1. Why should you choose to hike in Hanoi?

Each year, thousands of international tourists fly to Hanoi to explore its historical and cultural beauty. But if you want to escape from the hectic life and be eager to try something new, why don’t you try hiking in Hanoi?

Hiking in Hanoi provides a multi-faceted experience combining adventure, culture, and wellness, making it an enticing activity for locals and visitors.

Hiking trails in and around Hanoi allow you to immerse yourself in this stunning natural scenery.  The varying terrain of Hanoi’s hiking trails offers opportunities for different fitness levels, whether you’re seeking a stroll or a more challenging trek. Also, you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and forge new friendships amidst the beauty of nature.

2. Best places to go hiking in Hanoi

2.1. Ba Vi National Park

  • Area: 11,000-hectare (27,182-acre)

Located about 50 kilometers west of Hanoi, Ba Vi National Park offers beautiful hiking trails through lush forests and up to the summit of Ba Vi Mountain. Standing on the summit, you can also enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. 

Particularly, when trekkers go deeper into the park, they can observe many hundred-year-old trees, mossy rocks and even waterfalls. Other trips in Ba Vi: Ba Vi Ha Tay Day Trip

2.2. Ham Lon Loop (Soc Son)

  • Area: 10.5-km

If you are looking for the best hiking place from September through April, do not miss Ham Lon Loop, which is near the Soc Son, Hanoi. However, it may be a bit tricky for beginners because of some steep parts. Also, you should avoid rainy days, wear suitable shoes and bring enough food & water to stay energetic.

2.3. Tam Dao National Park

  • Area: 91,000 acres

Situated approximately 85 kilometers northwest of Hanoi, Tam Dao National Park boasts scenic hiking trails through dense forests, waterfalls, and streams. The park is home to diverse flora and fauna, providing hikers with a chance to experience Vietnam’s natural beauty.

Heading to Tam Dao: Tam Dao Day Trip

2.4. Hoan Kiem Lake and Surrounding Parks

Hoan Kiem Lake is such an amazing place for hikers who want to hike and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the locals. It would be a refreshing experience to see many people do morning exercise while you complete your hiking trail. 

In the heart of Hanoi, you can enjoy leisurely walks or jogs around Hoan Kiem Lake. Additionally, nearby parks such as Lenin Park and Thu Le Park offer green spaces for walking and light hiking within the city. Besides, residents and visitors can come here to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, exercise, or simply enjoy some fresh air. 

2.5. Tram Mountain (Chuong My, Hanoi)

  • Area: 1.1 km 

For those who want to take a short trail, heading to Tram Mountain is a great idea. It only takes about 19 minutes to complete it.  This is also a popular trail for camping to let your hair down after a long hard working time. 

2.6. Thanh Lam, Thanh Oai District 

Thanh Lam Thanh Oai District is on the outskirts of Hanoi and not far from Ba Vi National Park, which offers more formalized hiking trails and opportunities for outdoor adventures. It’s recommended to inquire locally about specific trails or paths suitable for hiking. Metta Voyage is also able to provide information about nearby routes and outdoor activities available in the area. 

3. Essentials for your hiking in Hanoi

  • Make sure to respect local customs and regulations while hiking in these places
  • Enough food and water and a first-aid kit ( must be prepared)
  • High-quality or professional hiking boots to protect your feet
  • Raincoat or waterproof jackets and pants in case it rains
  • GPS navigation devices and a map.
  • For long hikes, bring your tent, flashlight/ headlamp and warm sleeping bag
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent if needed

4. Conclusion

Hiking in Hanoi with Metta Voyage was not merely a physical journey but a soul-stirring odyssey through the heartland of northern Vietnam. It offered a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature, delve into local cultures, and forge lasting memories about Northern Vietnam. 

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