietnam, visit our website – Metta Voyage.


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