Aqua Yoga – underwater Yoga is different from other normal Yoga exercises in that the principles and movements of Yoga will be applied and practiced in the water environment. Besides, the combination of breathing and relaxing the whole body will bring great results. So what are the benefits that Aqua yoga exercises would bring to you? Let’s find out with Metta Voyage.

1. Create a fit and balanced body

Water not only strengthens the cardiovascular system, limbs but also helps the body firmer. Regular practicing underwater yoga will reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase insulin sensitivity. Thereby helping your body to burn more calories, reducing the number of calories accumulated into fat. In particular, practicing Yoga underwater will help you quickly regain a standard and balanced figure.

2. Helps us to easily maintain our balance

If in normal yoga classes, you have difficulty in balancing when performing the movements, Aqua Yoga will be easier for you because water will partly support your body. Once you get used to keeping your balance underwater, doing the yoga exercises on land should not be a problem.

You can refer to Dancer Pose Yoga posture:


Start in a standing position. Take a deep breath, bend your left leg, so that your foot touches your butt. Your entire body weight is on your right leg.

  • Then stand upright, use your left hand to hold your left leg with your left hand
  • Slowly lift left leg, bringing it up away from the floor. Extend left thigh behind you. Your right arm tries to go around your head forward so that it’s parallel to the floor.

Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds and repeat on the opposite leg.

YouTube video

3. Support for injury recovery in muscles, bones and joints

Practicing Aqua yoga has the ability to massage the internal organs, the muscles, bones and joints to relax completely and take away the stresses on the muscles. Because of this, water is also frequently used in physiotherapy to help patients relieve pain and recover from injuries.

Practicing underwater yoga combined with yoga breathing and taking advantage of water pressure makes internal organs massage, muscles, bones and joints completely relaxed. You just need to breathe deeply and deeply, the water pressure will help blood circulation, stabilize and control breathing easily, increase lung capacity and heart function. If you are not familiar with the new environment, you should practice slowly, without being hasty. Move slowly, inhale deeply to avoid choking and drink a lot. Warm-up before training. In addition, you should drink enough water before training to avoid dehydration.

You can refer to the Boat Pose


  • Sit on the floor with feet straight in front of you. Press your hands on the floor, place your hands slightly behind your hips, fingers pointing towards your feet. Keep your back straight, chest slightly arched. Inhale slowly

Exhale and fold your feet, then slowly bring them off the floor at a 45-50 degree angle.

Reach out straight out with your feet, parallel to the floor. If you can’t yet, hold hands on the floor next to your hips and stay balanced.

Maybe you want to know more types of yoga, you can find information about yin yoga here: “Yin Yoga in Vietnam: A complete guide to healing your inner soul

4. Focus more on the movement

One of the special features of underwater yoga practice is that you don’t have to focus all on holding and balancing movements like yoga on the ground. Instead, you will focus more on feeling the movement to get it right. For example, without the legs, you will be able to observe how the hips, the abdominal muscles are being squeezed, as well as the arm extension. That will help your body get more out of it than simply performing the movement.

You can refer to Twisted Seated Pose


  • Sit on the floor, back straight, legs crossed, your hands next to your hips.
  • Take a deep breath, and straighten your back. Exhale, rotate your upper body backward as much as you can to the left. Right hand on the floor, left hand on right thigh

Slowly breathe in and out, keep your back straight, and feel the impact on your hips and waist with each breath.

YouTube video

5. Balance your mind and reduce stress

Aqua Yoga training will help us burn more calories and improve sleep. The nerves and the whole body will be relaxed but still effective. Besides, these yoga exercises also help reduce stress and stress as well as somewhat balance your mind and body.

You can refer to the Bow Pose posture.


Tummy, hands stretched along the body.

Slowly bend your knees. Hands brought back, pulled ankles while inhaling, chest raised off the ground.

  • Using two hands holding the ankles will pull the chest up, creating a balance, the whole body is bent and stretched like a bow. Continue to take deep breaths while relaxing in this pose.

As you can see, underwater yoga exercises are really fun and beneficial for everyone. So let’s step out of the mat, jump into the pool today and try Aqua Yoga. Metta Voyage has been organizing many Yoga Retreat programs with Aqua Yoga activities for all travelers. Please contact us for more details!