1. Overview

Vietnam is a must-see destination for hiking and travel enthusiasts. Where you can find stunning scenery, rich history, vibrant culture, and friendly people. Hiking is one of the best ways to experience authentic Vietnam as you trek through remote villages, lush forests, rice terraces, and waterfalls. You can also meet many different ethnic villages, each with its own traditions, language, and costumes.

Whether you’re looking for an easy hike or a challenging adventure, Vietnam has a hiking tour for everyone. You can choose from different areas, durations, and difficulty levels, depending on your preferences and abilities. You can also join a guided tour or go independently, as long as you have the right equipment and information. In this guide, we will introduce you to some attractive Vietnam hiking tours that will help you have the most unique experience during your trips in Vietnam.

2. What is Hiking? What is Vietnam Hiking Tour?

Hiking is a short-term hiking activity with relatively flat and less challenging terrain. Hiking often includes nature exploration activities that take place in mountainous areas, landmarks, landscapes, national parks, or beautiful locations.

A Vietnam hiking tour is a tourism activity to explore nature and indigenous culture in Vietnam by hiking and climbing and is often organized by professional travel companies with the participation of an experienced tour guide.

There are many reliable hiking tour operators across Vietnam offering guided hikes as well as organized hiking tours to suit budgets and timescales. Whether it’s a day-long tour or an extended outdoor adventure, these companies provide all the equipment and safety gear needed for your trip, so you can be confident and discover. They also have knowledgeable guides who will guide you along the way, giving you invaluable insights into local customs and culture while helping you find your spiritual connection with nature.

3. Discover the top 8 best vietnam hiking tours

3.1. Hang Kia, Mai Chau hiking tour 2 days

  • Hiking Level: Medium
  • Travel length: 15 km
  • Tour duration: 2 days

The Hang Kia-Mai Chau hiking tour is a moderate hiking experience in Hang Kia Valley in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. The trip lasts 2 days and 1 night. Accommodation for the trip is in a homestay (stilt house) or a private wooden house with quite good conditions. On this tour, you will enjoy the pristine natural landscape of a relatively remote valley at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, part of the Mai Chau plateau. Hiking on the Hang Kia-Pa Co road in Hoa Binh, you can visit some of the following places: Thung Khe Pass, Hang Kia Cloud Hunting Peak, Ta Xong A Ancient Plum Garden, Pa Co Market, Hang Kia-Pa Conservation Area Stork, Tat Nang Waterfall, Visit Ba Khan Commune, etc. You can see more about Mai Chau Ecolodge – Bright oasis in the middle of the valley. 

Kia Pa Co Cave is one of the famous destinations of Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh, possessing a poetic and charming landscape that takes you lost in a beautiful fairyland like a fairyland on earth. This place is known as the “kingdom of the Mong people”, with ancient stilt houses, green terraced fields, and a unique culture. When participating in the Hang Kia-Mai Chau Hiking Tour, you will be immersed in the simple lives of the people here, participating in experiential tourism activities such as weaving, growing vegetables, dyeing fabric, tea picking, and making costumes; painting on canvas with melted beeswax; herbal foot bath; learning about the work of a black Hmong blacksmith, etc. 

2.2. Hiking tour to conquer Fansipan peak

  • Hiking Level: difficult
  • Travel length: 12 km
  • Tour duration: 2 days

Fansipan is 3,142m high, often called the “Roof of Indochina” because it is the highest peak between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Previously, if you wanted to conquer Fansipan Peak, it would take 5 to 6 days of walking, but now it is much more convenient to reach Fansipan Peak in just 2 days, 1 night, or 1 day. This is one of the most challenging hiking tours you can conquer in Vietnam. To overcome the challenges on the way to the top of Fansipan, you must train physically as well as mentally and prepare enough equipment to participate in this journey. The main terrain when climbing Mount Fansipan is a trail through the forest with steep climbs clinging to sturdy stainless steel ladder columns, so the trip will also be somewhat easier.

