1. Overview

Binh Thuan is not only famous for its cultural and historical attractions but also possesses many spiritual sites that attract millions of visitors each year; prominent among them is Ta Cu Mountain. The name “Ta Cu” originates from the Cham language; “Ta” means mountain, and “Cu” means old. This name may come from the fact that this mountain is very ancient, having formed millions of years ago. Ta Cu Mountain has an altitude of 649m and was formerly a volcano. Today, this place is a national nature reserve forest area with extremely rich fauna and flora, with many species in the red book.

With steep mountain passes, beautiful scenery, and stimulating challenges, Ta Cu Mountain will definitely bring visitors unforgettable experiences. Conquering the mountain, besides visiting the pagoda and enjoying the wild and beautiful natural scenery, you also have the opportunity to admire the giant reclining Buddha statue recorded in the Vietnamese record. This stop promises to bring you a unique and unforgettable experience on your trip to visit the coastal city.

2. Where is Ta Cu Mountain?

Ta Cu Mountain is located in Thuan Nam town, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. This mountain is located right along National Highway 1A, so it is very convenient for transportation. From Phan Thiet city center to here, the distance is only about 28km.

In 1872, a famous monk named Tran Huu Duc began a solitary journey from Central Vietnam, he crossed mountains, forests, and rugged terrain to find a pure place to practice on the top of Ta Cu Mountain. After seven years, other junglers discovered the monk’s meditation cave. Today, this place is planned by Binh Thuan province as the Ta Cu Cable Car and Ecotourism Area, a key tourism project of the province. The tourist area was put into operation in 2003 and has now become a national tourist area.

3. Which season is best to travel to Ta Cu Mountain?

Ta Cu Mountain tourism attracts tourists with its high mountain terrain and covered old forests, creating a cool space all year round. The period from November to April, or the dry season in Ta Cu, is the ideal time for tourists to come here to visit. At this time, the climate is cool and dry, so you can easily move around and explore many attractive tourist destinations.

If you want to see Ta Cu Mountain in beautiful moments, choose to travel in the spring from January to March. At this time, yellow apricot petals and red apricot flowers bloom brightly on the mountains and hills, and clear, gurgling streams create a picture of a peaceful natural landscape. Spring is also the Buddhist pilgrimage season at the beginning of the year, so it attracts many tourists, creating a bustling atmosphere.

4. Ticket prices to visit and cable car to Ta Cu mountain

Coming to the Ta Cu Mountain Tourist Area, you will need to buy entrance tickets as well as tickets to participate in other types of services. Ticket prices vary depending on service and age. You can refer to the following ticket price table before your trip to Ta Cu Mountain:

Ticket typeAdultChildren
Entrance ticket2.02 USD1.21 USD
Cable car ticket price up the mountainRound trip: 4.04 USD/ticket
One way: 2.42 USD/ticket
Round trip: 2.42 USD/ticket
One way: 1.61 USD/ticket
Fishing tickets0.4 USD/fishing rod0.4 USD/fishing rod
Tickets to participate in the swan pedaling activity0.4 USD0.4 USD
Tickets to ride the tram0.4 USD/turn0.2 USD/turn
Service (Sightseeing + cable car)9.08 USD5.45 USD

5. Instructions on How to Go Up Ta Cu Mountain

Tourists in the Central or Northern provinces who want to go to Ta Cu can fly to Ho Chi Minh City. From the city, visitors continue to travel 170 km, or about 3–4 hours, to reach Ta Cu. You can refer to the following transportation methods:

  • Passenger bus: From Saigon, you can catch buses to Binh Thuan, La Gi, and Phan Thiet passing through Ta Cu. 

Some bus companies you can refer to are: Cao Lam, Trung Nga, Minh Nghia, Lien Hung, Tan Hoang Anh,etc. 

Ticket prices range from 6.46 USD to 19.37 USD, depending on the bus company and vehicle type.

  • Personal vehicle: You can easily go to Ta Cu Mountain by motorbike or car. 

By car: you can follow the North-South Highway to Tan Lap, get off the highway, go to Highway 1A, and continue to Ta Cu. 

Motorbike: you can follow National Highway 1A towards Phan Thiet, to Thuan Nam town, at the intersection near Thuan Nam primary school, turn right, and go straight to the Ta Cu tourist area.

At the foot of Ta Cu Mountain, you have two options: moving to the top of the mountain by cable car or climbing Ta Cu Mountain.

6. Discover The Top 8 Most Interesting Experiences At Ta Cu Mountain

6.1. Trekking in the jungle and conquering Ta Cu mountain peak

One of the interesting experiences when coming to Ta Cu Mountain is trekking through the jungle. It can be said that Ta Cu Mountain is an attractive challenge for those who love adventure. Conquering many high slopes, visitors will in turn witness with their own eyes Ban Ha rock, Ban Thuong rock, Bang Lang slope, Yen Ngua slope, etc. When reaching the peak of Noc Tru (694m above sea level), visitors will be able to take in the panoramic view of Binh Thuan from afar. 

