1. Overview

Mu Cang Chai is a district located in the Northern part of Vietnam, in the province of Yen Bai. It is known for its breathtakingly beautiful landscape of terraced rice fields, which have been carved into the mountainsides over hundreds of years by local farmers. The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai is in autumn. The Mu Cang Chai tour offers tourists a chance to explore this stunning region with the help of a knowledgeable guide. The tour, typically in 3 days 2 nights, includes visits to local markets, hot springs, and villages where visitors can learn about the traditional lifestyles and cultures of the ethnic people.

2. Day 1: Hanoi – Tram Tau – Nghia Lo

2.1. Hanoi: Start at Hanoi Old Quarter

In the morning, you can start at Hanoi, especially from Hanoi Old Quarter; this is the location most accessible to move to the following places. However, you should start at 7 AM for the most convenient schedule.


2.2. Tram Tau: Visit Tram Tau Town, Tram Tau Market and Tram Tau Hot Spring

Time to travel by coach, the journey can take around 5 to 6 hours to move to Tram Tau. Upon arrival, you will rest and stop for lunch in Tram Tau Town in a prearranged restaurant to start the upcoming fun journey. Thang Co, Au Tau porridge, or grilled fish are specialty dishes at Tram Tau, Yen Bai.


After that, you will stop by Tram Tau Market, a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the local culture or buy traditional handicrafts made by local artisans. Stopping time at the market can last about 45 minutes.


Then, you will go to the Tram Tau Hot Spring bath. The spring is in the middle of a lush forest and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The water in the spring is said to have therapeutic properties and helps you relax very well. Remember to bring your swimwear or you can rent it here.


2.3. Nghia Lo: visit Muong Lo Valley

Continue the drive to Nghia Lo and check into your hotel. Nghia Lo is a town in the Muong Lo Valley known for its beautiful scenery and vibrant local culture. Once you arrive in Nghia Lo, you will check into your hotel and have time to freshen up and relax; these hotels all have a beautiful view of nature.


At the end of the day, you have dinner at a restaurant with other specialties in Yen Bai, such as buffalo meat or spring rolls. You can rest or have fun on a self-planned night at that time.

3. Day 2: Nghia Lo – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai

3.1. Nghia Lo: Prepare to move to Tu Le

Have breakfast in the early morning at a restaurant near your hotel so you will continue your journey toward Tu Le. Tu Le is known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains; this will be an interesting destination worth your wait. Moving from Nghia Lo to Tu Le is typically around 2 hours.


3.2. Tu Le: Visit Khau Pha Pass and join Khau Pha Paragliding

Arrive at Tu Le and visit the Khau Pha Pass, which offers spectacular views. The Khau Pha Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in Vietnam and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and rice terraces. Although this is the most dangerous and longest pass on Highway 32 in Cao Pha commune, it is worth taking some amazing photos of the stunning scenery.


Besides, Khau Pha Paragliding is a popular activity at Khau Pha Pass. In particular, the flights typically last around 20-30 minutes and the price from 2,000,000 VND/ slot. This paragliding is a very popular activity for adventure travel lovers, so you can experience it once.


At noon, you will go to a local restaurant for lunch or drink something to start exciting activities in the afternoon. Just enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, which is famous for its fresh ingredients, rich flavors, and diverse regional variations at restaurants in Tu Le.


3.3. Mu Cang Chai: Visit Lim Mong Village and enjoy ethnic specialties

This place is the most awaited destination in the 3 days 2 nights journey; you will arrive at Mu Cang Chai and check into your hotel. Once you have settled into your hotel, you can explore the stunning rice terraces and learn more about the local culture and way of life. The rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai are known for their breathtaking beauty, especially during the harvest season, from September to November.


Around 3 PM, you can hire motorbike taxis at Lim Mong Village, driven by the indigenous Hmong people, helping you discover stunning rice terraces in the region. In addition, they can offer interesting insights and information about the local agriculture, customs, and traditions in Mu Cang Chai.


Next, you will explore the local H’mong and Thai ethnic villages to experience delicious local food and beverages, such as rice wine and roasted corn. Also, You will have the opportunity to interact with friendly ethnic people; they welcome the tourists like their families.


In the afternoon, you return to the hotel, have dinner with the team, and freely on a self-planned night. Finally, you rest after a journey of discovery and fun in the pass and village.

4. Day 3: Mu Cang Chai – Hanoi

4.1. Mu Cang Chai: Visit La Pan Tan Village

Surely, waking up in Mu Cang Chai is one of the most wonderful experiences because you will be immersed in the romantic space of terraced fields, birdsong, and majestic mountain nature. In particular, you will have breakfast at the restaurant prepared in this space.


Soon, you will visit La Pan Tan Village, which boasts some of the most beautiful rice terraces in the area. The best time to visit La Pan Tan is during the rice harvest season, usually from late September to early October. In addition to the rice terraces, La Pan Tan also boasts several other attractions, such as a traditional H’mong house, a bamboo forest, and a scenic waterfall.


You will have lunch at the local restaurant, enjoy a cup of hot tea next to the charming nature, share your memories with your friend during the tour, and prepare to return to Hanoi.


4.2. Hanoi: Back to Hanoi

Finally, you will return to Hanoi, around 4-5 hours, and end the tour, expecting 6 PM to arrive in Hanoi. Along the way, if you want to stop for good stops, ask the guide or the driver so that they can recommend some local attractions along the route, depending on your interests.

In short, a regular Mu Cang Chai tour schedule will be held like that, which may vary slightly depending on each travel agency’s destination or time. However, if you plan your own travel or book a reliable tour, the Mu Cang Chai tour in 3 days and 2 nights is ideal for discovering the beauty in Northwest Vietnam. You can experience all aspects, from bathing in hot springs, visiting local markets, checking in in beautiful villages, and interacting with locals to enjoying the specialties of this land.

In conclusion, the Mu Cang Chai tour with majestic rice terraces is a worthy choice for your vacation. Metta Voyage believes that besides going through famous places like Tram Tau, Nghia Lo, and Tu Le to Mu Cang Chai, you are also offered insights into the area’s history and culture and immersive travel experience.


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