Hiking to the height of 2,800m at Fansipan Peak, you will stop to rest. Stretching on both sides of the road are azalea and sapphire trees that are not too tall because of the wind all year round but have a lifespan of hundreds, thousands of years with many species of flowers that create a very vivid picture. You will continue to conquer Fansipan Peak at an altitude of 3,143 meters. You will feel the four distinct seasons here and immerse yourself in the majestic natural scenery of the Northwest mountains and forests, where the landscape, earth, sky, forest, wind, and clouds converge to create a floating, magical space.

2.3. Ngu Long Cong Chua hiking tour is extremely chill

  • Hiking Level: Easy
  • Travel length: 12 km 
  • Tour duration: 2 days

Ngu Long Cong Chua is a new hiking trail that will take you to explore the mountain beauty imbued with the wildness of Ninh Thuan. The tour includes 12 kilometers of hiking and one night of camping in the forest. The total time for you to fully explore this land is 2 days and 1 night. With this tour, you will go through two romantic, beautiful lands of the Central Region: Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan. The hiking journey to discover the Five Dragon Princesses begins at Suoi Tien, a place in Nui Chua National Park. You will check-in to Nui Chua National Park (Ninh Thuan), Cam Ranh Bay (Khanh Hoa), camp at Gia Son Coc, visit Thai An Vineyard (Ninh Thuan), and go to Binh Hung Island (Cam Ranh). 

Binh Hung is a small gem located in the heart of Khanh Hoa waters. This is also one of the attractive destinations on the Ngu Long Cong Chua hiking trail you will discover. Stopping at the island, you will immerse yourself in the sea and enjoy the rich seafood here.

In addition, with this Five Dragon Princess Hiking Tour, you will discover interesting experiences such as rowing Sup on the stream, soaking in the cool water to immerse yourself in the nature of the campsite, and watching the sunrise in Gia Son Coc, you can also experience winemaking at the famous vineyards of Ninh Thuan, etc.

2.4. Cao Bang Hiking Tour 4 Days

  • Hiking Level: Medium
  • Travel length: 20 km
  • Tour duration: 4 days

The Cao Bang hiking tour is a hiking adventure in Quang Uyen and takes in Nguom Ngao Cave and Ban Gioc Waterfall. The trip lasted 4 days and 3 nights. You can kayak on the Quay Son River near Ban Gioc Waterfall at an additional cost. Accommodation at a Nung family with simple conditions. Here you will also see the largest waterfall in Vietnam, Ban Gioc Waterfall. This is one of the most majestic falls you will ever see in Southeast Asia.

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In addition, by coming here, you will admire the beauty of Nguom Ngao Cave. Nguom Ngao Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Cao Bang. It is a limestone cave that was formed about 400 million years ago. When entering the space of Nguom Ngao Cave, you will feel like entering a majestic fairy tale world with a system of stalactites of many shapes and sizes. With this hiking tour, you will also go through some villages of the Red Dao, Nung, Hmong, and Tay people. You will come to Pac Bo village, where you will find Coc Bo Cave. This is a famous place and the place that participated in the revolution led by President Ho Chi Minh in 1941. You’ll also have views of Ba Be National Park, where you’ll find lakes, ponds to swim in, and many caves to explore.

2.5. Pu Luong hiking tour 2 days 1 night

  • Hiking Level: easy.
  • Travel length: 10 km
  • Tour duration: 2 days

Pu Luong is located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province and belongs to two districts: Ba Tuoc and Quan Hoa. Possessing high mountain terrain, Pu Luong is a nature reserve with an area of about 17,600 hectares with thick vegetation of primeval forests, terraced fields, and the peaceful life of ethnic minorities in this mountainous region. This is an attractive tourist destination for those who love nature and want to explore new lands. This 2-day Pu Luong hiking tour is a great opportunity for you to experience the local mountain ethnic culture and admire the breathtaking green landscape of northern Vietnam.

The Pu Luong hiking tour will take you through the forest canopy from Hoa Binh province to the Pu Luong nature reserve in western Thanh Hoa. Immerse yourself in the cool streams of Mu Waterfall, Deer Waterfall, etc. Along with a memorable experience with nature on this hiking tour, you will also learn about the typical colors of the lives of the indigenous Thai and Muong people here,  through activities: learn about the culture of the indigenous people, watch the giant water wheels before participating in bamboo rafting activities, immerse yourself in the Cham river, enjoy the famous valley neck duck dish of the people of the Muong ethnic group, admire the extremely beautiful Hieu waterfall, and still retain its pristine features next to the wooden stilt houses.