  • Trekking length: more than 2,500m with more than 1,000 winding stone steps.
  • Trekking time:  01 day.

6.2. Taking the cable car to admire the majestic scenery of Ta Cu mountain

The highlight of Ta Cu Mountain is the cable car. This thrilling and beautiful journey gives visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. When you climb high, you will admire majestic scenery stretching as far as your eyes can see. The Ta Cu cable car is located in the Ta Cu TTC World tourist area. The Ta Cu cable car route is built according to the world’s leading modern standards and has been certified for safety by the World Cable Car Association. Each cabin of the cable car can carry up to six adults, crossing a 1.6-kilometer-long cable at an altitude of 500m.

6.3. Visiting and learn about the history of 3 major temples here

Ta Cu Mountain not only has a pagoda of the same name (including 2 small pagodas, Linh Son Long and Linh Son Truong Tho), but also has 2 other pagodas, To Pagoda and Long Doan Pagoda, forming a large Buddhist architectural complex. Lost on the top of Phan Thiet Mountain Over the years, this place has attracted hundreds of thousands of visits from people traveling to Phan Thiet as well as pilgrims and worshipers from all directions.

Learn a little about the pagoda system. The architecture here was built in the 1890s in the Bac Tong  style, meaning that in addition to worshiping Buddha in the center of the main hall, it also worships Bodhisattvas, Arhats, gods, Confucian gods, and Taoism. Located at an altitude of 457m above sea level, legend has it that the name Linh Son Truong Tho, one of two small pagodas in the Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda system, was named by King Tu Duc in 1880, this is the time when it presides. This was the time when the monk Tran Huu Duc, presiding over this place, cured Queen Mother Tu Du’s illness.

One of the main highlights of the pagoda complex is Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda, which worships the revered monk Tran Huu Duc. The pagoda is not only a place of worship but also a place with important cultural and historical significance.

See more in this video:

YouTube video

6.4. Admiring the longest reclining Buddha statue in Vietnam

Located in the temple complex, the reclining Buddha statue stretches out impressively. The statue depicts Buddha lying in a state of tranquility and enlightenment, symbolizing peace and serenity. From the cable car area, after a distance of about 500 m and countless stone steps, you will reach the reclining Buddha statue, which has a height of 7m and a length of 49m. This is the reclining Buddha statue made of reinforced cement, whitewashed, and the longest in Vietnam. It is also the only statue located on the longest mountain peak in Asia.

6.5. Recreational Fishing

Visitors will be able to participate in extremely interesting mountain fishing activities. Sitting in the cool nature, leisurely fishing, and enjoying the results is a very memorable experience. In particular, after finishing fishing, visitors can also hire a chef to cook on the spot and enjoy their results.

6.6. Pedaling the swan

Swan pedaling is a new service launched at Ta Cu Mountain. Visitors will rent swans, cycle around the lake to admire the natural scenery, and take check-in photos. This activity is very suitable for families with young children or groups of friends. The price of a Swan ride ticket is about 0.4 USD per person.

6.7. Visiting Ta Cu mountain tourist area by electric car

With beautiful landscapes and peaceful space, sitting on the tram to visit the Ta Cu tourist area is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the poetic natural space. Visitors will be able to see the nearby temples pristine nature, and vast forests. Smooth, paved roads winding between lush green lawns will take you for a walk to enjoy the panoramic view of Ta Cu Mountain.

6.8. Enjoy cuisine at Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu tourist area is one of the key entertainment destinations in Binh Thuan province. Therefore, by coming here, visitors will experience diverse and rich specialties and cuisine. Right from the cable car station area, visitors can go to restaurants and cafes to admire the scenery and enjoy delicious dishes such as Vuon Lim Ecological Cafe, Thuy Ta Restaurant, Thien Thai Vegetarian Restaurant. , etc. The restaurants here have a large capacity, serving Binh Thuan specialties such as Ca Ty squid rolls, muc mot nang Phan Thiet, etc.

In addition, if you want to eat right at the foot of the mountain, you can visit Taku restaurant, which has an airy and spacious space. In particular, the menu here is quite rich, with hot pot dishes, rice dishes, etc. There are some other eating places near tourist areas, such as Colia Minh Restaurant, Babylon, etc.

Visitors can combine Ta Cu mountain tourism with other locations in Binh Thuan such as:

  • Co Thach Beach: Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province
  • Blower field: Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province
  • Ong Dia stone beach: Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province
  • Ke Ga Cape: Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province
  • Bau Trang: Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province
  • Phu Quy Island: Phu Quy island district, Binh Thuan province
  • Mui Ne Fishing Village: 321 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province

Besides Binh Thuan, Vietnam is also home to many beautiful destinations, such as the sunny beaches of Phu Quoc, the vibrant coastal city of Nha Trang, the timeless charm of Hoi An, the impressive wonders of Da Nang, or the enchanting beauty of Ha Long Bay. You can see our other tours below:

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7. Conclusion

Above are the top 8 most interesting experiences at Ta Cu Mountain that Metta Voyage shares, and we hope you have the best trip. Don’t forget to visit our blog  to see more exciting travel experiences.

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