Break-up curse in Da Lat: Yoga retreats for couples

Break-up curse in Da Lat: Yoga retreats for couples

Vietnam is a land of myths and legends where travelers might find a lot of interesting and bizarre beliefs. The hill town of Da Lat also has one: Lovers will eventually break up after a trip to Da Lat. “Such a weird rumor for a top destination in Vietnam!” – You might think. In fact, a yoga retreat in Da Lat with your partner might even do magic to your relationship. Let’s find out why.

Regardless of the myth’s accuracy, we can’t stop thinking about that curse once we hear it. But it is just a trick of the mind. The secret to happiness is to relax the mind, reduce cortisol and increase the levels of happy chemicals. And that is how lovers can break the Da Lat split-up curse: Let your mind at peace and find true happiness in Da Lat’s yoga retreats.

1. Yoga retreat lets you connect with Da Lat nature 

Firstly, your yoga retreat takes place in Da Lat – a city on Lam Vien Highland. This means that the city is 1500 meters high above sea level. Therefore, this lovely city has pleasant weather all year-round. The temperature is always cool in summer and a little bit chilly in winter.

Da Lat has the perfect weather to practice yoga or any other exercises. Also, it is nearly impossible to get angry with anyone (including your partner) when you get to enjoy such nice weather.

Besides, one of Da Lat’s specialties is flowers. Your Da Lat yoga retreat will take place in “The city of flower” as you will be able to find wildflowers everywhere in this city.

Imagine getting rid of the hustle and bustle city lifestyle that leads to all the fights, go on a yoga retreat in Da Lat with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse, immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and connect with nature on a deep level. You will find yourself calm, relaxed and happy.

Break-up curse in Da Lat: Yoga retreats for couples

2. Yoga retreat in Da Lat disconnects you from the Internet

How many hours do you spend on scrolling the phone, envying the fancy lifestyle of random people on the Internet and getting fed up with everything you have? It is a common problem in today’s society. Couples often fight over such things like “Why didn’t you answer my messages?” or “Why did it take you so long just to reply to a text!” Let’s solve those problems once and for all and take a retreat in Da Lat.

Going on a yoga retreat in Da Lat doesn’t necessarily mean a technology detox but it will distract you from your digital obsessions by doing yoga exercises and immersing in nature and local life. Getaway from all the digital screens and live in the moment with a memorable yoga retreat in Da Lat with your partner.

While you might not realize, the Internet is the reason for a lot of arguments about your relationship. This yoga retreat in Da Lat might bring you the answers to all those fights.

Break-up curse in Da Lat: Yoga retreats for couples

3. Yoga retreat in Da Lat breaks you free from daily routine

Strange as it may sound, the huge advantage of a yoga retreat in Da Lat is you have the chance to cut off your daily routine. As your daily routine gets cut off, you are also free of daily life concerns and anxieties, bad habits and other unhealthy routines. You and your partner have the opportunity to experience differently together.

The experience gained at a yoga retreat in Da Lat will allow you to break free from your hectic lives and recharge yourself. In love, it is a popular tip to frequently refresh everything and improve relationship quality. However, people might misunderstand the concept of “refresh” as pretending that the problems do not exist and forgetting everything. By taking part in a yoga retreat in Dalat, you will learn how to recharge yourself and refresh your relationship in the right way.

4. Yoga retreat in Da Lat stops you from overthinking

Most problems of a relationship come from overthinking. You are not surprised at all, aren’t you? It is something we all know but doesn’t know how to address. It is not easy to silence your mind. But it will be much easier to do it on a yoga retreat in Da Lat. As mediation is an essential part of a yoga retreat, you will learn how to shut down all the noise of voices messing in your head. After your Da Lat yoga retreat, you will find yourself a more positive way of thinking.

If you find yourself overthinking too much and that starts to harm your relationship, do yourself a great favor and take on a yoga retreat in Da Lat to harness all the toxic thoughts and find true happiness.

Break-up curse in Da Lat: Yoga retreats for couples

5. Yoga retreat in Da Lat lets you discover new perspectives

Changes are always necessary for a long-lasting relationship. If everything in your relationship is exactly the same as they were at the beginning, sooner or later you and your partner will get fed up with each other. That is why a new perspective is essential – and that you can obtain through a yoga retreat in Da Lat.

You can adopt new changes to your opinions, thoughts, or life through learning a new culture.

The locals living in Da Lat are k’Ho people with a population of more than 200,000 people. But a difference about Da Lat is that its residents are mostly immigrants from around Vietnam. After 1954, many Vietnamese from North and Central Vietnam left their homes to move to the South. Some of them dropped by Da Lat and decided to live here. They built villages and grew vegetables, coffee and flowers.

That is what makes the culture of Da Lat interesting. As the locals have been through a lot, they are wise but friendly. A yoga retreat in Da Lat opens the chances for you to learn from them. The hidden lessons you learned in this Da Lat yoga retreat might affect your future choices in the most unexpected ways and make you see your relationship in a much different light.

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