2.6. Hang En Waterfall (k50 waterfall) hiking tour 

  • Level: easy
  • Travel length: 17 km hiking
  • Tour duration: 2 Days

Hang En Waterfall (also known as K50 Waterfall) is a quite famous place located in Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. This waterfall is located in Son Lang and Dak Roong communes, Kbang district, Gia Lai province. With this Hang En Waterfall (k50 waterfall) hiking tour, you will conquer the primeval forests to reach the majestic waterfall in the middle of the Central Highlands mountains, camp next to the waterfall, and bathe in the cool water in the middle of nature. The hiking tour with this route is at a light level, making it especially suitable for all customers, even if it is their first time participating in this type of hiking. You will trek through the primeval jungle with the support of rangers and a team of experienced guides.

In addition, on this tour, you will discover experiences such as conquering K50 Waterfall, watching the forest and hearing the sound of swallows flying right above your head, enjoying cuisine prepared by indigenous people, and enjoying can wine Bahnar tradition, Chat with new friends and sing guitar with the locals, SUP, float on the cool stream with the mist still clinging to the stream surface, explore Kon Chu Rang conservation area, Learn more about local people’s work in exploiting wild bees.

2.7. Ta Giang hiking tour

  • Hiking Level: medium
  • Travel length: 23 km hiking
  • Tour duration: 2 Days 1 Night

Ta Giang is administratively located in Thanh Son commune, Khanh Son district, and Khanh Hoa province. There is also an area adjacent to Phuoc Binh National Park in Ninh Thuan. The Ta Giang hiking tour will lead you through adventurous routes, from river crossings to rock climbing. There is also a steep climb up the hill to the vast primeval forests, through the upland fields of the Raglai people and lush green banana hills, and sometimes you can also enjoy fragrant ripe bananas right on the way. And you will admire the colorful natural beauty of the majestic mountains and forests here.

Wading through countless streams and passing through many green forests, you will reach the camping site. The camping site is located in the middle of the valley, surrounded by mountains, with a gurgling stream in the distance. Here there is no phone signal, no wifi, just you, nature, heaven and earth, trees, and the cheerful laughter of your fellow travelers. In addition, you can also enjoy products from the mountains and forests prepared by the Raglai people themselves, such as bamboo-tube rice, grilled chicken, grilled meat, grilled corn, beef porridge, etc. And surely, after conquering Ta Giang hiking, you will forever remember the moment of sunset or sunrise in the immense green steppe of Ta Giang.

2.8. Hiking Tour Dinh Mountain – Vung Tau:

  • Hiking Level: easy
  • Travel length: 10 km hiking
  • Tour duration: 1 Day

During the hiking tour to explore Dinh Mountain, you will walk along a small, winding trail, hugging the mountainside and conquering the peak. The road to Dinh Mountain is a beautiful trail, and on the way there are pagodas with unique architectural designs suitable for tourists to visit and explore. If you are looking for a tour to explore nature and history in Vung Tau, definitely don’t miss this 1-day Dinh Mountain hiking tour

Dinh Mountain is located about 80 km from the center of Saigon City and has an altitude of about 500 m above sea level. Dinh Mountain, with its dark green forests and fresh air, has long been an ideal destination for those who love nature and love to explore. In addition to the magnificent nature, coming to Dinh Vung Tau mountain, you will learn about and visit important historical revolutionary relics of Vung Tau during the resistance period. You will also visit and rest in temples with unique architecture with pure space under ancient trees such as Hang Mai Pagoda, Compass Peak, Visiting Suoi Tien, Suoi Da, and Phat Quang Pagoda, etc.

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4. Conclusion

Above are the top 8 best hiking tours that Metta Voyage shares with you and we hope you will have the most enjoyable trip. Don’t forget to visit our blog to see more exciting travel experiences.

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