Metta Voyage – Year End Party 2023

2023 is drawing to a close, with emotions lingering from the year-end party of the Metta Voyage Team on January 31, 2024. Year End Party offers a chance for all company employees to look back on an intense, pressure-filled year filled, and with many joys SAY HELLO TO 2024 – Year of the Dragon, a […]

Recap Metta Voyage And Indian Travel Agencies – OTM India 2023

OTM – The Leading Travel Show in India 2023, held on February 2–4, 2023 at Jio World Convention Center, Mumbai, India is very successful. OTM is the gateway to India’s largest travel markets. It is the largest and most international gathering of travel trade buyers and professionals in India. As a Tour Operator operating in […]

Metta Voyage Joined OTM – India In September 2022

September 2022, under the organization of OTM, the largest travel market in India, where tourism businesses and experts from around the world will converge. Metta Voyage was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend, meet previous travel agents, and meet new travel agents at the event.   Moreover, Ms. Kamar – Sales Representative of Metta […]

Southeast Asia Travel Update – July 2022

At the Webinar event in July, we would update new travel trends in Southeast Asia and some travel restrictions here. In addition, we was also honored to welcome a special guest, a travel expert, an important partner of Metta Voyage in Laos. He would help us provide tourist information, flight routes to Laos. In particular, […]

Southeast Asia Travel Update – March 2022

In March, we will update you with extremely positive information in the Southeast Asian tourism market. This is your opportunity to advertise to your customers for new bookings in the next month. We hope that this Webinar provides more information to contribute to your planning of organizing the trip to travel to Southeast Asia countries. […]

Webinar #3: Tourism Opening Updates In Southeast Asia – February 2022

Following up with Webinar #2, this February, we held Webinar #3 to update the latest news and extremely hot news at a time when Southeast Asia countries are gradually opening up travel back 1. Part 1: Introduce the presentation In the first part, we will have updates on travel restrictions in Southeast Asia. And then, […]

Webinar #2: The Tourism January 2022 Update In Southeast Asia

In January, we continue to hold Webinar 2 to keep up to update travel in Southeast Asia 1. Part 1: Introduce the presentation In the first part, we will introduce something about the Metta Voyage team. Then, there are new updates on the difficulties of tourism in Southeast Asia. Third, we present the news in […]

Webinar #1: The tourism January update in Southeast Asia

Every Month, the Metta Voyage team will have a monthly update about “The tourism update in Southern Asia” and how everything changed in Asia’s destination. If you have any plans for sending clients to any countries in Asia, you’ll have the preparation. 1. Part 1. Introduce the presentation The first part is about the introduction […]