The 5 most popular types of yoga in Vietnam that you should try

1. The benefits of yoga are no stranger on the road – we all know that practicing yoga is the training of not only your body but also your mind and soul There are nearly 20 different types of yoga available in the world at the moment, from ancient practices from a long time ago, […]

Yoga in Nha Trang: Where should I practice?

Yoga is slowly, but steadily becoming a vital part of the modern-day world. If you have a trip to a remote place, it’s always hard to adapt to a different time zone. That’s equally true for our bodies and minds. Surprisingly, Vietnam is one of the most “fitness-friendly” countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is a […]

Aqua Yoga – A unique workout trend under water

Aqua Yoga – underwater Yoga is different from other normal Yoga exercises in that the principles and movements of Yoga will be applied and practiced in the water environment. Besides, the combination of breathing and relaxing the whole body will bring great results. So what are the benefits that Aqua yoga exercises would bring to […]

The ultimate guide to wonderful yoga experience in Vietnam

Known as the paradise for foreigners to enjoy the picturesque landscape, the top-world food culture, etc for a very reasonable price, Vietnam now has become a paradise for anyone who is interested in wellness tourism, especially practicing yoga among nature. So why is it? And where is the best place to do yoga in Vietnam? […]