Make Your Mind Peaceful With A Forest Retreat In Laos

Forest retreat in Laos is what you need right now if you want to experience eco-tourism and get some fresh air, mindfulness, and relaxation. It is also for those who want to improve health problems or overcome mental issues. So let’s take a look at what it is and how to enjoy it best.

The healing power of nature

Starting from a Japanese method called “shinrin-yoku” or forest bathing, scientists have seen the remarkable effects of nature on human health. Since then, more research has also been conducted and showed the healing power of nature for some dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer or depression. So how can nature do that?

Nature can lower your blood pressure

While many people struggle with high blood pressure every day by diets, just spending 30 minutes in a park or a nature zone can help them improve their situation. Nature is a simple and affordable method for those who want to improve their cardiovascular health. Nature here can be a park, a garden or a forest.

There must be trees there. Because it is one of the main factors that create fresh air and reduce pollution – one of the main risks that make the heart more vulnerable. The peace of nature also helps to reduce stress which can lower blood pressure. The natural scent will make you feel more relaxed, calms down and lowers your blood pressure significantly too. That’s why people who live in the countryside or have forest retreats will have better health and less blood pressure.

Nature can help you fight cancer

Cancer has always been a thing that scares many people. But did you know that nature is the simplest thing that can help you fight this terrifying disease. Places closer to nature will have more clean air. Besides, nature is truly medicine for everyone.

A study by Nippon Medical School showed that when a person walks through the forest the number of NK cells increases. It is a white blood cell that aids the immune system in fighting off bad factors and even reduces the risk of cancer, infection, autoimmune disorders, heart disease and diabetes. So forest retreat helps you have more strength to fight cancer and prevent cancer ability.

Reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychological diseases

Mental illnesses are becoming more and more serious due to modern lifestyles. But a 90-minute walk in natural like forests or parks will help you get rid of the signs of depression and anxiety. Just being in contact with nature for a short time can also help your mood improve obviously, which can help you overcome your depression.

Nature not only has a huge impact on adults who are affected by stress at work and in life. Nature also helps children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When a child with ADHD walks in areas such as parks or forests, there will be less symptoms of ADHD because the highly concentrated part of the child’s brain can be rested. Therefore, all adults and children can get benefit from nature and forest retreats.

Forest retreat in Laos is an amazing natural healing

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia with a lot of tropical forests. It is a great place to experience nature and mindfulness with forest retreat in Laos. When entering the retreat of the forests in Laos, you will see the colorful nature with ancient trees, many layers of plants, layers of dry leaves stretching the way, and small streams. You will also hear the sounds of nature and fill your lungs with fresh air.

This is the time when you can explore nature in your way and immerse yourself in the fresh air. Forget about hustle and bustle, forget work and deadlines, forget about vague relationships. Only you and the green left. You can also try adventure with kayaking, trekking, or jungle biking. All of these are a journey of mindfulness and relaxation.

Guide for forest retreat in Laos

To get the most out of your forest retreat in Laos, you need to know a few rules to enjoy it. First, turn off all mobile devices. Do not go for a few minutes and then your boss calls or colleagues email notifications disturb you. Forget all those daily tasks and stop focusing on the phone.

Then, move slowly through the forest. You might think you’ve never walked that much, or you won’t be able to walk all the miles in the woods. But don’t think of it as a burden, see it as a chill. Walking like you are on a tour and enjoy the scenery. Don’t think too much and just walk slowly. Befriend nature and nature will take care of you.

If the air is wonderful, take a deep breath. Close your eyes and feel the scent of the air. The smell of the earth after the rain, the smell of herbs and trees, the scent of forest fruits and flowers. Feel nature with all your senses. Let nature flow in every breath of you. Then you will find yourself revived.

If you want to have some fun, you can ask local tour guide for some adventure activities like kayaking, trekking, riding a bicycle. You can have some snacks or local meals in the forest too. When waiting for them to grill some fresh food, you can listen to their stories about their life and the forest in Laos. It will be unforgoten memory for you for your whole life.

If you are too tired of modern life. Or you need to heal both health and spirit. Let’s try a forest retreat in Laos. Your body will be revived, your spirit will improve and you will never forget the natural moments there.

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